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National Pet Week Veterinary Information

This week is National Pet Week!

National Pet Week, the second full week of May, is an event created by the American Veterinary Medical Association to promote healthy pets and veterinary care. This year is the 35th Anniversary of National Pet Week. 

The National Pet Week web page set up by the AVMA has many useful items for all types of pet owners regarding veterinary care, such as:

8 Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Veterinarian - Some useful questions to consider along with a short informational video.

Five Ways to "Vet" Your Veterinarian - More ideas on questions to ask your vet to make sure you have the best match for your and your pet.

Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants - Do you know the difference and what education and qualifications are required for each? This helpful page goes into detail about these important staff members!

Veterinary Specialties - Are you aware of all the different types of specialties there are in veterinary medicine? This page breaks down a list with links to the association and educational website for each specialty.

If you're looking for a new veterinarian or just want to learn more about the profession and veterinary care in general, the National Pet Week site is a great spot to bookmark and visit!


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