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Feeding Pets of the Homeless Week

This week is the eighth annual "Give a Dog a Bone Pet Food Drive" to encourage giving to care for pets and their homeless families.

This week is the eighth annual "Give a Dog a Bone Pet Food Drive" which was created by the organization Feeding Pets of the Homeless in 2008. The group, located in Carson City, Nevada, was created to help feed pets of homeless and financially strapped families in their own home town. This eventually blossomed into an effort to promote giving and volunteering nationwide.

The group cites statistics that between 5 and 10% of homeless people have dogs and/or cats and depending on the city surveyed, this percentage can go as high as 24%. These statistics do not include families who are not homeless but may have fallen on hard times and want to be able to provide for their pets rather than turn them in to a shelter. They also do not cover the numbers of families that may be living with their pets in a domestic violence shelter.

If you would like to participate by donating to a pet food bank or assisting in other ways, the website has a locator you can use to find charities near where you live that run either run food banks with pet food, shelters for homeless pet owners and/or provide other support resources. There are also separate pages that list resources by state, national organizations, and Canadian and Australian resources. If you are interested in helping a particular breed, there is a resource section for that as well! You can also always contact your veterinarian, local shelter and local rescues to find out other ways you can help in your community.


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