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Riverside Canine Holds Last Local Trial of 2017

Report on Riverside Canine's event on September 8-10, 2017.

Report by John Marcus

  • Club: Riverside Canine Center
  • City/State: Nashua, New Hampshire
  • Event: Our last local trial of 2017
  • Dates: September 8-10, 2017
  • Co-Chairs: Joan Lawson,Valori Duff, Lisa Marcus and John Marcus
  • Secretary: Valori Duff

The event was held indoors at the Wide World of Indoor Sports soccer facility in North Kingstown RI on Sprinturf. Same club and facility as May 2017 Title Mania East and July 2017 New England Regional Championship

The judges for the event were Bill Pinder (Masters/PIII/Veterans/Masters Challenge/Grand Prix) and Chris Tucci (Starters/PI/Advanced/PII/Steeplechase).

Titles Earned:

  • Val Whiterock and Infinity - AAD
  • Melanie Behrens and Dance - SG, SS
  • Debbie Hunt and Potion - LAA-Bronze
  • Anne Marie Hopkins and Bristol - APDT
  • Mich Powers and Fuji - ADCH-Gold, LAA-Gold
  • Betsy Nye and Gusto - PJCH-Bronze
  • Sharon Wirant and Zesty - SCH-Platinum
  • Susan Billings and Cooper - SJ
  • Sharon Terzian and Zelda - SPK
  • Carolyn Hess and Pink - GCH-Bronze
  • Susan Billings and Rider - AAD
  • Lynne von Trapp and Brill - ADCH, SAM
  • Nancy Nye and Bella - APD
  • Joan Lawson and Dash - AD
  • Judy Van Wyk and River - AG
  • Cayla Kankash and Kiwi - SG
  • Sharon Terzian and Oz - SPS, PD
  • Lisa Antonucci and Kolt - AD
  • Jodi Rodriguez and Nitro - SS
  • Kathy Clement and Varsity - SJ
  • Sabrina Lanz and Maui - AJ
  • Scott Hinkley and Kora - SR, SS, AD, AG
  • Maureen Melo and Gwen - SS

This was the last trial of 2017 for Riverside Canine.  The club hosts five two-or-three-ring indoor trials a year in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, in April, May, July, August and September.  2017 was a busy year putting on Title Mania East in May and the New England Regional Championship in July.  It was nice to end the 2017 season with a "low-key" regular two-ring three-day trial!  Riverside Canine has a tradition of a "parking lot pot luck" on Saturday night with competitors and judges.  Our RV campers gather their grills and everyone brings a chair, food and drink.  This year the weather was spectacular.  

The story of this trial was Hurricane Irma.  Judges Bill Pinder and Chris Tucci are both from Florida. While we were making final trial preparations we got an email from Chris stating that he might not be able to come because his home was in Irma's projected path.  We were disappointed and worried and prepared to get another judge when we learned that he had evacuated his human family, dogs, and a pig to an undisclosed location in Tennessee which he referred to as "The Verrelli's" (the home of USDAA judges Tim and Kellie Verrelli.) Yes, his dogs and a pig.  Chris would be able to judge!

The trial started on Friday with Irma still undecided on where in Florida she was going to hit. Bill and Chris were absolutely amazing, completely focused on judging and encouraging competitors, only occasionally glancing at their phones in between classes or at the end of the day for updates.  Most of our competitors also have friends, family and agility instructors in Florida. It was very hard to think about what was coming at the end of the weekend, but people were able to enjoy the moment with dogs and friends and offer comfort and support.

We have since learned that Bill and Chris' homes are still standing but the extent of damage is unknown and they will probably be without power for weeks.  We are grateful they and their loved ones, including the pig, are safe and wish them the best during a difficult disaster recovery.

Photos and Course Maps:

Saturday Steeplechase/PSJ Round 1 Chris Tucci - a very fast and fun course which was more challenging than it looked at first.  Fast opening line #1-#4 had some dogs turning right after #3 tunnel and even taking the off-course exit of #11 tunnel.  Most dogs read the turn from #6 to #7 to #8 weave poles but looked hard at #2 and #18 jumps. #10 took some management to get the correct side of the jump coming out of the weaves which put handlers behind for the #11 to #12 puppy cannons.  The #15 through #19 closing line tested the ability of the dog to go on ahead of the handler without curling back.

Saturday Masters/PIII/Veterans Gamblers Bill Pinder - the gamble was a very difficult test of the ability to turn the dog away from the handler without the dog restarting the weave poles from the exit, getting on the dogwalk or going all the way out to the #4 or event the finish jump.  A variety of techniques including verbal directional, lap, post and tandem turns were attempted but very few dogs completed this gamble successfully.  A good one to set up and try.

Mich Powers and ADCH-Gold LAA-Gold Fuji photo by Kelly Wilson

Lynne von Trapp and ADCH Brill (Brill looking lovingly at judge Bill Pinder) photo by John Marcus

Parking Lot Potluck photo by Kelly Wilson

The Riverside Canine Trial Committee concludes their 2017 debriefing meeting photo by Kathy Clement

To learn more about Riverside K9 and their events, visit their Facebook page.


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