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Lehigh Valley Dream Weavers Agility Club Trial Report for August

Report on the August 25-27 trial held by Lehigh Valley Dream Weavers Agility Club.

  • Club: Lehigh Valley Dream Weavers Agility Club
  • Club Location: Whitehall/Allentown, PA
  • Trial Date: August 25-27, 2017
  • Co-Chairs: Sally Campbell and Maryellen Miller
  • Trial Secretary: Helen McNenly
  • Judge: Greg Fontaine

Lehigh Valley Dream Weavers Agility Club held a local, one-ring trial with titling events and tournaments. There were also three intro classes and a miscellaneous class. The trial was held at Orchard Hills Training Center in Barto, PA on sprinturf indoors.

This year, due to the graciousness of Kinetic Dog Club, we were able to schedule a trial on this August date. We opted for a one-ring trial, rather than our usual two-ring event, due to concerns about entries in the August heat. Fortunately our entries have been gratifying. Our schedule included three intro classes, and for the first time, a miscellaneous class, which was well received. Fortunately also the August weather was atypical: warm with low humidity. Our judge, Greg Fontaine, provided some challenging courses, which were also beautifully nested. As a result we finished ahead of schedule both days.

Tournament classes offered competitors their penultimate chance to get those Grand Prix and Steeplechase Q's needed for Cynosport in October. It was gratifying to see a number of teams qualify:

  • EZ & Carol Boggess got a PSJ Q
  • Calypso & Kara Kingsbury got a PSJ Q 
  • Ringer & Aly Garcia got a Steeplechase Q.
  • Vivian! & Kathleen Desvigne - PGP Q
  • Serena & Kathleen Desvigne - PGP Q
  • Rush & Makayla Luse - PGP Q


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