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Help for the Puerto Rico Agility Team

The recent hurricanes have taken a devastating toll on the Puerto Rico Agility Team.

The Puerto Rico Agility Team, like many residents of the island, is experiencing extreme hardship from the destruction of recent hurricanes Maria and Irma. Rafael Quinones reports on their situation: 

"We actually got hit by two hurricanes in the span of just shy of two weeks. Hurricane Irma was a glancing blow, but being a massive category five hurricane still caused damage to our facility. A massive tree demolished one of our buildings which was our kenneling area during classes and trials.
The second hurricane was Maria, and Maria plowed straight through us, pounding us with sustained winds of around 150 mph and gusts reaching 180 mph. Maria was relentless and we got hit for around 13 hours non-stop. Our center with Maria lost the roof of two of three bleachers that surround the arena and our only remaining shade. We also lost part of the surrounding fence which tumbled even with its cinder block reinforcement. Our lighting is pretty much non-existent as well. Our storage building fared better, having resisted, but not without minor wind and water damage. We will not know for sure about our equipment until we can have time to go and take everything out. "

If you would like to help out, Rafael says:

"We have not been able to setup anything ourselves as communication in the island is still very limited and everyone is attending to their own situations at home. We are all without power or water. Some of our friends and family have set up fund raisers to help, there is a sale of a shirt through Custom Ink setup by Diane Sanders. Sheyla Gutierrez and Annette Alfonso have also been collecting donations for us.
I know there are many others trying to help, we get emails and messages all the time, the agility community is amazing. We are so humbled and grateful for their support. Know that just by your messages of support we find the strength to keep moving and keep working."

If you would like to support the team, visit the Custom Ink site.


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