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A Farewell to Merlene Stiles

We wish the best for our retiring staff member, Merlene Stiles.

It's difficult to say farewell to anyone or anything that's been a part of your life for over 15 years but that's what we have to do with one of our valuable staff members.

Merlene Stiles is leaving to pursue her dream of living in the Northwest area of the country. Along with her husband W and their two dogs, Mia and GQ, they will be traveling to Anacortes, WA where they will be looking for a house to settle in and enjoy retirement and experience all the Northwest has to offer.

The list of Merlene's responsibilities are long and she always performed them well with a laugh or smile. Here in the office we will miss her quirkiness and her humorous expressions. "To hell and breakfast" and "even a blind squirrel gets a nut now and then" are a couple of our favorites.

We wish Merlie and W safe travels as they begin their journey and a most happy retirement in their new home. Texas will always welcome them back and so will we. You WILL be missed!


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