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Fly's Story

One of our many rescue dogs competing at Cynosport this year.

Two weeks after Karen Stinnett's first agility and heart dog Grace E died in August 2014, a friend and tenant went to check the mail and found a puppy walking down the middle of the rural, gravel road. The puppy had a hay string around his neck and clearly had been dumped. Karen worked with her local shelter and made sure he had not been stolen. The puppy was full of fleas and had ringworm, ehrlichia and anemia and was very hungry and thirsty. Says Karen, "I felt like it was messing with the plan of the universe not to keep him." 

Fast forward to 2017 where Fly attended his first Cynosport, "from the street to the GP semis!" Karen feels making the GP semis was "a miracle since he is three and has never seen anything like this." He "exceeded my expectations with clean, respectable points in team and no mistakes until he entered the weaves on the right in the GP semis in the corner which were hard for him." 

Karen was worried Cynosport might be too much for Fly, who was accompanied by his canine housemate Cash. Fly was "thrilled by Cynosport" and she "loved how he left the ring in the GP semis wagging and bucking at the people at the end of the ring." Karen enjoyed Cynosport as well and felt being there with Fly was "kind of amazing, I was thinking, as I was walking his GP semis."


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