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Travis Agility Group Trial Report

A report on the Travis Agility Group trial in October, 2017.

  • Name of Group: Travis Agility Group
  • Location: Austin, Texas
  • Event: Local USDAA trial
  • Dates: October 6-8, 2017
  • Trial Chair: Courtney Keys
  • Trial Secretary: Kim Bradley

The Travis Agility Group held their October event indoors on turf with air conditioning. Considering it was 90 degrees that weekend, the AC was definitely welcomed! Kama Rueschenberg served as the Judge for the event.

Titles were earned by:
  • Brenda Kouri and Bentley - AAD
  • Jody Faulkner and Brio - AD
  • Heather Smith and Dusty - MPD
  • Courtney Keys and Walter - AG
  • Julia Palmateer and Tesla - SG
According to Trial Chair Courtney Keys:

"It was our usual fall trial, where we offer all of the tournaments plus titling. We had Biathlon on Friday and Saturday, Grand Prix and Steeplechase on Saturday, and Team all on Sunday with titling classes for all levels on Friday and Saturday. 

This trial was unique in that it brought some new people to USDAA or to the tournament classes. The first place DAM team, "Run Like Ryan Gosling Is Watching," had one handler, Emma Coombes, who had never done team before! She was excited about the absence of the table in Team Standard and the lack of a distance line for Team Gamblers! 

The first place PVP team, "Blondes Have More Fun," saw a brunette, Courtney Keys, stepping in to handle Beau, a Labrador Retriever. Beau is owned by Pat and Byron 
Rathbun and usually run by Byron, but a handler injury meant Courtney took Beau's reins for the day. Not only did his team with Peg MacCallum and Labrador Retriever 
Bella take first place out of five pairs, Beau was the #1 dog of all heights in the PVP 
tournament. "





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