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Our Cynosport Selfie Contest Winner!

Congratulations to the winner of our Cynosport Selfie contest!

Amanda Stipe is the winner of our first "Take a Selfie at Cynosport" contest! 

In the photo, the Beaglejuice team members are from left to right:  Amanda Stipe and Rembrandt, Tracey Roth and Codex, and Laura McNay Hiatt and Roubaix. 

Says Amanda, "Our team started planning on qualifying our dogs for Cynosport in February of 2017, as it isn't often that you can find three qualified Beagles to be on a Dog Agility Masters team. We thought for several months on a team name to follow in the footsteps of the two other prior teams to attend Cynosport. We threw a few team names around, but on August 1st I proposed the team name of "Beaglejuice" to fit in with the Halloween theme. We all agreed that it would be a fun and entertaining name and it stuck, our boys are all intact males. 

We had some super fast team runs with Laura and four-year-old Roubaix. Some solid team runs with eight-year-old Rembrandt, but alas I lost him for a second on the tough Jumpers layout and bought an off-course. Tracey and four-year-old Codex or "Dex" had some stable runs too, but Standard caught them with an elimination. 

My teammates are wonderful competitive people who run the top Beagles in their venues; plus we enjoy each others company, like to have fun, and love our breed too. Alas, we were hoping to make finals but the two eliminations put us out of the final show. We thought we'd have been a helluva good "white dog" team to have run relay! What an enjoyable experience. Look for more Beagles in the future!" 

The three all-beagle teams that have attended the Cynosport Games are:

1) 2003 "Screaming Beagles" team of Carol McElroy with Jessie, Jan Weiher with Echo, and Nikki Berrong Reichert with Tucker 

2) 2015 "Be All You Can Beagle" team of Amanda Stipe with Rembrandt, Tracey Roth with Codex, and Diane Dittrich with Timber

3) 2017 "Beaglejuice" team of Laura McNay Hiatt with Roubaix, Tracey Roth with Codex, and Amanda Stipe with Rembrandt (all ADCH Beagles at time of Cynosport!)


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