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Restructured Masters Challenge Classes for 2018

Amendments effective January 3, 2018  

Chapter 12 of USDAA regulations have been amended in its entirety, providing for a time + faults scoring qualification, akin to scoring in the relay classes.  Those earning a score equal to or better than the Qualifying Course Time (similar to standard course time) will earn a qualification in the individual masters challenge classes.

Title requirements have been doubled to equate title requirements to those in effect prior to the effective date; if a no-fault round is earned, a Super Q is earned, which essentially counts the round twice towards title.

All qualifications prior to the effective date will be updated as rounds with "Super Q"s, since all qualifications prior to the effective date required a no fault round.

Provisions have also been made to permit Masters Challenge only events under special rules. The date for filing applications is pending establishment of internal procedures.  Watch for further announcements. 

A major part of the restructuring is modification to the course design requirements.  Additional spacing and a reduction in specific obstacle requirements have been included to align better with the program concepts for working at "full extension".  

No changes have been made to the Masters Challenge Biathlon rules.

See the regulation amendments under Rules & Regulations -eBook Regulations - Amendments.   


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