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Performance Top Ten - Current Year Standings: Jumpers Level 3 Class

8" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
24  Rossi, Jill Junie B. Cardigan Welsh Corgi
12  Noh, Juliette Cooper All-Breed
10  Gardner, Debbie Merfe Jack Russell Terrier
10  Mize, Lori Repo All-Breed
Hammond, Peggy Muppet Shetland Sheepdog
Stephens, Barbara Sophie Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Hermans, Corinne Max Jack Russell Terrier
Gagnon, Beth Vinny Jack Russell Terrier
Stephens, Barbara Reddy Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Cowan, Diana Gus Bichon Frise
Routh, Vanessa Bogey Papillon
Linsley, Erica Bella Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Rasmussen, Tami Shelby Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Dillard, Ronda Luna Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Campanaro, Brigitte Duchess Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Erich, Laura Parker Yorkshire Terrier
Morris, Karlen Sprite Miniature Australian Shepherd
Garcia, Lucia Pablo Miniature Schnauzer
Beck, Chris Can-A-Soda Miniature Pinscher
Kurlander, Joan Lola Chihuahua
Pawson, Judy Nike Papillon
Hunt, Darlene Fabulous Papillon
Hansford, Denise Eve Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Roberts, Karen Harmony Coton de Tulear
Shilling-Daniels, Sandi Haily Pembroke Welsh Corgi

12" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
31  White, Lisa Honey Beagle
21  Smith, Heather Dusty Miniature Schnauzer
13  Rohling, Jennifer Danger All-Breed
12  Scott, Sandy Daisy Shetland Sheepdog
12  Stiles, William Mia Keeshond
11  Thibodeau, Lynn Jason Shetland Sheepdog
Murphy, Patricia Missy All-Breed
Hutchings, Rachel Norman Parson Russell Terrier
Lovett, Clare Key Shetland Sheepdog
Kottke, Mary Bunny Shetland Sheepdog
Koeske, Rhonda Tack All-Breed
Martinez, Sylvia Star Cocker Spaniel
Hill, Chris Megan Shetland Sheepdog
Venable, Charles Zulu Cocker Spaniel
Garcia, Allison Sizzle Shetland Sheepdog
Nunnink, Melissa Toast Jack Russell Terrier
Lukas, David Shadowfax American Eskimo
Thomas, Jennifer Rodeo Shetland Sheepdog
Stewart, Robert Rocket Man Shetland Sheepdog
Rogers, Barbara Carmen Shetland Sheepdog
Krzyzelewski, Ann Maia Shetland Sheepdog
Lavalley, Jean Cheer Shetland Sheepdog
Thibodeau, Lynn Kaleigh Shetland Sheepdog
Silva, Sayuri Lula Beagle
Solid, Shelby Scout Miniature Australian Shepherd

14" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
66  Parkinson, Katrina Fawkes Border Collie
24  Wirant, Sharon Simi Border Collie
17  Moureaux, Kate Power Border Collie
17  Webb, Sophie Daiya Australian Cattle Dog
12  Sheard, Meryl Wilder Border Collie
11  Cooper, KC Tenney Australian Shepherd
11  Hatfield Mah, Pati Luke All-Breed
10  Liddy, Pat Mic Australian Cattle Dog
10  Jacobs, Steven Ruby Australian Shepherd
Horn, Kathy Olive All-Breed
Nye, Betsy Gusto All-Breed
Knox, Suzanne EllieMae Australian Shepherd
Holscher, Courtney Leila Australian Shepherd
Peardot-Goudy, Stacy SoBe Border Collie
Mahaney, Julie Tillie All-Breed
Overstreet, Karen Sydney Australian Shepherd
Wilson, Diana Cassidy Border Collie
Viles, Mary Katharine Blitz Australian Shepherd
Chapman, Alexis Zumba Australian Shepherd
Lovelis, Tracy Charlie Australian Shepherd
Marquez, Veronica Nia Border Collie
Routh, Vanessa Remy Australian Shepherd
Howze, Maralise Jemima Australian Shepherd
Hiney, Kris Tres Australian Shepherd
Hughes, Maureen Tigger All-Breed

16" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
86  Mah, Stuart Ares Border Collie
35  Scelzo, Noreen Raef Border Collie
34  McCormick, Dianne Hana Australian Shepherd
29  Troxell, Roberta Kiley Border Collie
26  Giecek, Alison Zelda Border Collie
26  Hoye, Jacqueline Sizzle Border Collie
24  Bowers, Carol Deenie Border Collie
23  Bennett, Jason Chica Border Collie
22  Anderson, Ree Peanut Border Collie
20  Basic, Jim Sweep Border Collie
19  Emery, Jean Brill Border Collie
19  Clark, Melanie Ruby Border Collie
19  Coupe, Elaine Kate Border Collie
19  Bell, Martha Lindy Golden Retriever
19  Connell, Sally Chloe Border Collie
19  Maylott, Elsie Pipit Border Collie
18  Pritchett, Russ Peller All-Breed
17  Hunter, Randolph Circe Portuguese Water Dog
17  Watson, Julie Rody Australian Shepherd
16  Smorch, Terry Presto Border Collie
16  Kelly, Lawrence Ginger Border Collie
14  Monroy Hinojosa, Malu Stormy Border Collie
13  Topol, Lisa Wedgie Border Collie
12  Dotson, Angela Bekah Border Collie
12  Jacobs, Steven Ruby Australian Shepherd

20" Height Class

Points Owner Dog Breed
39  Dunn, Seth Striker Golden Retriever
36  Clement, Kathy Wik Border Collie
30  Buckner, Liza Monty Australian Shepherd
28  Van Bibber, Cheri Rowdy Border Collie
25  Clark, Melanie Clever Border Collie
25  Stein, Lauren Pi Catahoula Leopard Dog
22  Elson, Lonny Paxxton Border Collie
21  Tatsuno, Gwen Grifter Border Collie
21  Jacobs, Steven Kip Australian Shepherd
18  Gyes, Nancy Scoop Border Collie
18  Graczyk, Nancy Rocket Australian Shepherd
17  Eldred, Linda Ivan All-Breed
17  Bekaert, Susan ABBA Border Collie
17  Bieber, Nora Ricky Border Collie
16  Hasey, Barbara Yogi Australian Shepherd
16  Antal, Bruce Shadow Belgian Tervuren
15  Lemche, Carol Rio Border Collie
14  Topham, Kathy Hooligan Border Collie
14  Ross, Carolyn Bigzbee All-Breed
13  Aubois, Sara Ridley Border Collie
13  Lutz, Regina Nyke Labrador Retriever
12  Metz, David Hagrid Border Collie
12  Clark, Marshall Keen Border Collie
12  Kurlander, Joan Reggie Border Collie
11  Gahres, Heather Kit Bearded Collie

22" Height Class

No data is available!
Special note: In the Championship Program, jump heights changed in 2017. The Championship 12" and 26" classes were changed to 10" and 24", respectively. The 22" class was split into two categories of 20" (19" maximum dog height) and 22" (maximum 21" dog height), and the 18" class, introduced in 2014, was eliminated, with dogs measuring 17" or less now in the 16" class. In the Performance division, the 22" performance program height class was changed to the 20" class in 2014, and for 2017, the 16" class was split into two categories of 14" (16" maximum dog height) and 16" (maximum 21" height) classes.


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