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Lifetime Achievement Awards

Lifetime Achievement Awards are earned throughout a handler's career with a specific dog. The award is based upon the number of qualifying scores earned in the Masters titling classes (i.e., standard, jumping, gamblers, snooker and relay), as well as tournament qualifiers (Grand Prix since 1989, Team and Steeplechase tournaments since 1999) and Performance Program Level 3 titling classes. The award is earned upon reaching the following milestones:

  • Bronze Award - 15 qualifying scores in each Masters titling class and 150 qualifying scores overall
  • Silver Award - 25 qualifying scores in each Masters titling class and 250 qualifying scores overall
  • Gold Award - 35 qualifying scores in each Masters titling class and 350 qualifying scores overall
  • Platinum Award - 50 qualifying scores in each Masters titling class and 500 qualifying scores overall

Note that 150 qualifying scores is the minimum required to earn an award overall, but it may not be indicative of a forthcoming award because the competitor may not have satisfied the minimum class qualification requirements. Click on the "points" link below to see the class components. All competitors may review their individual status and composition of points through the Subscriber Services area.

Following are current standings based upon results that have been recorded through 02/01/2015 for those competitors with 150 or more qualifying scores. There may be some events prior to this date that have not been received. We will process these as soon as they become available.

Points Owner Dog Breed
1611   Wells, Kathleen Austin RAT
1484   Wells, Kathleen Dory BC
1337   Wells, Kathleen Houston BC
1298   Mah, Stuart Qwik BC
1241   Gerhard, Jeremy Spyder AS
1127   Parkinson, Katrina Maddie BC
1111   Mah, Stuart Ares BC
1057   Dyer, Chris Reilly BC
989   West, Jack Annie XB
955   Carson, Diane Jenna BC
918   Rossi, Jill Corky XB
883   Gaiser, Candy Holly AFOX
866   Herman, Terry Burgee PWD
862   Faulkner, Jody Gracie AS
853   Permann, Shelley Letti CWC
851   Smorch, Terry Remy BC
845   Dyer, Chris Reagan BC
820   Lemche, Carol Rio BC
810   Lemche, Carol Pirate BC
801   Brown, Jessica Bug XB
797   Rohaus, Donna Mick BC
779   Gaiser, Candy Kyna AFOX
767   Rohaus, Donna Cap BC
757   Tovino, Susan Whip BC
755   Michalski, Robert Hobbes BC
750   Mah, Stuart Jet BC
746   Duke, Brett Tasty BC
740   Rohling, Jennifer Pyromaniac BC
739   Rohaus, Donna Keegan BC
721   Graczyk, Nancy Sierra AS
718   Koeske, Rhonda Tack XB
717   LeClair, Terry Heath BC
714   Wasielewski, Donna Siryn BC
709   Crawshaw, Wendy Charlie BC
708   Whittenberg, Cherie Detour BC
696   Greene, Stacie Cosmo AS
671   Peardot-Goudy, Stacy Maze BC
661   Smorch, Terry Presto BC
660   Gauntt, Janet Sequel BC
656   Smith, Linda Woody BC
650   Hutchison, Jeannette Jasper BC
649   Gauntt, Janet Legend BC
644   McCormick, Dianne Rumor AS
636   Danver, Jean Chaps AS
634   Long, Lucy Vapor BC
633   Barry, Mary Ellen Fizz BC
631   Calcano, Sylvia Odyssey BC
629   Russell, Shirley Harlie MPOO
622   Tovino, Susan Blu AS
622   Baley, Diane Gidget LAB
621   Guzman, Debra More BC
619   Grant, Mia Vic BC
617   Sheard, Meryl Blitz BC
616   Eizember, Joleen Amaze BC
615   Chaiko, Olga Luz BC
610   Elkins, Laura Dakota BC
605   Gaiser, Candy Pivot WHIP
605   Poling, Jeff Rex PAP
603   Kitchen, Ann Indy ACD
600   Josselyn, Sally Dia AS
598   Armstrong, Elizabeth Riggs BC
598   Stone, Tammi Splash NSDT
598   McLean, Adrienne Jimmy XB
598   Carson, Diane Sammie BC
595   Eizember, Joleen Zing BC
595   Basic, Jim Sweep BC
591   Hufstader, Rusty Prudence RAT
590   Benacquisto, Angie Duncan TFOX
588   Brown, Gerry Sterling BC
588   Lovett, Clare Trace SS
587   Tatsuno, Gwen Savanna BC
587   Scelzo, Noreen Raef BC
586   Robertson, Evelyn Ren BC
586   Peardot-Goudy, Stacy Able BC
585   Woodward, Joan Ig RAT
583   Bekaert, Susan Molly BC
583   Krauter, Karey Bump BC
581   Mast, Karen Rinald Pebbles XB
580   Long, Lucy Burst BC
580   Seltzer, Debra Jane Gripper XB
579   Desvigne, Kathleen Player GOLD
576   Rohaus, Donna Katie BC
576   Bell, Martha Annie GOLD
574   Herman, Terry Idgie MPOO
570   Blanchard, Elizabeth Dodge SS
569   Blase, Herbert Shazam!! BC
568   Waldron, Maureen Mickle SS
567   Chadwick, Tania Kidd BC
567   Lieberthal, Kelly Reggie BC
565   Hutchison, Jeannette Eve BC
565   Basic, Jim Mick BC
564   Hutchison, Jeannette Zig Zag BC
564   Elkins, Laura Keegan BC
561   Barry, Mary Ellen E-Z BC
561   Wilkes, Sherrie Maci AS
561   Herman, Terry Chantey PWD
560   DeAmelio, Richard DJ ACD
558   Moureaux, Kate Driven BC
556   Sanders, Diane Jet BC
556   West, Leta Molly XB
556   Powers, Mich Pochi XB
554   Deacon, Ashley Luka PYSH
552   Bowerman, Mark Sybil BC
552   Hutchison, Jeannette Penelopy JRT
552   Lieberthal, Kelly Bindi AS
550   Benacquisto, Angie Dylan RAT
545   Brown, Kevin Hunter SS
544   Harmetz, Aljean Marlowe SS
544   Aitken, Jim Brody BC
542   Tovino, Susan Katey BC
541   Julyan, Janelle Eve PWC
541   Bickel, Leslie Cate E CAT
540   Peardot-Goudy, Stacy Wally BC
540   Michalski, Robert Wings BTRV
539   Sutherland, Rosemary Todd BC
538   Loeffler, Sue Kelly XB
538   Peardot-Goudy, Stacy Rumor BC
537   Spence, Debbie Senna BC
537   Gloor, Karen Jam NSDT
537   Bicksler, Barbara Sydney SS
536   Clark, Marshall Moxie AS
532   Jones, Sarah Ayr BC
531   Eizember, Joleen Scorch BC
531   Andrle, Anne Ski BC
530   Long, Lucy Chile NSDT
529   Gross, Susan Radar TPOO
527   Behrens, Melanie Willin' BC
526   Moureaux, Kate Quick BC
525   Sollars, Karen Annie XB
524   Hirsch, Tracy Pilot BC
524   Ernat, Cynthia Ozzie XB
522   Alles, Kathleen Annie BC
522   Schramm, Nadine Didi BC
521   Topps, Marcus Juice BC
517   Butler, Kathy Nutmeg GOLD
517   Brown, Susan Mitchell Jazz BC
515   Basic, Jim Spy BC
514   Tees, Kim Snoop CS
514   Samson, Linda Lexi RAT
514   Gerhard, Jeremy Ronin AS
513   Mueller, Andy Crackers JRT
512   Basic, Jim Swift BC
512   Kleinhans, Nancy Jimmy Dean SS
510   Paul, Darlene Mickey BC
510   Bowers, Carol Deenie BC
510   Gyes, Nancy Riot BC
509   Bennett, Jason Chica BC
509   Murphy, Mike Bailey JRT
508   Hirsch, Tracy Silver BC
508   Gerhard, Jeremy Dodger AS
508   Gyes, Nancy Mace BC
508   Sutherland, Rosemary Rhyn BC
508   Greene, Stacie Tryst XB
508   Gyes, Nancy Wicked BC
508   McClung, Traci Twister BC
507   Kostric, Shirley BJ JRT
505   Golden, Tracy Blew BC
505   Peardot-Goudy, Stacy Secret BC
505   Kubichko, Dawn Tess AS
504   DeMascio, Barbara Revel BC
504   McClung, Tami Tsunami SS
503   Peterson, Aida Malibu! AS
503   Sutherland, Rosemary Risk BC
502   Hutchison, Jeannette Reno JRT
495   Barry, Mary Ellen Maizy BC
492   Jones, Sarah Wick BC
490   Hutchison, Jeannette Rumble BC
489   Carson, Diane Cady BC
488   Finch, Ellen Levy Tika XB
487   Lolich, Jody Cyclone BC
486   Diehl, Elizabeth Keeper BC
485   Brauneck, Kelly Furley BC
485   Hurt, Emily Josefin BC
483   Anderson, Cliff Zaney BC
480   Keszthelyi, Bettina Tweed BC
478   Maurer, Erika Trek AS
478   Sanders, Diane Keen BC
476   Bridge, Deborah KC XB
475   Mahood, Gail Flint PWC
475   Dunn, Janet Epic BC
474   Besche, Deborah Cassie BC
471   Kizorek, Bunny Bandit ESHP
470   Rothschild, Joanne Jacob BC
469   Brooks, Elizabeth Finn AS
468   Faulkner, Jody Twist AS
466   Bonsignore, Jeannie Zeke BC
466   Sanders, Diane Streak BC
464   Josselyn, Sally Ally AS
463   Nichols, Shelley Mesa BC
463   Cesarek, Terri Shine BC
462   Jacques, Debie Rita ACD
462   White, Lisa Honey BGL
460   King, Renee Cisco BC
459   Peterson, Aida Citron AS
459   Pinder, Bill Taser XB
457   Wilkes, Sherrie Madison AS
456   Derby, Anne Spirit AS
453   Wagner, Janet Benny BC
453   Mark, Lois Cricket CWC
453   Wilkins, Diana Kona BC
453   Peardot-Goudy, Stacy SoBe BC
450   Rohling, Jennifer Gator XB
449   Kaiser, Sheri Reveille BC
449   Webber, Carolyn Teddy SS
447   McGuire, Claudia Rik TPOO
447   Axford Moore, Alaina Edge XB
447   Duchan, Susan Max XB
445   Pinder, Jennifer Static BC
445   Dusenbery, Sandy Fenway BMAL
442   Clark, Marshall Keen BC
441   Stover, Derrell Hanna BC
441   Bahr, James Pressure BC
435   Lolich, Jody Gator BC
435   Chandler, Carlene Brenn BC
434   King, Renee Hamlet JRT
434   Brown, Jessica Scout XB
434   Bell, Martha Lindy GOLD
433   Ernat, Cynthia Hope KEES
433   DeLaune, Babette Minx LAB
433   Crouthamel, Jean Zen BC
430   Duke, Brett Disco Inferno BC
430   Andrle, Anne Cody BC
429   Coupe, Elaine Trip BC
427   Booth, Sheila Smarty ACD
426   Dewey, Lisa Pyro BMAL
426   Henning, Tom Yeager BC
425   Meier, Susan Eagle BC
424   Topham, Kathy Catcher BC
424   Newman, Robin Giordo XB
424   Gauntt, Janet Romance BC
423   Knowles, Linda Maddy JRT
421   Mueller, Loretta Gator BC
420   Rush, Susan Maddie AS
419   Mitchell, Lauren Toby BC
417   White, Ivette Zip JRT
416   Sanders, Rachel Fable BC
415   Hoye, Jacqueline Sizzle BC
414   Lemche, Shenna Shiver BC
414   Rush, Susan Piper AS
413   Voelker, Carol Nystka XB
413   Martin, Eric Zoe PWC
412   Conn, Kate Twix SS
411   Alles, Kathleen J.B. BC
411   Foster, Megan Ty SS
409   Doepke, Jeannine Jill BC
407   Womer, Linda Sonic PAP
407   Scannell, Cheri Jeepers BC
407   Stewart, Robert Rocket Man SS
407   McBride, Deborah Chase SS
405   Baker, Nancy Sweeper AS
405   Bieber, Nora Jessie BC
404   Bommarito, Darrell Lacey BC
404   Fardy, Kathleen Jigsaw LAB
404   Kizorek, Bunny Snap ESHP
404   Johnson, Jennifer Storm XB
403   Bommarito, Darrell Freedom BC
400   Henry, Valerie Jus BC
400   Dewey, Lisa Savvy BC
400   Brauneck, Kelly Whiskey XB
398   Ratner, Cindy Jonesy MS
398   Carter, Ronda Scout BC
397   Glantz, Cindy Jagger SS
396   Grubel, David Tahoe AS
395   Lende, Norman Tar'n GOLD
395   Rafferty, Sharon Taz AFF
395   Fairchild, Kendall Echo BC
395   Friedman, Mark Apple PAP
393   Frank, Christine Boogie JRT
393   Josselyn, Sally Paiva AS
393   Walter, Judy Kick BC
393   Peterson, Aida Tanqueray AS
392   Schumacher, Kyle Wendy BC
391   Moureaux, Kate Power BC
391   Nelson, Suzanne Flash SS
389   Reynolds, Terra Seeker BC
389   Gokbudak, Brent Blink BC
388   Lund, Giuliana Zuri SS
387   Stover, Derrell Envy BC
387   Bols, Stacy Krusher MS
387   McCoy, Jaime Skyy BC
386   Kleinhans, Nancy Joni SS
385   Baker, Lauri Tony BC
385   Rohaus, Donna Xena XB
385   Hurt, Emily Ivie BC
382   Hunter, Randolph Circe PWD
381   Thompson, Chuck Crash BC
380   Brown, Gerry Raptor BC
380   Bickel, Leslie Ana CAT
380   Pryse, Laura Brazen BC
380   Terrill, Kim Steeple BC
379   Harmetz, Aljean Jason SS
378   Ulerich, Nancy Corie MPOO
377   Fregien, Sue Brooks BTRV
377   Whittenberg, Cherie Tommy JRT
377   Freilich, Sharon Cirque BC
373   Walter, Judy Carly BC
373   Thomas, Jennifer Rodeo SS
373   Bower, Andi JJ BC
372   Paul, Darlene Tobi PWC
372   James, Kim Disco BC
371   McClung, Traci Typhoon BC
371   Gaiser, Candy Bounce WHIP
371   Gutierrez, Eva Iniki BC
371   Mecklenburg, Linda Nifty BC
370   DeChance, Annie Stella XB
369   Fosty, Channan Icon BC
366   Burlison, Jane Tizzy XB
366   Dillard, Ronda Oy XB
366   Perry, Janet Gracie Allen XB
365   DeChance, Annie Zeppie XB
365   Seiter , Kris Lochlan BC
364   McCord, Carol Beaux BC
364   Dowell, Jim & Sue Sizzle SS
363   Rohling, Jennifer Danger XB
362   Weintraub, Michael White Lightning COTO
362   Rohling, Jennifer Elvis XB
361   Freilich, Sharon Thyme BC
361   Hess, Carolyn Rocko CS
361   Huey, Rosemarie Keen BC
361   Elkins, Susan Whymper NSDT
359   Wheelock, Kathy Willie XB
357   Rogers, Sandra Brink BC
357   Bean, Peggy Crash LAB
356   Melemed, Symantha Perri XB
355   Golden, Tracy Bam BC
355   Zahler, Debbie Mookie BC
355   Skowron, Gosia Banshee BC
354   Scheall, Maureen Streak BC
354   Kolva, Judith Opal BC
353   Freilich, Sharon Rip BC
352   Evans, Elizabeth Hemi PYSH
352   Weider, Renee Della BC
352   Sanders, Rachel Whist BC
352   Kolesa, Heather Ripley BC
352   Whalen, Felicia Teller BC
351   Jang, Mardee Ally ACD
351   Dillard, Ronda Foxie PWC
351   Maurer, Erika Chase AS
350   Stafford, Blake Gumbeau SS
350   Dennison, Richard Gabby LAB
350   Pinder, Jennifer Soda BC
350   Dotson, Angela Bekah BC
349   Melemed, Symantha Panga ACD
349   Koenig, Ann Josh BC
349   Pryse, Laura Fireball BC
347   Baureis, Regina Dazzle BC
347   Stover, Derrell Lil' J BC
347   Kahn, Lyn Jock BC
346   Reid, Pamela Eejit XB
345   Mckinney, Colleen Dexter XB
345   Kelly, Shannon Bean BC
345   Kelly, Brenda Luna BC
345   Permann, Shelley Tek BC
344   Samchuck, Nancy Niki SS
343   Bicksler, Barbara Siesta SS
343   Bennett, Bill Elsa BC
342   Lavalley, Jean Cheer SS
342   Lawson, Joan Metro BC
341   Elson, Lonny Paxxton BC
341   Thompson, Teri Motion BC
340   Johnson, Sarah Cruiser BC
340   Lytle, Mindy Zoe JRT
339   Buckner, Liza Taiko AS
339   Poling, Jeff Spot PAP
338   Holik, Karen Sizzle SS
338   Berkoz, Naci Will BC
338   May, David Jazz SS
338   Tamber, Abbie Micro JRT
337   Lukens, Ardis Sally BC
337   Smith, Linda Riddle BC
337   Tyler, Mica Hemi BC
336   Glantz, Cindy Blaze SS
336   Tovino, Susan Winkle BC
336   Ellison, Rebecca Piper JRT
335   Thurman, Jodi Bailey MAS
335   Wilson, Tammy Tryst BC
335   Rogers, Regina Joplin BC
334   Ulerich, Nancy Rusty MPOO
334   Carter, Ronda Blast BC
334   Koenig, Ann Holly BC
333   Moureaux, Kate Jammer BC
333   Cerilli, Wendy Orso AS
333   Wilson, Gloria Dez BC
333   Reel, Anne Beau MPOO
332   Miller, Megan Rival BC
332   Carlsen, Kathy Cindy JRT
332   Grubel, David Killy BC
331   Ogg, Deborah Porsche PWC
331   Daniels, Julie Spring BC
330   Gersman, Alan Mr. Wriggles BC
330   Mueller, Loretta Klink BC
330   Reilly, Judy Rivet BC
330   Heckelman, Susan Player BC
329   Toppins, Linda Cosmo BC
328   Behrens, Melanie Elf BC
328   Kurlander, Joan Tory BC
327   Blanchard, Elizabeth Demo SS
327   Rosen, Billie Klev'r BRT
325   Foster, Megan Sully BC
325   Lutterman, Joanne Tory SS
325   Mantell, Marcy Wave SS
324   Barr, Rebecca Rainier BTRV
324   Laria, Catherine Chase BC
323   Roper, Gail Keely MS
322   Wilson, Kelly Biggar BC
322   Clark, Melanie Ruby BC
321   Rossi, Kelly Nitro BC
320   Lavalley, Jean Spec SS
320   Raum, Mike Max XB
320   Murphy, Patricia Missy XB
320   Ernat, Cynthia Charm AS
320   Wurst, Mary Ann Cooper AS
319   Spence, Debbie Cameron SS
318   Lynn, Jami Ribby AE
317   Zarr, Ann Skylar BC
317   Bush, Monica Grit BC
317   Melemed, Symantha Calypso BC
315   Hughes, Maureen Tigger XB
315   Luckraft, Julie Strider BC
315   Craig, Nancy Shine SS
314   Wesley, Suzanne Sonic MPOO
314   Mayo, Martin Fletch BC
314   Hansen, Lauren Darci BTRV
314   Plamondon, Jane Duncan SS
313   Baker, Lauri Perk BC
313   Hebert, Lori Heaux LAB
313   Miller, Franz Houston BC
312   Cochran, Susan Aiko BC
312   Bennett, Bill Gwyn BC
312   Miller, Melanie Smitten BC
311   Humphrey, Timothy Gina BC
311   Lende, Norman Meg'n GOLD
311   Pearson, J. Rusty Rhian BTRV
311   Pedigo, Gladys Alaska SS
310   Mecklenburg, Linda Wonder BC
310   Frank, Christine Kimie MS
309   Marcus, John Eve CAVK
309   Hobensack, Leslie Teg BC
309   Yang, Frank The Flash BC
308   Crary-Johnson, Donna Icy AS
307   Anderson, Ashley Psi BC
307   DeMarinis, Anne Ruby BRT
306   Longenecker, Barry Casey XB
306   Ernat, Cynthia Abbi KEES
306   Champion, Stephen Cooper SS
305   Cerilli, Wendy Breyer AS
305   Goodhart, Deborah Rhiannon AS
305   Jones, Amanda Keeper AS
305   Miller, Laura Blazer JRT
304   Marshall, Kathy Windy BC
304   Knowles, Linda MacDuff JRT
303   Manning, Niki Flint AS
303   Brown, Gerry Larrie BC
302   Jayko, James Penny AS
302   Robertson, Wade Tess BC
302   Slusher, Laura Wick BC
301   Schaefer, Kathleen Crystal BC
299   Mah, Stuart Alley Cat PWC
299   Thomas, Denise Zippity BC
299   Silverstein, Barbara Deuce ITGR
299   Schramm, Nadine Spy BC
299   Berkley, Debbie Ricki BC
298   Woods, Vicki Piper BC
298   Yarchin, Joe Pan AS
298   Thompson, David Ollie BC
297   Van Wormer-Haveman, Mary Bette BC
297   Miller, Melanie Austin VZ
296   Seiter, Kim Phoenix BC
295   Moureaux, Kate Smart BC
295   Mecklenburg, Linda Awesome BC
295   Anderson, Sonya Jaxon BC
294   Mayo, Martin Susie JRT
294   Hess, Carolyn Hemi CS
293   Miller, Barbara Rusty CWC
291   Jones, Carrie Jive BC
291   Caldwell, Pam Quest JRT
291   Robertson, Wade Jenny BC
290   Brazeil, Alfred Beau ECS
290   DeShera, Jan Gael BC
290   McCormick, Dianne Hana AS
290   McClernon, Crystal Maggie ACD
290   Agee, Hannah Storm Cloud BC
290   Siegel, Jennifer Solo BC
290   Scott, Sandy Daisy SS
290   Blanchard, Elizabeth Duncan SS
289   Aitken, Jim Erin BC
289   Frado, Chris Bingo GSD
289   Britton, Lynnea Gwen BC
288   Paffrath, Elise Spryte BC
288   Lewis, Liane Steinway BC
288   Thomas Simons, Kim Reveille BC
288   Mecklenburg, Linda Stellar BC
287   Harren, Kaitlyn Jinx BC
287   Moon, Steve Slick BC
287   Brian, Donna Millie AS
286   Scannell, Cheri Risk BC
286   Kucharski, Lisa Finesse AS
286   Stocum, Anne Lacey SS
286   Derby, Anne Arwen AS
285   Cerilli, Wendy Colt AS
285   Russell, Shirley Cricket PMI
285   Dean, Kirstie Flyr SS
285   Lende, Norman Fl'n BC
285   McMahon, Kelly Bingo BC
284   Wargo, Linda Mike GOLD
284   Johnson, Anne Parti BC
283   Dewey, Lisa Rush BC
283   Hanlon, Mary Lou Snap BC
283   Butler, Kathy Hatch GOLD
283   Banks, Dorann Julie BRIT
282   Hummel, Virginia Perk CHCR
282   Simpson, Paulena Renee F5 Tornado BC
282   Stein, Lauren Hailey CAT
282   Williscroft, Ann Jill CHES
282   Russell, Shirley Storm TPOO
281   Green, Anna Jade BMAL
281   Braue, Ann Scream BC
281   Mortensen, Jeff Dart SS
280   Brannan, Scott Haven SS
280   Chandler, Carlene Quik BC
280   Taylor, Laurie Angel SS
280   Martin, Beth Cue Ball JRT
280   McNamara, Christie Pi MPOO
280   Hartman, Gary Damon BC
279   Davis, Sonja Fantom GSD
279   Hofner, Gina Riley BTRV
279   Bardenett, Rob Petey BC
279   Elliott, Katherine Whim JRT
279   Power, Darryl Loudon BC
279   Calhoun, Elicia Suni AS
278   Josselyn, Sally Panda AS
278   Stein, Kathryn Brazen BC
278   Halbreich, Rona Kody BC
278   Rohaus, Donna Jack BC
278   Kelly, Lawrence Ginger BC
278   Ware, Kathleen Timothy BC
278   Clark, Melanie Clever BC
277   Herman, Terry Ria PWD
277   Anderson, Roger Sweep BC
276   Kluever, Sherry Ransom BC
276   Kirmeier, Gregory Robbie BC
276   Heaton, Constance Spice XB
276   Plinck, Monique Tiki PAP
275   Dana, Laurie Burn BC
275   Howze, Maralise Jemima AS
275   Williams-Weaver, Windi Singe BC
274   Green, Pamela Brite BC
274   Dean, Kirstie Scout SS
274   Berkoz, Naci Rusty AS
274   Skowron, Gosia Grommit BC
273   Grillo, Robert Tailer AS
273   Williscroft, Ann Pan CHES
273   Dusenbery, Sandy Axsym BMAL
272   Emery, Jean Brill BC
272   Blanchard, Elizabeth Lily SS
272   Guzman, Debra Mista EEE BC
272   Kent, Kevin Shade BC
272   Reilly, Judy Sony BC
272   Frank, Christine Hogan JRT
271   Nichols, Shelley Scout BC
271   Owen, Ian Keena SS
271   Pacini, Lori Elbie SS
271   Hill, Chris Blade BC
270   Baitinger, Lynn Connor MS
270   Scannell, Michael Racket BC
270   Wentworth, Nancy PerryMason PWD
270   Schnell, Alexi Callie XB
270   Schwartz, Claire Dordi SVAL
270   Standiford, Barbara Emma BC
269   Nelson, Suzanne Chance SS
269   Sheard, Meryl Ditto BC
269   Nishimura, Yukari Belle MINP
269   Clark, Marshall Pepper AS
269   Reid, III, John S'more BC
269   Ross, Nancy Spotty BC
268   Morgan, Trudy Nicki BC
268   Sprouse, Donna Quas BC
268   Beardsley, Michelle Chai AS
268   Melemed, Symantha Graffiti XB
267   Wargo, Linda Cruiser CS
267   Fink, Angie Skeeter ACD
267   Arcangel, Maureen Sable XB
267   McKnight, Bridget Molly BC
267   Cetrulo, Kristina Cinder BC
267   Cook, Lois Scout AS
266   Davis, Danielle Devlin BC
266   Sheard, Meryl Seeker BC
266   Coupe, Elaine Bounce BC
266   Waldron, Maureen Meg KEES
265   Bludworth, Jackie Pete BC
265   Durrschmidt, Lizette Indy AS
265   Green, Anna Hunter SS
265   Zincone, Chris Monty! PWC
264   Berkhan, Claudia Reba BC
264   Hensley, Lucinda Sam XB
264   Luckraft, Julie Ranger BC
263   Marshall, Susan Sassy BC
263   Lindholm, Rosanne Trina GSD
263   Krauter, Karey Dig BC
262   Fleet, Kathleen Spike RAT
262   Mueller, David Grace XB
261   Nashed, James Rusty BC
261   Overstreet, Karen Sydney AS
260   Herman, Jill Oso AS
260   Moon, Mandolina Briar-Rose AS
260   Kaiser, Sheri Wyatt NSDT
260   Doepke, Jeannine Jack BC
259   Henry, Susan Terminator MS
259   Lemche, Carol Lacey BC
259   Laria, Catherine Paint BC
259   Weider, Renee Demi AS
258   Mascheck, Mary Clueless XB
258   Hanridge, Amy Rio BC
258   Krauter, Karey Styx BC
257   Lytle, Mindy Switch BC
257   Schumacher, Kyle Storm BC
257   Rossi, Jill Bernie PWC
257   Plamondon, Jane Cullen SS
257   Hatfield Mah, Pati Luke XB
257   Scheall, Maureen Bolt BC
256   Siegel, Jennifer Liar BC
256   Ring, Averill Jolt BC
255   Hultsman, Wendy Racquette AS
255   Marten, Rusty Rio JRT
255   Buchanan, Bonnie Xtra BC
255   Kipp, Linda Wallace Jessie BC
255   Duff, Kim Abby BC
254   Kramer (Smorch), Carol Pixie KEES
254   Bols, Stacy Kassie BC
254   Burke, Danny Simmer BC
254   McElhiney, Barbara Bud BC
254   Spencer, Rebecca Ruby GOLD
254   Knowles, Linda Mercy BTRV
253   Andrle, Anne Brisk! BC
253   Jones, Laura Betsy XB
253   Sirbello, Tracey Zelda AKEL
253   Robertson, Evelyn Rusty AS
252   Artim, Carole Abra GOLD
252   Lee, Terri Vette BC
252   Misegadis, Kelly Hoosier BOST
252   Walton, Becky Freddie BC
251   Shaffer, Sherry Katie XB
251   Weber, Susan Target DSFD
251   Pearson, J. Rusty Maxwell BTRV
251   Tickle, Alison Sadie SS
251   Fontaine, Dudley Sweet BC
250   Hutchison, Jeannette Nelson BC
250   Newman, Holly Jasmine XB
250   Marcus, John Elmo CAVK
250   McKnight, Bridget Kestrel BC
250   Auzenne, Deborah Junior PAP
250   Jarvis, Lisa Springer SS
250   Schmidt, Cassandra Roxy XB
250   Hill, Chris Mariah BC
250   Hunter, Roma Boulder AS
250   Waldon, Andrea Lexie BC
250   Spence, Debbie Tristan BC
249   James, Kim Skillett BMAL
249   Kula, Thomas Chewbacca JRT
249   Thorpe, Jill Cosmo XB
249   Brooks, Sangie Vette BC
248   Hornor, Cynthia Rowdy BC
248   Cochran, Susan Rider BC
247   Lemche, Shenna Banchor SS
246   McAlister, Carla Moose JRT
246   Paul, Darlene Winnie PWC
246   Seiter , Kris War BC
246   Jarvis, Lisa Reebok SS
246   Boggs, Janet Buster Brown ASTF
245   Gyes, Nancy Scud BC
245   Ratner, Delaney Kelso BC
244   DeMascio, Rosanne Drifter BC
244   Endres, Bettyann Razor BC
244   Zurborg, Laurie Gumbo CAT
244   Baley, Diane Quiz LAB
244   Parkinson, Katrina Fawkes BC
244   Drom, Patty Dewley BC
244   Newman, Robin Decker XB
244   Pinder, Jennifer Britain SS
243   DuPree, Ella Mick BC
243   Swanson, Eric Molly LAB
243   Allen, Diane Bracken BC
243   Cesarek, Terri Rise BC
243   DeWitt, Julia Cait BC
243   Beede, Greta Brisco AS
243   Gutierrez, Robert Nike BC
243   Norris, Lisa Pandora BOST
243   Rauch, Marcy Echo AS
242   Fuquay, Marti Bodee MPOO
242   Beardsley, Michelle Willow AS
241   Klucik, Barbara Eve BC
241   Harren, Kaitlyn Panic BC
241   Sirbello, Tracey Maiya XB
241   Lawson, Joan Epic BC
241   Mecklenburg, Linda Super BC
240   Desvigne, Kathleen Vivian! BC
240   Pendleton, Wendy Cheetah GOLD
240   Wendt, Kathy Bug BC
239   Halling, Chris Pepper BC
239   Lynch, Elise Ting BC
239   Marcus, John Gib CAVK
239   Clarkson, Kristen Ruthless AKEL
239   Spyr, Stephanie Rage BC
239   Hynes, Ken Django BC
238   Nicholas, Alicia Pickle BC
238   Jones, Sarah Clova BC
237   Simon, Gerald Tango BC
237   Ballou, Carol Cady AS
237   Rosen, Billie Kruz'n BRT
237   Neukirch, Lana Katy AS
236   Fairchild, Kendall Teak BC
236   Bradley, Kim Ego SBT
236   Simpson, Paulena Renee Smart As BC
234   Lindholm, Rosanne Chi BLGS
234   Knowles, Linda Megan JRT
233   Brackman, Bruce Jiff BC
233   Champion, Stephen Cheers SS
233   Lovett, Clare Chance SS
233   Fontaine, Greg Maverick BC
233   White, Linda Echo SS
233   Langer, Tammy Tala BC
233   Sollars, Karen Sadie XB
233   Johnson, Sarah Rav BC
232   Peel, Daisy Jester BC
232   Berkley, Debbie Spirit BC
232   Kraus, Susan Cali AS
231   Bond, Jill Bozo RAT
231   Swan, Candy Gemma BC
231   Schneider, Sandy Zephyr SS
231   Huey, Rosemarie Stat BC
231   Salois, Cat Bridger AKEL
231   Pryse, Laura Stat BC
230   Kinnan, Karin Dasja MS
230   Watson, Arlene Sparkle XB
230   Bowers, Lisa Marie Slick BC
230   Hill, Chris Stinger BC
230   Brown, Kris Kip BC
229   Robson, David Robbie SS
229   Huey, Rosemarie Royce BC
229   Gunther, Kristy Gracie XB
229   Sutherland, Rosemary Flo Jo BC
229   Sparks, Nick Fiona SS
228   Grubel, David Boca AS
228   Brian, Donna Sting BC
228   Michel, Judith Jeffrey SS
228   Tice, Jill Zuma SBT
227   Miller, Maryellen Brit BC
227   Anderson, Becky Neo ACD
227   DeMascio, Rosanne Freeze BC
227   Conn, Kate Ritz SS
227   King, Vicki Simi SS
227   Schneider, Sandy Typhoon SS
226   Gage, Trisha Tilly SS
226   Wilentz, Eileen Jamie BC
226   St. Croix, Donald Razzle BC
225   Womer, Linda Frenzi PAP
225   Reynolds, Terra Stir BC
225   Wilson, Kelly Bling BC
225   Miller, Melanie Regan BC
225   Connell, Helen Choc BC
225   Baker, Blynn Ray BC
224   Fox, Daneen Masher PAP
224   Carlson, Beth Lexi POM
224   Holdren, Lori Rogue LAB
223   Sanders, Diane Stat BC
223   Mecklenburg, Linda Spiffy BC
223   Scott, Danielle Cloud 9 BC
223   Sklenar, Tracy Export XB
223   Kent, Kevin Agape BC
223   McCormick, Dianne Austin AS
222   Brannan, Scott Spree SS
222   Lavalley, Jean Taz SS
222   Wiegand, Brian Blaze BC
222   Marquez, Veronica Maggie Mae SS
221   Rich, Jenni Sadie XB
221   Kolva, Judith Ty BC
221   Holik, Karen Ice SS
221   Leggett, Katherine Heather SS
221   Daniel, Meghan Bailey SCOT
221   Cossart, Shawn Dare BC
220   Leids, Pepi Lady BC
220   Elliott, Katherine Petey JRT
220   Neukirch, Lana Raven AS
220   Hosking, Theresa Dew BC
220   Stocum, Anne Breeze SS
220   Cartney, Debby Divot SS
220   Schumacher, Kyle Hazzard BC
219   Mills, Jim Ranger BC
219   Hynes, Ken Hoagy BC
219   Gunther, Kristy Lillie BC
219   Carazo, Stephen Tucker ACD
219   Alfonso, Annette Legend BC
219   Simon, Sandra Daisy BC
218   Moll, Joy Boo XB
218   Wagner, Janet Melody BC
218   Cook, Lois Auggie XB
218   Farrance, Christine Chigger AS
218   Rogers, Sandra Quill JRT
218   Mooney, Melanie Dara SS
217   Allaire, Jim Meadghbh SS
217   Wurst, Mary Ann Mille BC
217   Harris, Janie Booker BC
217   Wallace, Richard Spot LAB
217   Booth, Sheila Phineas XB
216   Fairchild, Deanna Quinn BC
216   Husson, Linda Dandy BC
216   Sims, Donna Reese PWC
216   Gooding, Kris Charm LAB
216   Heller, Julie Fingal SS
216   Ring, Nolan Zephyr AS
216   Cossart, Shawn Shooter JRT
216   Brownschidle, Lisa Sisko SS
215   Hansford, Denise Eve PWC
215   Bates, Pam Miles SS
215   Morningstar, Kari Throttle XB
215   Thompson, D'Lynn Dove ES
215   Jones, Laura Kep BC
215   Chaiko, Olga Yankee BC
215   Steinbach, Joanne Sport BC
214   Beathard, Sarah Sweep BC
214   Carlsen, Kathy Frisky JRT
214   Gage, Trisha April SS
214   Chun, Debra Shadow LAB
214   Miller, Maryellen West BC
214   Poyer, Jayne Sniper LAB
214   Guzman, Debra Propel BC
214   Wagoner-Perry, Morganne Summit BC
213   Holm, Christopher Tuuli AS
213   Foster, Megan Dino SS
213   Rueschenberg, Jubie Squeeky BC
213   Millmore, David Lise BC
213   Carroll, Maureen Lily XB
213   Huey, Rosemarie Darby BC
213   Topol, Lisa Schmutzy XB
213   Frado, Chris Snoop Doggy Dogg GSD
213   Britton, Lynnea Trillian BC
213   Fillips, Dawn Loud BC
212   Montagano, Anthony Chassis BC
212   Thompson, Chuck Jake BC
212   Graham, Patricia Scout ECS
212   King, Vicki Kiki SS
212   Kelly, Lawrence Chester VZ
212   Johnson, Anne YaYa BC
212   Sanders, Rachel Gifted BC
211   Lemche, Carol Tory BC
211   Lavalley, Joel Marvel SS
211   Roeder, Sue Parkir LHAS
211   Godlevski, Michele Cree BC
210   Pinder, Bill Cajun BC
210   Robertson, Kathryn Twig BC
210   Zajkowski, Sandra Sis BC
210   White, Ivette Dasher JRT
210   Decker, Lisa Monty JRT
210   Enck, Janice Alley LOW
210   Gignac, William Bert BC
210   Perry, Janet Sophie XB
210   Goodspeed, Patricia Trey SS
210   Moll, Joy Morgan BC
210   Proe, David Dylan AS
209   Myrick, Margal Espirit BC
209   Topham, Kathy Hooligan BC
209   Hutchison, Jeannette Munchie JRT
209   Watts, Nicole Jinn AS
209   Banks, Helen Ritz BC
208   Ott, Chris Mayhem BC
207   Dunn, Seth Striker GOLD
207   Marquez, Samuel Misty XB
207   Snelleman, Desiree Stinger BC
207   Luggiero, Tracey Mouse JRT
206   Eastman, Susan Angel XB
206   Frank, Christine Zinger BC
206   Andrews, Lisa Toby XB
206   Baker, Blynn Kitt BC
206   Waldron, Maureen Michael SS
206   Marmol, Nancy Little Bear POM
205   Lee, Terri Porsche BC
205   Hall, Alison Lily ICESH
205   Fosty, Channan Apollo BXR
205   Gruendyke, Jackie Stevie PWC
205   McClain, Camy Maya MAS
205   Gregory, James Pilot GOLD
205   McDonald, Daniel Hailey BC
204   Gooch, Michael Misty BC
204   Fieser, Sherry Bizzie BC
204   Graumann, Anne Ace AS
204   Jasso, Pablo Nahomi BMAL
203   Pelton, J Bradford Amoco SS
203   Williscroft, Ann George CHES
203   Smith, Heather Strait MS
203   Anderson, Cliff Tucker SOFT
203   Arnold, Ninette Dinjy MAS
203   Skowron, Gosia Riot XB
203   Stewart, Robert Ellie XB
202   Hufstader, Rusty Sophie XB
202   Raymond, Laura Ferris LAB
202   Whiterock, Valerie Benny JRT
202   Bates, Claudia Kestrel BC
202   Glass, Kim Hobie MPOO
201   Frazee, Harley Quix BC
201   Bean, Peggy Jessie LAB
201   Harris, Lynne JD BC
201   Lutterman, Joanne Tux SS
201   Cerilli, Wendy Pico AS
201   Wilson, Gloria Brie AE
201   Buzanoski, Grace Zer GOLD
201   Armstrong, Elizabeth Grissom BC
201   Thibodeau, Bruce Toby SS
201   Wilson, Diana Cassidy BC
201   Whisner, Victoria Fin SS
201   Zelenewych, Judy Piper BC
201   Dodge, Liz Mick AS
200   Rasmussen, Tami Shelby PWC
200   Wiklof, Kim Pinot MS
200   Attinger-Snarr, Barbara Jersey BC
200   Simpson, Paulena Renee Flurry BC
200   Seiter, Judy Flame BC
200   Whalen, Felicia Ada BC
199   Watson, Julie Rody AS
199   Majka, Karen Airy PYSH
199   Rossi, Jill Junie B. CWC
199   Barrett, Debbie Rip BC
199   Green, Joan Murray SS
199   Stover, Derrell Quest BC
199   Friedman, Mark Flame PAP
198   Klarman, Emily Homer BC
198   Michel, Judith Inca BC
198   Davis, Barbara Shimmer SS
198   Foster, Megan Smack BC
198   Chapman, Gill Cooper BC
198   Arose, Mary Samba SS
198   Pavelka, Mark Scout BC
198   Murphy, Portia Zoom BC
197   Belliveau, Betty Zest BC
197   Crank, Susan Salsa SS
197   Mitchell, Lauren Zack BC
197   Hrncir, Judith Cadi NSDT
197   Brasen, Gregory Journey BC
197   Peterson, Aida Patron AS
196   Schaefer, Erin Jag SS
196   Wilton-Rose, Susan Swizzle BC
196   Bommarito, Darrell Raina BC
196   Skvorak, David Dan BC
196   Gooding, Kris Summer LAB
195   Pape, Wendy Surf BC
195   Spencer, John Rainey SS
195   Hendershot, Margaret Luigi JRT
195   Nixon, Jeanne Brandy JRT
194   Ratner, Cindy Bam BC
194   Vogelgesang, Wendy Rave BC
194   Zelenewych, Judy Floss BC
194   Butler, Rebecca Peak BC
194   McCormick, Dianne Holly AS
194   DiFranco, Cindy Kate AKEL
194   Bates, Claudia Giddy Up BC
194   Greene, Linda Kiwi BC
194   Beardsley, Michelle Biz BC
194   Palmieri, Rebecca Bailey LAB
194   Lane, Patty Kermit JRT
194   Haddy, Daniel Indy BOST
194   Netzer, Kristy Dabbie BC
194   Meyer, Joan Neil SS
193   Lewis, Liane Zildjian BC
193   Abbott, Amber Joker BC
193   Culpepper, Renee Polli BC
193   Van Bibber, Cheri Rowdy BC
193   Roberts, Suzan Jenni Belle XB
193   Stires, John Matilda AS
193   Champagne, Mary Bug ACD
193   Wendt, Kathy Flirt BC
193   Shilling-Daniels, Sandi Katie PWC
192   Strenfel, Maureen Jitters MAS
192   Kipp, Linda Wallace Story BC
192   Robertson, Kathryn Comet BC
192   Samson, Linda Ace MPOO
192   Smith, Lizabeth Mocha LAB
192   Huber, Charles Ojos BC
192   Ainbinder, Lori Moxie LAB
192   Jang, Raymond Tater POM
192   Humphrey, Susan Jinn BC
191   Lund, Giuliana Harlow BC
191   Gaiser, Candy Hayley AFOX
191   Scott, Gregory Skye BC
191   Reid, III, John Edge BC
191   Wilson, Kathy Furby PAP
191   McMonagle, Gail Bucky CS
191   Klucik, Barbara Dunk BC
190   Nishimura, Yukari Simba MINP
190   Cheek, Marquand Wyatt SS
190   Tay, Alan Rain BC
190   Girard, Keri Vandal JRT
190   Hyde-Fleming, Barbara Finn BC
190   Rodriguez, Ernest Max ACD
190   Lieberthal, Kelly Bro BC
189   Richards, Pamela Cappuccino AS
189   Lambert, Don Token BC
189   Miller, Shannon Mattie AS
189   Vojtech, Loretta Kat BC
189   Bahr, James Macy GSCH
189   Cuccaro, Mary Mia BC
189   Mayo, Martin Sugar JRT
189   Power, Darryl Joliet BC
189   Calhoun, Elicia BreeSea BC
189   Freese, Nancy Maggie ENGS
188   Gersman, Alan Good Time BC
188   Klarman, Emily Tag! BC
188   Fefer, Sylvie Dizzy BRT
188   Schor, Judy Moxie RAT
188   Sanders, Rachel Stuie BC
188   Spinler, Sara Karma SS
187   Bahr, James Samson MINP
187   Hornor, Cynthia Dash SS
187   Berglund, Lisa Tai BC
187   Connet, David Megan AS
187   Greene, Linda Beck BC
187   Raymond, John Zip BC
186   Koenig, Ann Sam BC
186   Sylvia, Shari Truffles AS
186   Picking, Jay Kit BC
186   Vojtech, Loretta Visa BC
186   Bowden, Kerry Boomer MINP
185   Beck, Stacey Thriller BC
185   Wentworth, Nancy Ben Matlock ATR
185   Hunt, Deborah Nitro PAP
185   Smith, Anne Cinnamon XB
185   Simpson, Paulena Renee Graphite BC
185   Krynski, Barbara Zap RAT
185   D'Avolio, Gail Sting XB
185   Anderson, Ashley Skid BC
185   Nolan, Donna Baxter JRT
185   Bourne, Holly Molly BC
185   Lindholm, Rosanne Taser BLGS
185   Necker, Nancy Baxter PWC
184   Kipp, Linda Wallace Raisin BC
184   Boes, Barbara Ketch AS
184   Liddy, Pat Jake ACD
184   Lehman, Stacy Shirley XB
184   Langer, Tammy Coty BC
184   Golden, Tracy Snap BC
184   Klein, Mary Grip BC
184   Elkins, Susan Cider NSDT
184   Miller, Alfred Charlie BC
183   Mah, Stuart Recce BC
183   Bowers, Carol Bernie BGL
183   Graczyk, Nancy Shilo SAM
183   Levine, Kodie Strider BC
183   Crank, Susan Splash SS
183   Spence, Debbie Braedan BC
183   Zurborg, Laurie Gem BC
183   Brown, Tinna Tirade BC
183   Scott, Liz Milo AS
183   Martin, Beth Keen XB
183   Hope, Anne Dylan PWC
182   Sanders, Diane Ace JRT
182   McClung, Tami Trek BC
182   Tu, Michael Zoea BC
182   Olszyk, Valerie Bingo XB
182   Cope, Suzi Jib MPOO
182   Grant, Whitney Cooper PWC
182   Schaefer, Kimberly Blade BC
182   Kass, Katherine Switch BC
182   Kempf, Cynthia Zephyr CHCR
182   Sirbello, Tracey Betty AKEL
182   Clement, Kathy Wik BC
182   Port, Paige Lark BC
181   Garrett, Susan Encore BC
181   Peel, Daisy Fly BC
181   Shinogle, Judy Bruni GSP
181   Tu, Michael Bella XB
181   Snelleman, Desiree T'ai SIB
181   Fountain, Mimi Joker BC
181   Scott, Sandy Maverick SS
181   Stone, Tammi Edan NSDT
180   Schramm, Nadine Monza BC
180   Duff, Kim Tess ENGS
180   Turner, Judy Suite BC
180   Garcia, Allison Sizzle SS
180   Hartwick, Laura OtterPop XB
180   Rogers, Regina Bronte AS
180   Ryan, Susan Sly BC
180   Martin, Eric Bailey PWC
180   Pike, Dana Maybie JRT
180   White, Lisa Poppy XB
179   Holik, Karen Chaser BC
179   Garrett, Susan DeCaff JRT
179   Castle, Diane Tenor GSD
179   Fontaine, Dudley Jack BC
179   Martin, Jennifer Bode BC
179   Eide, Leslie Tundra AS
179   Cerilli, Wendy Burdock AS
179   Kozma, Judy Rory WEST
179   Quiroz, Kathy Robin GOLD
178   Lukens, Ardis Rosie AS
178   Bruera, Silvina Maja BC
178   Platt, Anne Charley PAP
178   McLean, Adrienne Judy XB
178   Chase, Kimberly Wryly BC
178   Klippel, Kim Talladega BC
178   Jones, Nancy Louise Tigger TFOX
178   Padgett, Jan Kona SS
178   Rodney, Teresa Sprint FLAT
178   Hunter, Randolph Justice PWD
178   Baker, Nancy Callie AS
178   Lewin, Michael Mica BMAL
177   Shattuck, Pamela Cooper BC
177   Harada, Naomi Cruiser BC
177   Mark, Lois Theo BC
177   Heckelman, Susan VooDoo! BC
177   Hermida, Anne Ace BTRV
176   Wiglesworth, Charlene Artemis AS
176   Thibodeau, Lynn Kaleigh SS
176   Johnson, Ali Taiko BC
176   Jones, Amanda Crash AS
176   Davis, Barbara Zest BC
176   Christie, Mary Ann Maggie SS
176   Bieber, Nora Ricky BC
176   Dowell, Jim & Sue She-Ra XB
176   Coupe, Elaine Kate BC
176   Mortensen, Jeff Britt BRDC
176   Morgan, Trudy Freddie BC
175   Aso, Noriko Misha XB
175   Cesarek, Terri Chase! BC
175   Dawidowicz, Lili Panda BC
175   Hendershot, Margaret Josie BC
175   Dyck, Teresa Wicket BC
175   Griep, Bonnie Zzoom BC
175   Lovelis, Tracy Maverick AS
175   Pinder, Jennifer Ajax BC
175   Madeiros, Cindy Dash SS
175   Vojtech, Loretta Brownie BC
175   Reardon, Jody Piper BC
175   Hosking, Theresa Gem BC
175   Terrill, Kim Summitt BC
175   Olszyk, Valerie Kira DSHP
175   Lightner, Whitney Stoli BC
175   Fardy, Kathleen Corey LAB
175   Baker, Lauri Kava ACD
174   Lynch, Betsey Trouble CAVK
174   Husson, Linda Robin BC
174   Hildt, Sally Ice Man SS
174   Tunick, Linda Zeke XB
174   Obara, Nancy Majel NSDT
174   Theobald, Jaime Maddie CS
174   Glover, Cindy Ravin MPOO
174   Decker, Lisa Bindi JRT
174   Lavin, Mary Jo True BC
173   Jordan, Bit Remi LAB
173   Teusink, Barbara Lindy MANT
173   McGuire, Elizabeth Rory MAS
173   Aylott, Robert Jay SS
173   Poindexter, Patti Gus BC
173   Thorpe, Jill Pip XB
173   Barach, Carol Mickey XB
173   Tunick, Linda Duncan BC
173   Jones, Jennifer Aquila ACD
173   Zilney, Lisa Anne Anna NELK
173   Lolich, Jody Skillz BC
173   Bramble, Dee Dutch XB
173   Rohling, Jennifer Fiction BC
173   Sanders, Rachel Trump JRT
173   Black, Geoffrey Scott ESTI AS
173   Mahan, Kent Fionn BC
172   Willey, Debra Mia XB
172   Croft, Ann Trigger BC
172   Anderson, Cliff Sammy SOFT
172   Smith, Sandra Murphy XB
172   Demierre, Terrie Tripper BRT
172   Smorch, Terry Sirrah BC
172   Mayr, Janis Seeker BC
172   Atchison, Candace Dart BC
172   Diem, Stephanie Inara AKK
172   Pinder, Bill Ruby JRT
172   Michewicz, Lori Puzzle BC
171   Hanlon, Mary Lou Wizard BC
171   McCord, Carol Mira Ole BC
171   Danielly, Chris Echo SS
170   Thompson, Teri Ty SS
170   Pike, Dana Tangle XB
170   Skelton, Meagan Nova BC
170   Herfert, Mark Fynn BMAL
170   Stafford, Blake Beamer BC
170   van der Maaten, Kathy Buddie BC
170   McAulay, Sara Moxie BC
170   McFaul-Solem, Kelly Siren XB
170   Cerilli, Wendy Holster AS
169   Conn, Kate Chip SS
169   Wilkins, Jean Marie Kopper AS
169   Campisi, Jami Meena SS
169   Michaels, Lori Solei BC
169   Newcomb, Bill Flash XB
169   Titzer, Denise Josee BC
169   Woulf, Nita Peeka RAT
169   Sutherland, Rosemary Gem BC
169   Warr, Alison Epic BC
169   Duncan, Lori Matilda AS
169   Cardone, Michele Skye BC
169   Dos, Soshana Portia AS
169   Calhoun, Elicia Nika AS
169   Martin, Lianne Panic XB
168   Crepeau, Sheila Jace BC
168   Whalen, Felicia Roz BC
168   Williams, Lisa Steamer BC
168   Scott, Katrina Baby BC
168   Diggs, Charles Keep-Her XB
168   Hofner, Gina Paris BTRV
168   McArthur, Elizabeth Chelsea JRT
168   Polhamus, Hattie Vaasa SVAL
168   Diehl, Dorothy Lucy GOLD
168   Iannelli, Mary Yuki AS
168   Sisak, Kimberly Devo PAP
168   Peterson, Aida Ouzo AS
168   Laria, Catherine Blizzard BC
168   McLinn, Marie Tilt BTRV
168   Nestor, Jill Breezey XB
168   Anderson, Susan Jenny SS
168   Woepse, Thomas Charlie MINP
167   Zmek, Stella Joyce Ivy BC
167   Garrett, Susan Feature BC
167   Schnulle, Rebecca Emmy BC
167   Agee, Hannah Maggie Mae BC
167   Hanridge, Jonathan Mesa XB
167   Hill, Chris Megan SS
167   Elson, Lonny Gunner BC
167   Salter, Laurie Bling BC
167   Demierre, Terrie Dagger BC
166   Bourne, Holly Cinch BC
166   Mitchell, Lauren Hobbie SS
166   Mohorich, Debbie Jaz BC
166   Roy, Dan Nala AS
166   McNamara, Christie Winona GOLD
166   Durrschmidt, Lizette Caper AS
166   Standiford, Barbara Speck BC
166   Moll, Joy Sport BC
165   Schneider, Sandy Blizzard BOL
165   Mayr, Janis Piper BC
165   Zelinger, Joan Beacon AS
165   Robertson, Linda Rip SS
165   Husson, Linda Tripper BC
165   Richcreek, Pam Puff SS
165   Eifert, Anna Nevian BC
165   Rudy, Leslie Wickett PWC
165   MacNeill, Brittney Blast BC
165   Miller, Shannon Dice BC
165   Dodge, Liz Tru BC
165   Sutherland, Rosemary Bright BC
165   Gregoire, Wendreth Ziggy SS
164   Frick, Steve Maggie BC
164   Stokes, Julie Rift BC
164   Walter, Judy Trace BC
164   Wrobleski, Karen Jay BC
164   Bayless, Natalie Rufus BF
164   Gaydos, Karen Casey SS
164   Brown, Donna Sellers BAM BC
164   Pelton, J Bradford Riley SS
164   Hill, Chris Singe BC
164   Harris, Sharon Lucy PWC
164   Franklin, Sheila Bracey BRDC
164   Peterson, Dawn Ollie XB
164   Fish, Pamela Edge BC
164   Dott, Elizabeth Alibi BC
164   Card, Jill Moss BC
164   James, Kim Chip JRT
163   Millet, Tawni Jolt BC
163   Ingersoll, Emily Suki SHTZ
163   Schiefer, Carol Mist BC
163   Hufstader, Rusty Magnum CAT
163   Rodriguez, Ernest Gibson ACD
163   Gigstad, Tammie Buzz JRT
163   Tees, Kim Jenny BRIT
163   Stewart, Amanda Minnie JRT
163   St. Croix, Donald Star BC
163   Lehman, Annie Misty JRT
163   Gilligan, Sharon Gusto BC
162   Hunt, Julia Daley BC
162   Ryman, Jeanette Brix BC
162   Halbreich, Rona Maggie CS
162   Craig, Julia Jet BC
162   Burton, Kelly Riley BC
162   Burt, Carol Maggie SS
162   Crank, Susan Sonic BC
162   Vermeer, Pamela Jedi SS
162   Duchan, Susan Ohno BC
162   Chapman, Alexis Tucker AS
162   Simpson, Paulena Renee Timeflies! BC
162   Koblin, Julie Elvis XB
162   Gamel, Dee Kelsi SS
161   Dickison, Linda Swizzle BC
161   Lemons, Janyes Skylar SS
161   O'Connell, Peggy Finney NSDT
161   Pinney, Teri Tia BC
160   Scariot, Susan Rufus PAP
160   Brawner, Ann Piper JRT
160   Sheffield, Ami Neelah MAS
160   Gorman, Karen Reno BC
160   Newcomb, Renee Boz BC
160   Tacon, Bill Lizzy JRT
160   Kautz, Brenda Mika PAP
160   Simon, Wayne Mearle BC
160   Hutchison, Jeannette Surge JRT
160   Thrift, Rebecca Spank BC
160   Stall, Trisha Sandy XB
160   Durrschmidt, Lizette Z AS
159   Bicksler, Barbara Max MPOO
159   Blanchard, Elizabeth Roxie BOST
159   Roach, Jo Slider BC
159   Sanders, Diane Ginger JRT
159   Franco, Debra Wizard BC
159   Forte, Karla Mike BC
159   Bean, Peggy Indy LAB
159   Grant, Mia Starlet BC
159   Fortny, Jane Makoa BC
159   Duff, Kim Spit BC
159   Seiter, Kim Rukh BC
158   Voelker, Carol Zyme XB
158   Diehl, Elizabeth Hustle JRT
158   Peel, Daisy Solar BC
158   Wagner, Janet Cruz BC
158   Grems, David Breeze BC
158   van der Maaten, Kathy Millie XB
158   Harper, Laura Ink FLAT
158   Kondracki, Sharon Jack BC
158   Ring, Nolan Mack AS
158   Dinkle, Jeanne Rocky BC
158   Shaffer, Cynthia Hershey SS
158   Taylor, Nancy Sabi SS
158   Klein, Mary Greasie BC
158   Whittenberg, Cherie Norman JRT
158   Herren, Jamie Zip BC
158   Akins, Judy Cooper SS
158   Bowers, Lisa Marie Ace BC
157   Finch, Ellen Levy Boost BC
157   Miller, Shannon Vixen BC
157   Bogdan, June Chloe BF
157   Spring, Dianne Rumor BC
157   Hoselton, Ella Patty SS
157   Eldred, Linda Annie XB
157   Smith, Gloria Surge BC
157   Sminkey, Mary Jo Taz SS
157   McDonald, Bonnie K.D. GSD
157   Arose, Mary Logan SS
157   Mathews-Bradshaw, Beth Dixie MANT
157   Franklin, Margaret Sherman PAP
157   Freilich, Sharon Scandal BC
156   O'Neill, Shirlee Ripcord PULI
156   Reiner, Valerie Jiff XB
156   Hill, Ann Marie Phire MAS
156   Murphy, Sharon REO BC
156   Butler, Rebecca Liz BC
156   Waters, Robert Spencer BC
156   Lee, Terri Harley AS
156   Franklin, Genie Spencer JRT
156   Wilkins, Diana Kenya BC
156   Hunt, Julia Dot BC
156   Rolek, Susan Elan BC
156   Anderson, Beth Gracie BC
156   Evans, Elizabeth Moseley PONS
156   Lankford, Laura Cadence AS
156   Schwartz, Claire Komet SVAL
156   Crepeau, Sheila Luna BC
156   Gooch, Gail Bailey SS
156   Johnson, Anne Tripp BC
156   Beseda, Mary Ann Dora MAS
155   Mancino, Yvonne Flare DOBE
155   Tatsuno, Gwen Spike XB
155   Netzer, Kristy Jubilee BC
155   Iannelli, Mary Teco AS
155   Davis, Barbara Pistol SS
155   Hunt, Deborah Deesel PAP
154   Holik, Karen Sez SS
154   Scott, Joy Christy PUG
154   Thompson, Valery Jaldi BRT
154   Badar, John Max AS
154   Slusher, Laura Kai XB
154   Sheffield, Ami Tazer AS
154   Biber, Diana Mackey AS
154   Belliveau, Betty Nyna BC
154   Stiles, William Mia KEES
154   Plinck, Monique Rou PYSH
154   Hamilton, Karen Gabby XB
154   Petersen, Richard Tazer CWC
154   Crank, Jennifer Xtreme BC
154   Spielman, Lynn Savvy LAB
154   Wheelock, Kathy Ruby BC
154   Kim, Narae Bianca BC
154   Davis, Barbara Rock-It SS
154   Sabraski, Jessica Joey BC
154   McGough, Christy Dibby GSD
154   Berkley, Debbie Nahtaki AS
154   Katzen, Sandra Zephyr BC
154   Endres, Dwight Zooma SPOO
153   Anderson, Cliff Winnie BC
153   Fischer, M. Nicole Ruse SPOO
153   Mann, Carole Pete BC
153   Sigman, Lynn Arlo SVAL
153   Damarodas, Nancy Tack BC
153   Olson, Deanne Cody COLL
153   Beede, David Deacon AS
153   Hinckley, Scott Beta ACD
153   Rohssler, Deborah Rayne BC
153   Wilson, Tammy Catch BC
153   Palmieri, Matt Roadie BC
153   Venable, Charles Jac LAB
153   DiFranco, Cindy Kip BC
153   Bate, David Callie BC
153   Myrick, Margal Shoo Fly AS
152   Bismore, Alicia Lilly MPOO
152   DeMascio, Rosanne Kiba BC
152   Wilhelmy, Jacqueline Mer BC
152   Lovelis, Tracy Jester AS
152   Eichenlaub, Jean Nichols Ping! BC
152   Baureis, Regina Pika BC
152   Golding, Sharon Tiger XB
152   Attinger-Snarr, Barbara Sheila BC
152   Kajava, Anne Olav BRDC
152   Topham, Kathy Termite XB
152   Schultz, Mary Ariel AS
152   McArthur, Elizabeth Corky XB
152   Juice, Helene Chance SS
151   Bott, Ernie Beau SPOO
151   Sledge, Krea Pepper BC
151   Hammerle, Marnie Deuce BC
151   Downey, Maggie Carly GOLD
151   Freilich, Sharon Shooter BRT
151   Affolter, Sondra Klete BC
151   Kostric, Shirley Mister JRT
151   Atherton, Brianna Rankine GOLD
151   Percival, Monica Bonus BC
151   Watson, Dick Rrrip BC
151   Richman, A.D. Ryder DOBE
150   Glantz, Cindy Kaylee SS
150   Mottice, Susan Luke BC
150   Klingler, Kristina Eva CAVK
150   Greiner, Alyssia Zippity BC
150   Nelson, Leila Nettie Lu ACD
150   Jacobs, Lisa Molly AS
150   Knapp, Lisa Andy SS
150   Orr, Sandra Shiraz BC
150   Humphreys, Kathy Fly BC
150   Maurer, Erika Cadence AS
150   Katzen, Sandra Trek BC

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