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USDAA Message
By Kenneth Tatsch

USDAA President

Happy New Year!

USDAA is proud to be teaming with Zuke's All Natural, Healthy Dog and Cat Treats in 2015. Zuke's will be attending several USDAA Regional Championships in 2015, as well as the Cynosport® World Games in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, running October 21 – 25, where they will be handing out free samples at their booth.

The year has started off in a big way, with the first of our 14 Regional Championships. The event was hosted by Good Dog Agility, January 2-4 in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is the earliest we have ever held a regional championship, and it was well attended. The event also drew considerable attention from the local media and attracted many spectators. The next regional will be the South Central Regional in Kerrville, Texas, in March. See the full schedule of events on USDAA's events calendar.

We have a number of groups celebrating their silver anniversaries this year, and we want to recognize and congratulate them on this great milestone. Also this year, Dallas Agility Working Group will be celebrating 30 years. Watch the Overview and USDAA website for reports throughout the year.
The USA World Team is getting ready for the IFCS World Agility Championships in April. Fundraising is still underway with a raffle and a set of sponsorship packages available. See the article in this OVERviewTM providing details. We have also published the 2016 Team Selection Rules on

We are excited about 2015 as we have a number of new things in the works. Stay tuned for announcements in future editions of the OVERview and on the USDAA website news page and Facebook page.

We wish you the best of luck, both on and off the course, in 2015!

Event Report: Wild West Regional Championships

The first Regional of 2015 was the Wild West Regional, hosted by Good Dog Agility in Tempe, Arizona. More than 300 dogs from 11 different states attended the event in hopes of either qualifying for the 2015 Cynosport World Games or earning one of the elusive Cynosport semi-final byes in Grand Prix/Performance Grand Prix and Steeplechase/Performance Speed Jumping.

The weather was unseasonably cold, with freeze warnings issued each night and highs in the mid-to-upper 50's during the day. And while that may not sound very cold to you, even the judges from the chillier regions commented that this was different type of cold for them. Normal temperatures for this time of year in Arizona are typically upper 60's to low 70's.

2015 Wild West Regional Performance Versatility Pairs Champions: 1. Brenda Kautz & Mika, Tami Rasmussen & Shelby 2. Rachel Evers & Chloe, Kate Moureaux & Power 3. Sam Marques & Misty Blue, Karen Gloor & Jam

Good Dog Agility made every effort to ensure the safety of the dogs by covering the contacts at night, starting walk-throughs at 8 a.m. and competition at 9 a.m. when the sun was up and the rings defrosted. There was plenty of room for crating and exercising dogs throughout the day too.

The schedule allowed competitors who wanted to just enter tournaments to be there first thing in the morning to walk and run, and then head off to do their own thing. Competitors who were more focused on titling classes were able to have the morning off and compete in the afternoon.

Judges Dave Bozak, Dave Hanson, Evelyn Robertson and Frank Holik provided fun, yet challenging, courses and great attitudes and humor throughout the event. Results and courses are available on USDAA's website.

From left to right, judges David Bozak, Dave Hanson, Evelyn Robertson, and Frank Holik.

USDAA is Proud to be Partnering with Zuke's

Be on the lookout at a Regional near you for the Zuke's crew to learn more about this great company, sample some of their terrific products and thank them for their support of USDAA and the 2015 Cynosport World Games.

Zuke's All Natural, Healthy Dog and Cat Treats will be attending several Regionals this year, providing raffle items for volunteers, giving out samples for your dog to try and donating gift bags to all podium winners. Their treats are so good, you may catch some of the Zuke's crew eating them too!

Their first event was the Wild West Regional in Tempe, Arizona, January 2-4. Stacey Praizner from Zuke's had so much fun meeting and talking to all the competitors and their dogs and watching the competition, she can't wait to attend the next Regional!

Stacey shared a lot of Zuke's goodies!

You'll also see Zuke's in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, at the Cynosport World Games where they'll have a much bigger presence than at the Regional events.

We thank Zuke's for being at our events and supporting the USDAA agility community. It's a great partnership that's a win for you, a win for USDAA and a win for Zuke's!

Training Corner: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
Courses by Leona Hellsvig

At this time of year, training outdoors is tough in many parts of the country. Why not have a little training fun indoors? This course layout, which resembles a snowman, fits in a 50' x 80' space and can be used to train many skills. (And you can use it outdoors too, of course!)

One way to set up the course will allow you to work on front and rear crosses:

Start with the dog on your right and see how many times you can rear cross, both behind obstacles and on the flat (in between obstacles). Then try the course again, starting with a lead-out so that you can run with your dog on your left, crossing in front of your dog between #5 and #6. How many more front crosses can you do? Can you turn into your dog (front cross) and also turn with your back to your dog (blind cross)? Which one works better at each potential side-change?

What other courses can you set up on this layout?

Read more.

New Year's Resolutions, Agility-Style
By Brenna Fender

New Year's resolutions can serve as goals for your upcoming training and competition year. January is a good time for reevaluation of your training program.

A training session without a predetermined plan is often inefficient. An agility career without precise goals may also flounder. Broad aspirations for earning placements, titles, and championships are fine, but often success comes from focusing on the specific steps you need to reach those big goals. What are the skills you and your dog must obtain to complete each step?  

Is improving your dog's jumping skills your goal for 2015? Photo courtesy of Karen Moureaux,

Focusing your efforts on process-oriented goals (like training those skills) and on accomplishments that are handler-based (staying out of your dog's way at the weave poles, for example, or cuing in a timely fashion) will give you more control over your feeling of success in agility. Our dogs are living beings, not robots on remote control. They will present us with challenges and surprise us with unexpected reactions and behaviors. If your only measures of success are qualifying scores or new titles, you might find yourself disappointed more often than you'd like. If your goals are based on things you have direct control over (like maintaining a positive attitude despite the fact that your dog did the same tunnel 17 times in a run), you may find yourself more satisfied with your agility career than you would be otherwise. In addition, you will be more likely to achieve your external goals (like finishing your championship) because you will carry less stress with you into the ring. Your dog will definitely like your happy attitude!

A written list of your goals will help you stay organized during 2014. Plus, research shows that the subconscious mind often believes things said aloud as fact. Instead of talking yourself into failure, state your goals positively and read them out loud for the greatest chance of success. Review your goals regularly.

As the year progresses, focus on your achievements, not your failures. Errors or interruptions as you move forward to reach your goals can be dealt with by revamping your training plans, but don't dwell on the mistakes. Replay successful moments in your head to boost your confidence.

Happy New Year!

Read more.

2015 IFCS World Agility Championships Fundraising Update
By Rachel Sanders, Team Coach

The 2015 IFCS World Agility Championships will take place April 8-12 in Voghera, Italy. To support the team, USDAA is holding a raffle, which begins on February 1. What can you win? $500 gift certificates from Dogsports USA, Max200, One Mind Dogs and more! Raffle tickets can be purchased at a cost of $10 per ticket (and three tickets for the discounted price of $20). You will be able to put your ticket into consideration for the prize of your preference. Winners will be drawn over the live stream from the event in Italy. Details on how to purchase tickets will be available soon on For questions about the raffle, please email

In addition, USDAA is accepting sponsors for Team USA. Sponsorships come in five levels:

Platinum - $3,500 (One sponsorship package available)
The Platinum sponsorship comes with lots of goodies like ads in the USDAA newsletter through December 2015, website links, logos on team clothing, a banner at the event, event tickets, dinner tickets, live stream ads, and more.

Gold - $2,500 (Two sponsorship packages available)
The Gold sponsorship includes ads in the USDAA newsletter through June 2015, website links, logos on team clothing, event tickets, dinner tickets, live stream ads, and more.

Silver - $1,500 (Three sponsorship packages available)
The Silver sponsorship comes with two ads in the USDAA newsletter, website links, event tickets, dinner tickets, live stream ads, and more.

Bronze - $500 (Unlimited sponsorship packages  available)
Bronze-level sponsors receive an ad in the USDAA newsletter, website links, and more.

Friends of the Team - $50 (Unlimited friends available)
Friends will be mentioned in an article on thanking sponsors and will receive a 2015 commemorative lapel pin.

Sponsorship details.

Send checks (made out to USACS) to support this year's team to United States Association of Cynological Sports (USACS), PO Box 940225, Plano, TX, 75094. Thank you for your support of Team USA!

Upcoming Events Calendar

Watch out for these events with entries closing in the coming weeks:
Dates Host Group Location Closing Date
01/30-02/01/2015 Knight Flyer Agility Carthage, TX 01/21
01/30-02/01/2015 Minnesota Agility Club Ham Lake, MN 01/21
02/07-02/08/2015 Southwest Agility Team Los Lunas, NM 01/23
02/06-02/08/2015 Sonlight Ranch LLC Brooksville, FL 01/23
01/31-01/31/2015 Contact Zonies Phoenix, AZ 01/26
02/06-02/08/2015 Agile Dogs Agility Training Greenwich, NY 01/26
02/06-02/08/2015 Casa de Canine of Greater Kansas City, LLC Lawrence, KS 01/26
02/06-02/08/2015 Bexar Regional Agility Team Selma, TX 01/26
02/07-02/08/2015 Happy Dog Agility Moorpark, CA 01/28
02/13-02/15/2015 SureFire Dogs Training Center Westborough, MA 01/30
02/13-02/15/2015 Dog Gone Fun TX Spring, TX 02/02
02/06-02/08/2015 All Dogs Can Agility Lapeer, MI 02/02
02/14-02/15/2015 Club-Doggie Queen Creek, AZ 02/02
02/13-02/15/2015 Boone County Dog Sport New Berlin, WI 02/02
02/08-02/08/2015 Branchwater Training Center Reisterstown, MD 02/03
02/14-02/15/2015 Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center, LLC Washingtonville, OH 02/04
02/13-02/15/2015 Valley Agility Sports Team Turlock, CA 02/04
02/21-02/22/2015 All Dogs Gym Agility Manchester, NH 02/06
02/15-02/15/2015 NOMAD Waterbury Center, VT 02/07
02/27-03/01/2015 Low Country Dog Agility Charleston, SC 02/07
02/21-02/22/2015 West Valley Dog Sports Moorpark, CA 02/07
02/28-03/01/2015 Think Pawsitive LLC New Berlin, WI 02/08
02/21-02/22/2015 Pawsitively Fun Dog Training Group Fort White, FL 02/09
02/20-02/22/2015 Tyler Obedience Training Club Tyler, TX 02/09
02/14-02/14/2015 Run Spot Jump Canton, GA 02/09
02/21-02/21/2015 Fetch Sam! San Jose, CA 02/11
02/27-03/01/2015 BARK-NH! Manchester, NH 02/11
02/20-02/22/2015 Good Dog Agility Club Tempe, AZ 02/11
02/28-03/01/2015 IncrediPAWS Pataskala, OH 02/13
02/21-02/22/2015 Agility at the Farm Campton Hills, IL 02/13
02/28-03/01/2015 Dallas Dog Sports McKinney, TX 02/13
02/28-03/01/2015 Orchard Hills Barto, PA 02/16
02/28-03/01/2015 On The Run Canine Center Ham Lake, MN 02/16
02/28-03/01/2015 Pawsitively Fun Dog Training Group Fort White, FL 02/16
02/27-03/01/2015 Southeastern Agility Gainesville, GA 02/16
02/28-03/01/2015 Happy Tails Agility Club Farmington, NY 02/18
02/22-02/22/2015 Low Country Dog Agility Charleston, SC 02/18
02/27-03/01/2015 TNT Dog Center Midland, MI 02/20
03/06-03/08/2015 Travis Agility Group Belton, TX 02/20
03/06-03/08/2015 Pals & Paws, Inc. Jacksonville, FL 02/21
03/13-03/15/2015 Willamette Agility Group Corvallis, OR 02/22
03/07-03/08/2015 Hog Dog Productions Millersville, MD 02/23
02/28-03/01/2015 Dog Sports Federation Ciudad de Guatemala, GU 02/23
03/06-03/08/2015 Front Range Agility Team Castle Rock, CO 02/25
03/14-03/15/2015 B&D Creekside Activity Center LLC Latrobe, PA 02/25
03/13-03/15/2015 BARK-NH! Manchester, NH 02/25
03/07-03/08/2015 Boone County Dog Sport Middleton, WI 02/25
03/07-03/08/2015 Redhot Rovers Auburn, WA 02/25
03/06-03/08/2015 Teamworks Dog Training, LLC Youngsville, NC 02/27
03/14-03/15/2015 The Bay Team Santa Rosa, CA 02/27
03/08-03/08/2015 NOMAD Waterbury Center, VT 02/28
03/13-03/15/2015 Contact Sports Agility Loves Park, IL 03/01
03/14-03/15/2015 Dog Agility Racing Team (DART) Irwindale, CA 03/02
03/12-03/15/2015 HOT Dog Sports, LLC Kerrville, TX 03/02
03/14-03/15/2015 Club-Doggie Queen Creek, AZ 03/02
03/21-03/22/2015 All Dogs Gym Agility Manchester, NH 03/06
03/21-03/22/2015 All 4 Fun Agility Club Gray Summit, MO 03/06
03/20-03/22/2015 Dog-On-It Agility Club of Cent. Florida Winter Park, FL 03/07
03/20-03/22/2015 Tyler Obedience Training Club Tyler, TX 03/09
03/20-03/22/2015 On The Run Canine Center Ham Lake, MN 03/09
03/20-03/22/2015 Bella Vista Training Center Lewisberry, PA 03/09
03/20-03/22/2015 Fast and Furryous Agility, LLC Colfax, NC 03/09
03/27-03/29/2015 Contact Agility Club Hamden, CT 03/09
03/28-03/29/2015 Happy Hounds Agility Team Prosper, TX 03/10
03/21-03/22/2015 Happy Dog Agility Moorpark, CA 03/11
03/20-03/22/2015 Agility Workout Society of Mid-Michigan Lapeer, MI 03/11
03/28-03/29/2015 Santa Barbara Flyers Buellton, CA 03/13
03/27-03/29/2015 Boom Towne Canine Campus Farmington, NY 03/13
04/04-04/05/2015 Rainier Agility Team Elma, WA 03/14
03/28-03/29/2015 Mid-Atlantic MADness Millersville, MD 03/14
03/28-03/29/2015 International Dog Events Assoc. Devonshire, XX 03/16
04/03-04/04/2015 SCOR Agility, LLC Middletown, NY 03/16
03/27-03/29/2015 Paws & Ques Williston, FL 03/16
04/03-04/05/2015 Riverside Canine Center N. Smithfield, RI 03/19
04/04-04/05/2015 Pawsitive Partners Dog Training Center Indianapolis, IN 03/20
04/11-04/12/2015 Low Country Dog Agility Charleston, SC 03/21
04/04-04/05/2015 Puerto Rico Agility Team Bayamon, PR 03/22
04/10-04/12/2015 Teamworks Dog Training, LLC Youngsville, NC 03/22
04/03-04/05/2015 Dog Agility Sport Handlers Costa Mesa, CA 03/23
04/04-04/05/2015 Just Jump It, LLC Reva, VA 03/23
04/03-04/05/2015 HOT Dog Sports, LLC Kerrville, TX 03/24
04/09-04/12/2015 Haute Dawgs Dixon, CA 03/25
04/10-04/12/2015 Sirius Dog Agility Training Center Alpharetta, GA 03/25
04/10-04/12/2015 SureFire Dogs Training Center Westborough, MA 03/27
04/10-04/12/2015 Contact Sports Agility Naperville, IL 03/27
04/18-04/19/2015 SCOR Agility, LLC Middletown, NY 03/30
04/11-04/12/2015 Paws @ Play Santa Ynez, CA 03/30
04/10-04/12/2015 Splash & Dash K9 Sports Latrobe, PA 03/30
04/17-04/19/2015 Virginia Ruff Riders, LLC Palmyra, PA 03/31

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