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USDAA Message
By Kenneth Tatsch

USDAA President

Congratulations to Team USA on their successes in Italy at the 2015 IFCS World Championships and thank you to our many contributors who helped to support their efforts.
This year’s courses were exciting and challenging, presenting some new elements, and it was otherwise pleasing to see tastefully placed back-side approaches to hurdles and other technical challenges on largely flowing courses presented by our Russian, New Zealander and Italian judges. Wim Bekendam of The Netherlands, chief judge of the event, laid out a well-orchestrated series of jokers to make for a exciting and challenging Gamblers class. (Heads up! Wim will be joining us as a judge for Cynosport 2015.) Video on demand of the IFCS event is now available on Cynosport.TV for a nominal fee.

Each year there is something to learn and this year was no different. This is one of the great benefits of international competition for all competitors, international or domestic. To study and analyze the new challenges helps to improve training, and introduces new ideas to keep the sport interesting and exciting. Standing out this year was a reverse flow entry to the weave poles up against a tunnel discrimination (see article in this issue).

Looking ahead to 2016, we are pleased to announce that the 10th running of the IFCS World Agility Championships will return to The Netherlands, a good central location for such a milestone event. The dates will be April 20-24, 2016. Team USA selection trials for this event will begin in October with the Cynosport® 2015, followed by a special Team Selection event to be held in Belton, Texas, January 22-24, 2016. You will also want to mark your calendars for Cynosport® 2016, which will return to West World in Scottsdale, Arizona, November 9-13.
As a final note, due to increased interest in Central America, our Costa Rica group will be hosting a special three-day tournament event May 15-17, where competitors from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, and Panama are all expected to attend. Frank Holik will be the judge. We wish them much success in this special endeavor. Competitors traveling to Mexico for their Regional Championship last year reported a great experience. If you wish to attend this Regional at the end of August, contact the organizers early to help coordinate your travel plans. You can find both events on the event calendar.

2015 IFCS World Agility Championships

The annual IFCS World Agility Championships took place April 8-12 in Voghera, Italy. Team USA battled 14 other countries for medals in six individual and team classes: Agility Standard Individual, Jumpers Individual, Gamblers Individual, All-Round, Biathlon and Team. Russia reached the podium 29 times, setting a high bar for what proved to be a very competitive and energized event throughout the week. Team USA came home with eight medals, finishing fourth in the medal count. Team Canada came in second with 14 medals and Italy brought home 13 medals for third place in the medal count.

The event was heavily documented on the USDAA news page. You can find courses, photos and commentary from each day of the Championships. Or you can go directly to each day's results article: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Video on demand from the event is available for purchase at

Congratulations to the 2014 Top Ten Winners

The 2014 Top Ten winners have been announced and are receiving their certificates and pins in the mail. Finishing in the Top Ten in any of the Masters or Performance Masters classes demonstrates skill and consistency in USDAA's most challenging classes. Congratulations to the winners! 

See the top 25 competitors in each category under "Prior Year Standings."


                                            Linda Womer topped several Top Ten lists in the 12" division.

Training Corner: IFCS Weaves and Discriminations
By Brenna Fender

On Sunday at the 2015 IFCS World Agility Championships, handlers fretted over a tricky weave pole entry. Try the original design and then work on other segments based on the same course layout.

Original course segment:

Can your dog be successful at making this weave pole entry? If not, break the exercise down. An independent weave pole entry performance would make this sequence much easier to handle. Start with a set of six poles and no other obstacles nearby. Send your dog to the poles from straight on. Then, change your position so that you are eventually sending your dog at a 90 degree angle to the poles. Continue to move your position gradually until you can send your dog down the line of six poles to make the correct entry. It may take weeks or months of short practices to build this skill. Then, start the process over again with 12 poles (it will go faster this time).

After your dog has mastered the skill, you can add in distractions, like the tunnel. But don't start with it in such a tempting position. Gradually move the tunnel in over time.

Start now and you might be ready to join the 2016 IFCS World Agility Championships team!

Read more.

Event Report: 2015 North Central Regional Championships

The 2015 North Central Regional Championships were held in Naperville, Illinois, April 10-12. The event was judged by Frank Holik, Scott Lovelis and Eric Quirouet and was live streamed on Congratulations to all the new Regional Champions!

2015 North Central Regional Dog Agility Masters Team Champions

1. It Takes a Special Speedo to Get Lucky: Jennifer Crank and Lucky, Susan Crank and Speedo, Linda Mecklenburg and Special 2. We Bees Fictitiously Dynamite: Shenna Lemche and Dynamite!, Kathleen Schaefer and Blade, Jennifer Rohling and Fiction 3. Cobra Starship and Disco Queens: Kathleen Schaefer and Viper, Shenna Lemche and Shiver, Carol Lemche and Rio

See the winners and the courses they ran....

Upcoming Events Calendar

Watch out for these events with entries closing in the coming weeks:
Dates Host Group Location Closing Date
05/01-05/03/2015 Agility Workout Society of Mid-Michigan Lapeer, MI 04/22
05/01-05/03/2015 Sky Blue Events Indianapolis, IN 04/22
05/09-05/10/2015 Blue Ribbon K-9 Training Center Calhoun, LA 04/22
05/08-05/10/2015 Twister Agility & Dog Sports Oklahoma City, OK 04/22
05/09-05/10/2015 ARFF Agility Club, Inc. Westborough, MA 04/24
05/09-05/10/2015 Front Range Agility Club (FRAC) Brighton, CO 04/24
05/15-05/16/2015 Low Country Dog Agility Charleston, SC 04/25
05/16-05/17/2015 Artful Dodgers Agility Group Millersville, MD 04/26
05/08-05/10/2015 Boise Agility Runners & Climbers Caldwell, ID 04/27
05/08-05/10/2015 Touch & Go Agility Club Frederick, MD 04/27
05/09-05/09/2015 Leaps N Bounds Peoria, AZ 04/29
05/16-05/17/2015 New England Agility Team Greenland, NH 04/29
05/17-05/17/2015 Fetch Sam! San Jose, CA 05/01
05/15-05/17/2015 Dog Gone Fun TX Spring, TX 05/01
05/23-05/24/2015 Hog Dog Productions Millersville, MD 05/03
05/15-05/17/2015 Canine Agility of Central Minnesota St. Cloud, MN 05/04
05/22-05/24/2015 Riverside Canine Center N. Smithfield, RI 05/05
05/16-05/17/2015 All Colorado Agility Team Pueblo, CO 05/05
05/15-05/17/2015 Costa Rica Agility Team Alajuela, A 05/06
05/21-05/24/2015 Redhot Rovers Auburn, WA 05/06
05/22-05/24/2015 Windsor Agility Group Ilderton, ON 05/06
05/15-05/17/2015 Canine Combustion Dog Agility Club Canton, MI 05/08
05/16-05/17/2015 Agility at the Farm Campton Hills, IL 05/08
05/23-05/25/2015 Countryside Agility LLC Erie, PA 05/09
05/23-05/25/2015 Stockade Agility Glenville, NY 05/10
05/23-05/25/2015 Top Notch Canines LLC Phoenix, AZ 05/11
05/23-05/25/2015 Dallas Dog Sports McKinney, TX 05/11
05/23-05/25/2015 Think Pawsitive LLC New Berlin, WI 05/13
05/23-05/25/2015 Happy Dog Agility Moorpark, CA 05/13
05/29-05/31/2015 Minnesota Agility Club Lake Elmo, MN 05/15
05/29-05/31/2015 IncrediPAWS Pataskala, OH 05/15
05/30-05/31/2015 The Bay Team San Jose, CA 05/15
05/30-05/31/2015 Flexible Flyers Agility Group Barto, PA 05/15
06/06-06/07/2015 Bend Agility Action Dogs Prineville, OR 05/17
05/30-05/31/2015 Greater St. Louis Agility Club Glen Carbon, IL 05/17
06/04-06/07/2015 Canine Capers Perry, GA 05/17
05/30-05/31/2015 Over Rover Training Center Cato, NY 05/18
05/29-05/31/2015 Contact Agility Club Hamden, CT 05/18
06/06-06/07/2015 Game On Dog Agility Oceanside, CA 05/18
05/30-05/31/2015 DrivenDogs Agility Somis, CA 05/18
06/05-06/07/2015 Canine Agility Training Society Swanzey, NH 05/20
05/30-05/31/2015 Lucky Dog Promotions Tyler, TX 05/20
06/06-06/07/2015 Lehigh Valley Dream Weaver Agility Club Barto, PA 05/20
06/12-06/14/2015 NOMAD Stowe, VT 05/21
07/23-07/26/2015 United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. Shingle Springs, CA 05/22
06/06-06/07/2015 Southwest Agility Team Albuquerque, NM 05/23
06/05-06/06/2015 Center for Canine Sports, Inc. Garland, TX 05/24
06/06-06/07/2015 Canine Sports Zone Middleton, WI 05/25
06/11-06/14/2015 Keystone Agility Club Barto, PA 05/27
06/05-06/07/2015 TNT Dog Center Midland, MI 05/29
06/12-06/14/2015 Two Rivers Agility Club of Sacramento Woodland, CA 05/29
06/12-06/14/2015 Top Notch Canines LLC Phoenix, AZ 06/01
06/13-06/13/2015 Dog Sports Federation Ciudad de Guatemala, GU 06/01
06/12-06/14/2015 Columbia Agility Team Ridgefield, WA 06/01
06/12-06/14/2015 Action Dog Sports Moorpark, CA 06/03
06/20-06/21/2015 DASH - Dog Agility Sports of Houston Houston, TX 06/05
06/19-06/21/2015 Penn-Ohio Agility Erie, PA 06/06
06/20-06/21/2015 Rocky Creek Dog Agility Colmar, PA 06/08
06/19-06/21/2015 Casa de Canine of Greater Kansas City, LLC Independence, MO 06/08
06/18-06/21/2015 Wasatch Agility Farmington, UT 06/10
06/26-06/28/2015 Synergy Dog Sports Mt Vernon, WA 06/12
07/04-07/05/2015 K-9 Athletes Indianapolis, IN 06/15
06/26-06/28/2015 Sugar Bush Farm Stephentown, NY 06/15
06/27-06/28/2015 First Dog Sports Lakeside, AZ 06/15
06/27-06/28/2015 All Colorado Agility Team Colorado Springs, CO 06/15
06/27-06/28/2015 Happy Tails Agility Club Walworth, NY 06/15
06/27-06/28/2015 Dog Agility Sport Handlers Costa Mesa, CA 06/15
06/27-06/28/2015 Virginia Ruff Riders, LLC Doswell, VA 06/16
06/27-06/28/2015 Tails in Motion Little Falls, MN 06/17
07/03-07/05/2015 K9 Sports of Tennessee Franklin, TN 06/18
07/03-07/05/2015 The Bay Team Prunedale, CA 06/19
07/18-07/19/2015 SCOR Agility, LLC Middletown, NY 06/20
07/11-07/12/2015 K-9 Sports, LLC Longview, WA 06/21
07/03-07/05/2015 Agile Dogs Agility Training Stephentown, NY 06/22
07/10-07/12/2015 Playing Agility With Style North Kingstown, RI 06/22
07/03-07/05/2015 Boone County Dog Sport Poplar Grove, IL 06/22
07/03-07/05/2015 Fast and Furryous Agility, LLC Morrisville, NC 06/22
06/26-06/28/2015 All Dogs Can Agility Lapeer, MI 06/22
07/03-07/05/2015 Happy Dog Agility Moorpark, CA 06/24
07/10-07/12/2015 All 4 Fun Agility Club Gray Summit, MO 06/26
07/10-07/12/2015 Countryside Agility LLC Erie, PA 06/27
07/11-07/12/2015 Rocky Creek Dog Agility Colmar, PA 06/29

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