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By Kenneth Tatsch

Looking down the road, we have two judging clinics coming up—one in Maryland, July 16-19, and one near Sacramento, California, July 23-26. I hope everyone will consider these opportunities to up your game. Whether you aspire to be a judge or not, these clinics are a great way to learn what's involved in judging, from course design to interpretation of the regulations. An examination is offered at the end of the clinic for those who wish to advance themselves as judges, and those who don’t wish to go through the examination are welcome to run their dogs in the match held for those applicants who are testing.

We are often asked what characteristics are necessary to be a judge. Some attributes described by past applicants and judges on their applications include having integrity, being organized, efficient, honest, confident, personable and "cool under stress." They also commented that a judge must enjoy learning and meeting new people. Of course, stamina and enthusiasm are necessities, and a touch of humility is good too. Anyone who has been running a dog certainly knows what that means. The best judges will find they are lifelong students of the game, learning from their experiences week-in and week-out.

As for why someone would like to be a judge, I can't say it any better than a couple of applicants who are now judges. One wrote, "Judging will give me the opportunity to stay active in the sport, and I feel, provide me with more insights and perspectives on the sport." Another says, "I spend most of my free time thinking about this addictive sport. So why not put some of this time to more constructive and better use designing courses and judging USDAA trials?" And a common statement among many judges: "I want to give something back to a sport I am privileged to be a part of."

Of course, for those who may have never given it a thought, consider, too, that it may help in training and performance to know what the judges know. It is all very useful information in understanding the premise of dog agility and formulating realistic expectations. I can't recall any occasion where someone, whether certified for judging or simply attending for information, didn't leave saying it was a beneficial experience. Give it some thought and mark your calendars - we look forward to welcoming you to one of these clinics.

On a separate note, I want to thank A.C.E. Agility Club for their hospitality at their 25th anniversary show last month. It was indeed a pleasure to reminisce with long-time and newer club members while watching dogs run. It was a great event on a beautiful weekend outdoors.

In that same vein, everyone will want to try to join in the festivities with Keystone Agility Club as they celebrate their 25 years as a USDAA affiliate at the upcoming Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships in June.

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Twister Agility Hosts First Regional

In 2013, Oklahoma group Twister Agility held their first USDAA trial and were hooked instantly. Nancy Haddock, Twister Agility's owner, says that USDAA has fun, challenging courses and friendly, supportive competitors, which is the perfect combination when working and playing with your dogs.

Ten-year-old Twister Agility typically holds three or four USDAA trials a year. On May 8th through 10th, they held their first Regional Championship event: the Plains Regional. Competitors from near and far complimented Twister for the great job they did hosting the event!


Training Distance for Gamblers
By Alicia Nicholas

One very important skill needed for Gamblers is the ability to laterally push on your dog's path to cause your dog to move away from you. Frequently called "out," this skill is easier for herding breeds to understand but can be trained with any dog. This is part of our foundation training, and is taught and then reinforced throughout your dog's career.

To teach your dog "out," start on the flat with your dog and a toy or treat that can be tossed. Put the toy/treat in the hand closest to the dog and stand next to your dog. Your hand (and leg) should put perpendicular pressure on your dog as you toss the toy/treat. Do this a few more times so that dog is expecting toy/treat to land away from him and that he will have to turn away from you to get it.


New Advisory Committee

We're expanding our Rules and Regulations Advisory Board this year by forming a new Advisory Committee. The goal of the committee is to increase representation from groups, judges, trainers and competitors as well as the past board members.

The committee will discuss topics periodically throughout the year with conference calls, emails, Skype and a special Yahoo Group. The committee will provide input and advice on the future and growth of USDAA's agility programs.

If you or someone you know is interested in being on the Advisory Committee, please email us at board@usdaa.com for additional information and further consideration.

2016 IFCS/USDAA World Team
Selection Event

Two events will be used to select the 2016 IFCS/USDAA World Team that will compete next April in the Netherlands at the World Agility Championships:

    1. Cynosport World Games - October 21-25, 2015
        Murfreesboro, Tennessee
    2. World Team Selection Event - January 21-24, 2016
        Belton, Texas

Read more about the 2016 World Team Selection process.

Calling all Agility Trainers, Judges and Authors!

USDAA is seeking articles on training at all levels, from fundamentals to preparing for the world championships, and we would like to hear from you. More general topics such as the judge's perspective, how dogs learn, step-by-step analysis of training, profiles and more are desirable too.

For every article submitted and accepted, whether published or not, you will be eligible for a quarterly drawing for $100 voucher good towards entry fees at an upcoming USDAA event.

All entrants during the current tournament season will also be entered in a drawing to be held September 15 for a travel voucher up to $500 to attend Cynosport.


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Upcoming Events Calendar

Watch out for these events with entries closing in the coming weeks:

Dates Host Group Location Closing Date
05/30-05/31/2015 Lucky Dog Promotions Tyler, TX 05/20
06/05-06/07/2015 Canine Agility Training Society Swanzey, NH 05/20
06/06-06/07/2015 Lehigh Valley Dream Weaver Agility Club Barto, PA 05/20
06/12-06/14/2015 NOMAD Stowe, VT 05/21
07/23-07/26/2015 United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. Shingle Springs, CA 05/22
06/06-06/07/2015 Southwest Agility Team Albuquerque, NM 05/23
06/05-06/06/2015 Center for Canine Sports, Inc. Garland, TX 05/24
06/06-06/07/2015 Canine Sports Zone Middleton, WI 05/25
06/11-06/14/2015 Keystone Agility Club Barto, PA 05/27
06/05-06/07/2015 TNT Dog Center Midland, MI 05/29
06/12-06/14/2015 Two Rivers Agility Club of Sacramento Woodland, CA 05/29
05/31-05/31/2015 To The ResQ! Agility Club Charles City, VA 05/31
06/12-06/14/2015 Top Notch Canines LLC Phoenix, AZ 06/01
06/12-06/14/2015 Columbia Agility Team Ridgefield, WA 06/01
06/12-06/14/2015 Action Dog Sports Moorpark, CA 06/03
06/20-06/21/2015 DASH - Dog Agility Sports of Houston Houston, TX 06/05
06/19-06/21/2015 Penn-Ohio Agility Erie, PA 06/06
06/20-06/21/2015 Rocky Creek Dog Agility Colmar, PA 06/08
06/19-06/21/2015 Casa de Canine of Greater Kansas City, LLC Independence, MO 06/08
06/18-06/21/2015 Wasatch Agility Farmington, UT 06/10
06/26-06/28/2015 All Dogs Gym Agility Manchester, NH 06/10
06/26-06/28/2015 Synergy Dog Sports Mt Vernon, WA 06/12
06/27-06/28/2015 IncrediPAWS Pataskala, OH 06/12
06/27-06/28/2015 Happy Tails Agility Club Walworth, NY 06/15
06/27-06/28/2015 First Dog Sports Pinetop / Lakeside, AZ 06/15
07/04-07/05/2015 K-9 Athletes Indianapolis, IN 06/15
06/26-06/28/2015 Sugar Bush Farm Stephentown, NY 06/15
06/27-06/28/2015 Dog Agility Sport Handlers Costa Mesa, CA 06/15
06/27-06/28/2015 All Colorado Agility Team Colorado Springs, CO 06/15
06/27-06/28/2015 Virginia Ruff Riders, LLC Doswell, VA 06/16
06/27-06/28/2015 Tails in Motion Little Falls, MN 06/17
07/03-07/05/2015 K9 Sports of Tennessee Franklin, TN 06/18
07/03-07/05/2015 The Bay Team Prunedale, CA 06/19
07/18-07/19/2015 SCOR Agility, LLC Middletown, NY 06/20
07/11-07/12/2015 K-9 Sports, LLC Longview, WA 06/21
06/26-06/28/2015 All Dogs Can Agility Lapeer, MI 06/22
07/03-07/05/2015 Agile Dogs Agility Training Stephentown, NY 06/22
07/03-07/05/2015 Fast and Furryous Agility, LLC Morrisville, NC 06/22
07/03-07/05/2015 Boone County Dog Sport Poplar Grove, IL 06/22
07/10-07/12/2015 Playing Agility With Style North Kingstown, RI 06/22
07/03-07/05/2015 Happy Dog Agility Moorpark, CA 06/24
07/10-07/12/2015 All 4 Fun Agility Club Gray Summit, MO 06/26
07/10-07/12/2015 Countryside Agility LLC Erie, PA 06/27
07/11-07/12/2015 Rocky Creek Dog Agility Colmar, PA 06/29
07/16-07/19/2015 United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. Millersville, MD 06/29


Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 Plains Regional Championships and the
2015 Southwest Regional Championships!


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