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USDAA Letter

By Kenneth Tatsch, President

Thank you to everyone who attended the inaugural Title Mania® event earlier this month and for making it a success. It was great to see competitors from all different levels of competition on the podium throughout the weekend. Congratulations to everyone who made it to the box. It’s a huge accomplishment and a testament to your consistency, versatility and accuracy as a team.

Title Mania was also the first canine competition to be designated an Olympic Day event. To honor the occasion, every competitor received an Olympic Day participation certificate. We also scheduled a photo that included both rally and agility competitors to send to the Olympic Day Committee.

There were many awards throughout the weekend, including Dog of the Year in Gamblers, Jumpers, Snooker and Standard. The Versatility Award recognized the top dog in each jump height by combining scores from three rounds of each class offered over the four-day event. You can see all the winners on the USDAA News pages for June

As summer officially begins, our busy regional schedule continues with just over half of the regionals remaining in the tournament season. We’re directing our efforts now to the planning of Cynosport this year in Scottsdale and also looking ahead to regional scheduling and Cynosport 2017.

We’re also pleased to announce an amendment to the A-frame performance standards that take effect July 1, 2016. When the obstacle performance standards were first implemented, there was no way to anticipate the high degree of events scheduled each weekend and the number of performances encountered in a weekend competition. The new performance measures are: 

This amendment requires no equipment modifications to our affiliated groups and is a simple adjustment to make. In the near future, discussions on all aspects of the collapsed tunnel and jump heights will begin. 
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New IFCS 2017 Team Members

Our congratulations to the first four team members named to the 2017 IFCS Team USA. Their performance at Title Mania earned them the first spots on the team. The remaining team members will be selected at the USDAA/IFCS World Team Selection Event in Barto, Pennsylvania, October 7-9. Additional team members, who are previous medalists, will be selected in accordance with the IFCS Rules and Regulations. 
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Jack and Annie - A Lifetime Agility Partnership

Jack West and his dog Annie have been doing agility together since 2003! In this article Jack relates how he and Annie first found agility, how they developed their dog-human partnership, and enriched each other's lives.

Read more about Jack and Annie!   
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Getting Ready for Cynosport?

Cynosport is just a few months away. If you want to stay up to date on the latest news about the event, make sure you sign up for event updates on the Cynosport website.

Use the sign-up form to subscribe and receive updates via your email address. 
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Steeplechase - What's the Rush?

Writer and competitor Stephanie Morgan gives the lowdown on this fun event. In this article, she goes through all of the rules of this event and provides some sample courses and discussion.

If you're thinking about giving Steeplechase a try, read more
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Using Food in Dog Training - Bribery Vs. Reward

Proper use of food in dog training is an often debated topic. Shannon Viljasoo of McCann's Dogs looks at the difference between bribing dogs with food and using it to reward them for a job well done. She reviews the proper sequence of steps in training from luring with food through establishing reward schedules through adding in distractions. 

Read more about training with food correctly.
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The story of Chick and Klev'r - Doing What's Best for Your Dog

Chick's owner recounts her experiences when she learned her dog was developing seizures and her decisions on when, and when not, to compete. The story is complemented with the story of Klev'r and the team partnership between Chick and Klev'r's handlers, Julie Harbo and Billie Rosen. 

Read more about Chick and Klev'r's story.
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Does our Play Styles with Dogs Affect Their Emotions?

We looked at a recent study that compared different types of play styles between people and their dogs. The researchers found that our proximity to the dog, type of play (i.e. tug, chase), amount of movement and our emotional state affected the dog's behavior. If you use play in training, it's important to consider how it may improve your training based on your play style. 

Read more about this play research study.
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USACS Team USA Store

Walking DogHave you checked out the new store to raise funds for Team USA and show your support? We have some fantastic t-shirts and caps for sale and all proceeds benefit supporting the U.S. Team.

Visit http://www.donate2dogsports.org/store/ for more details.
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Upcoming Events Calendar

Watch out for these events with entries closing in the coming weeks:

Closing Date Host Group Location Dates
06/28 Rocky Creek Dog Agility Colmar, PA 07/09-07/10/2016
06/29 BARK-NH! Manchester, NH 07/15-07/17/2016
06/30 SCOR Agility, LLC Middletown, NY 07/23-07/24/2016
07/01 Contact Sports Agility Davenport, IA 07/09-07/10/2016
07/01 Leaps N Bounds Peoria, AZ 07/09-07/09/2016
07/01 Salinas-Monterey Agility Racing Team Monterey, CA 07/15-07/17/2016
07/01 West Valley Dog Sports Camarillo, CA 07/09-07/10/2016
07/04 Canine Sports Zone Middleton, WI 07/16-07/17/2016
07/05 Countryside Agility LLC Erie, PA 07/15-07/17/2016
07/05 Columbia Agility Team Longview, WA 07/15-07/17/2016
07/06 Prospering Paws Prosper, TX 07/15-07/16/2016
07/06 Agility Workout Society of Mid-Michigan Lapeer, MI 07/15-07/17/2016
07/11 Canine Sports of Indiana Madison, IN 07/23-07/24/2016
07/11 Dog Gone Fun TX Spring, TX 07/22-07/24/2016
07/11 Top Notch Canines LLC Phoenix, AZ 07/22-07/24/2016
07/11 Agility at the Farm Campton Hills, IL 07/23-07/24/2016
07/11 Club-Doggie Queen Creek, AZ 07/16-07/17/2016
07/11 DrivenDogs Agility Camarillo, CA 07/23-07/24/2016
07/13 Redhot Rovers Auburn, WA 07/23-07/24/2016
07/13 Costa Rica Agility Team Alajuela, A 07/23-07/24/2016
07/13 Arrowhead Agility Club Cloquet, MN 07/22-07/24/2016
07/13 Wasatch Agility Draper, UT 07/23-07/24/2016
07/18 Sugar Bush Farm Stephentown, NY 07/29-07/31/2016
07/18 Zen Dog Sports, Inc. Shelbyville, TN 07/30-07/31/2016
07/20 Happy Dog Agility Moorpark, CA 07/30-07/31/2016
07/25 Touch & Go Agility Club Barto, PA 08/05-08/07/2016
07/27 Riverside Canine Center N. Smithfield, RI 08/12-08/14/2016
07/27 Top Notch Canines LLC Phoenix, AZ 08/06-08/06/2016
07/27 Santa Barbara Flyers Santa Barbara, CA 08/13-08/14/2016
07/29 Penn-Ohio Agility Erie, PA 08/12-08/14/2016
07/29 Sirius Dog Agility Training Center Perry, GA 08/12-08/14/2016
08/01 Redhot Rovers Langley, BC 08/12-08/14/2016
08/01 Casa de Canine of Greater Kansas City, LLC New Century (Gardner), KS 08/12-08/14/2016
08/01 Over Rover Training Center Cato, NY 08/12-08/14/2016

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