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Welcome to the new USDAA OVERview™!
By Kenneth Tatsch

USDAA PresidentThis eNewsletter is part of our initiative to communicate more frequently with the dog agility community. So now, rather than watching the web site for a quarterly download, we will deliver the OVERview straight to your inbox on a monthly basis. If you do not wish to receive future issues, feel free to opt out using the link at the bottom of this issue. Each issue will still be available for you as an archived document in the Competitor Services Forms & Documents Library.

This new version of the OVERview is designed to highlight current news and other information that we feel will be of benefit to you. We will be offering more of the same great content that you are used to in our award-winning newsletter, plus more articles and more links to other items of interest found on the web.

Our new newsletter premieres at an exciting time. We’re gearing up for the 2012 Cynosport World Games, including the 25th running of the Grand Prix of Dog Agility. The event will run September 26-30 at Dicks Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado. Even if you are not ready or able to compete at Cynosport, if you attend as a spectator, you will be entertained by some of the best agility in the world. And if you come and volunteer, you may wind up with the best seat in the house: right in the agility ring!

For those unable to attend our 25th anniversary event, you can visit www.Cynosport.TV and watch our web cast, with expert commentary by Julie Daniels and yours truly. And for the first time, we will produce the finals for each tournament in high definition on BluRay. Watch for announcements on how you can pre-order this commemorative disc.

We hope that we’ll see you all at Cynosport, but for now, please enjoy this new edition of the OVERview™.
USDAA Announces Acquisition of Rally Obedience Program
USDAA and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers have signed an agreement to transfer the APDT Rally Program to USDAA as of January 1, 2013. APDT will continue to operate the program until the transfer is complete, and they will continue to be involved in an advisory capacity and sponsor of the program for a period of two years.

Says USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch, “We look forward to growing the Rally Program and working with APDT in the promoting and educating the public on the important elements of responsible pet ownership. Obedience has always been a consideration for USDAA, and the APDT program has proven itself as a sound program with a lot of potential.”

See the full article at
Event Report: The New England Regional
New England RegionalBy Brenna Fender

We’re well into the tournament season, already naming regional champions in 8 of 11 scheduled events. Regional champions in individual tournaments earn byes into the world semifinals at the 2012 Cynosport World Games.

The New England Regional, held July 13-16 in Greenfield, Massachusetts, was hosted by the Riverside Canine Center. The event was streamed live on Cynosport.TV and was officiated by Judges Dave Hanson, Elliot Kaplan, Tom Kula, and Mark Wirant. Congratulations to the 2012 New England Regional Champions!

Performance Grand Prix 8" Regional Champion Barbara Stephens and Sophie and second place finisher Heather Ciribassi and Diesel. Photo courtesy of Donna Kelliher ( and Karen Hocker (

See the course designs and other details from the New England Regional Championships and see the rest of the winners here:
Training Tips: Practice your poles!
By Tania Chadwick

New England RegionalWe have weave pole drills on tap for this month. We are using two sets of six poles to work more entrances, but you could certainly set this up with one set of 12 with the two jumps.

Do one pass with shoulder turns (having your dog turn next to you as you rotate toward the next obstacle), the next with front crosses (the handler turns in toward the dog, facing him to alter the dog’s path and change to the handler’s other side), and maybe even a blind cross (a front cross in which the handler turns away from the dog for a moment) if it makes sense.

If you want to further refine your skills, click for variations of this exercise.
Personality Profile: Meet Cozette McGuire of Schnecksville, Pennsylvania!
Cozette McGuireBy Brenna Fender

Back in June, Cozette “Cozie” McGuire earned her first USDAA agility title at the Keystone Agility Club USDAA trial in Barto, Pennsylvania, on June 15. Want to know what’s amazing about that? She’s 89-and-a-half years old! With her canine partner, a 10-year-old Golden Retriever named Caper (who is owned by Cozie’s daughter and son-in-law), Cozie is really enjoying spending time on the course at agility trials.

What keeps Cozie going – and succeeding – is her "Use it or lose it" attitude. Recently she had to take six months off of agility to recover from a personal injury. Except for residual numbness in her left hand, she is now otherwise healthy and back in the ring.

When asked about her biggest challenge in agility, Cozie replies, “Making time, plus my physical limitations due to arthritis and hip replacements.” What does the future hold for Cozie? She plans to continue competing, saying that agility is “a terrific sport with wonderful dogs and friendly people who have shown great tolerance to older competitors.”

See the complete interview with Cozie at
Healthy Hounds: Water, the Basis of a Dog’s Life!
By Leslie May

Water. It’s the most important nutrient for a dog’s healthy life. Did you know that an animal can lose all of its fat and half of its protein and survive, but a loss of only 10% of body water causes serious illness?

Since water is so important to a dog’s quality of life, the quality of their water needs to be of great concern. But water can be unsafe. Some dangers found in water include pharmaceuticals, giardia (which can cause gastrointestinal upset, weight loss, poor nutrition, and more symptoms), and cancer-causing chemicals. To make your dog’s water safer, you should avoid reusing plastic bottles to hold your dog’s water, use water filters, replace plastic water bowls (which can leach chemicals) with steel ones, and avoid public dog water bowls. Read more here:
In the News: Experiences of a “Host Dog” Mom
By Marla Friedler-Cooper

What’s it like to watch your dog compete in international competition... with another handler? My dog, Spritz, competed with Team Australia for the IFCS World Agility Championships. The IFCS World Agility Championships takes place every two years, with teams coming from many countries all around the world. Last May, the event was held for the first time in the United States.

Teams from Australia and New Zealand are eligible to compete but, because their dogs would be subjected to a lengthy quarantine if they left their country and then returned, they are allowed to run “host” dogs (dogs from the country that is hosting the competition). USDAA asked for US competitors who were interested in having their dogs be considered for the Australian or New Zealand team to fill out an application and submit competition videos. A few weeks after submitting the application and videos, I was notified that Spritz was selected as one of three dogs to represent Team Australia in the 26" class in this elite international competition. I was so excited! I found out we were matched with Andrea “Andy” Gibney shortly before the team left Australia for their trip to the US.

It was such an overwhelming experience walking the course with Andy and suggesting the best way to handle Spritz, yet knowing that she had to do what was most comfortable for her as well. Spritz obviously felt the love and concern of Andrea and they developed a very strong bond. They did great over the three days of competition, especially considering that they just met. It was really fun to be able to be a spectator. I felt like a proud Mama watching her kid at the Olympics! I was very, very proud of Spritz. He really is a world team dog!

Read more about Marla’s experience here:
Upcoming Events Calendar

Watch out for these events with entries closing this month:
Dates Host Group Event Location Type
8/25 Commitment to Excellence Alamogordo, NM Intro Program Only
8/31-9/3 Pet's Paradise Costa Rica Alajuela, A Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
8/31-9/3 The Bay Team Prunedale, CA Regional Championship
9/1-3 First Dog Sports Lakeside, AZ Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/1-3 Front Range Agility Team Lakewood, CO Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/1-3 Boone County Dog Sport Poplar Grove, IL Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/1-2 ARFF Agility Club, Inc. Westford, MA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/1-3 Puerto Rico Agility Team Puerto Rico Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/7-9 Y Agility Queensbury, NY Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/8-9 Over Rover Training Center Cato, NY Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/8-9 Redhot Rovers Auburn, WA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/9 Lucky Dog Promotions Tyler, TX Match Only
9/14-16 Top Notch Canines LLC Phoenix, AZ Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/14-16 Boise Agility Runners & Climbers Caldwell, ID Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/14-16 Canine Combustion Dog Agility Club Rochester Hills, MI Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/14-16 Teamworks Dog Training, LLC Youngsville, NC Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/14-16 Riverside Canine Center N. Smithfield, RI Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/14-16 Cream City Canines New Berlin, WI Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/15-16 Two Rivers Agility Club of Sacramento Woodland, CA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/15-16 Pawprints Agility Club Haughton, LA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/15-16 Flexible Flyers Agility Group Honey Brook, PA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/21-23 North Alabama Canine Cruisers Huntsville, AL Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/21-23 Agility Workout Society of Mid-Michigan Waterford, MI Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/22-23 Canine Capers Canton, GA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/22-23 Mid-Atlantic MADness Finksburg, MD Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/22-23 K9 Logix, LLC Greenfield, MA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/22-23 Happy Tails Agility Club Macedon, NY Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/22-23 Happy Hounds Agility Team Prosper, TX Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/22 Wasatch Agility Draper, UT Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/26-30 United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. Commerce City, CO Cynosport World Games
9/28-30 K9 Sports of Tennessee Franklin, TN Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/29-30 All Dogs Gym Agility Manchester, NH Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
9/29-30 All Dog Adventures Richmond, VA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
10/5-7 All Colorado Agility Team Fountain, CO Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
10/5-7 Panhandle Agility League Gulfport, MS Titling Classes Only
10/5-7 Low Country Dog Agility Charleston, SC Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
10/5-7 Travis Agility Group Belton, TX Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
10/6-7 Valley Agility Sports Team CA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
10/6-7 Santa Barbara Flyers Buellton, CA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
10/6-7 Artful Dodgers Agility Group MD Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
10/6-7 Y Agility East Windsor, CT Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
10/6-7 Columbia Agility Team Ridgefield, WA Titling Event w/Tournaments & JHP Classes
10/12-14 BARK-NH! Manchester, NH Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
10/13-14 Happy Dog Agility Moorpark, CA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
10/13-14 Just Jump It, LLC Reva, VA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
10/19-21 KineticDog, LLC Barto, PA Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
10/20-21 Dallas Agility Working Group Denton, TX Titling Event w/Tournament Classes
11/1-4 United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. Barrie, ON Seminar w/ Match

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