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The Overview from USDAA
USDAA Message

By Kenneth Tatsch

USDAA PresidentThe stage is set for the IFCS Agility Championships of Europe to be held in Gerona, Spain, the first week of April. We are excited to be fielding a great team for this event. As an IFCS affiliate, we have the opportunity to field a team for the Continential Championship of Europe, and a number of top competitors have stepped up to represent the United States and USDAA in the event. Dave Grubel will be managing the team of 11. Check out the list of team members on and cheer them on. You should be able to follow the action on, as the event venue reportedly has the capacity for live streaming.
In other news, we have been hosting some activities on our facebook page this year. A monthly photo contest continues, in which the USDAA community votes on their favorite photo submitted by competitors. The winning photo becomes the USDAA facebook page cover photo! If you would like to submit a photo or vote, check out our app on facebook.

We have also been holding a "Caption This" contest. We provide an agility action shot, and members of the community submit captions. We pick our favorite and publish it along with the photo. Join in on the fun by checking out our most recent captions on Other activities will be launched in coming months. Of course we also use our facebook page to let you know when we’ve posted a new article on, to share news and to connect with competitors. Visit us on facebook!

Event Report: Paws in Motion
By Helen McNenly

There was a threat of a major snow storm hanging over our heads at the February 9-10 Paws in Motion trial from Friday night to Saturday morning, however, the Dream Park, New Jersey, area got through with only a dusting of snow. Most people from areas further north left home early to beat the snow, and no teams fell apart due to the weather!

This trial offered all three tournaments, both Masters Challenge classes, and titling classes. We had two judges but used three rings (thank you to Val Reiner for her Starters/Advanced courses). Leslie Bickel and Eric Quirouet took turns judging Starters/Advanced in between their own Masters and Tournament courses.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered. As usual, no trial can go on without you! And also huge thanks to the dedicated workers who all worked nonstop the entire weekend. It was very much appreciated!

We had a bunch of new titles earned this weekend. One notable one belonged to handler Lisa Anne Zilney and her three-and-a-half-year-old Norwegian Elkhound, Anna. At the Paws in Motion event, Anna became the first Norwegian Elkhound to earn the prestigious Agility Dog Champion title!

Owner/handler Lisa Anne Zilney, new ADCH Norwegian Elkhound Anna, and judge Leslie Bickel pose with Anna's new ribbon. Photo courtesy of Ann Scripko.

Congratulations to Lisa Anne and Anna, as well as the rest of the new title earners from the weekend!
To read more about this trial, click here.

Training Corner: The Clever Clover Course
By Deborah Davidson Harpur 

Since St. Patrick's Day is the big holiday in March, I designed this drill (based on a clover design) for my students. This course can be done in reverse so you can get two drills out of this four leaf clover and the course can be renumbered as you please.

clover course

The goal for this four-leaf clover-inspired course is for you to reach outside your usual comfort zone and handle the course in multiple ways with the same dog. The challenge is to find as many ways to handle the course successfully as you can.

Start with #1-#3. Here are a few of the potential ways to handle that segment:

*Lead out past #2 and face your dog. Push your dog into the tunnel.
*Lead out to between #1 and #2 with the dog on your right. Run with your dog, pulling him into the tunnel.
*Start with your dog and run #1-#3 with your dog on your right.
*Start with your dog on your left and rear cross between #1 and #2, pulling your dog into the tunnel.

Can you think of more ways to handle #1-#3? Which way works best for you and your dog?

Now try #4-#9. Try turning your dog to the left around #5 on your way to #6. Then try turning him to the right. Try the same thing with #8 on the way to #9. Which way works best for you and your dog? When doing the remainder of the course, try turning left and right after #13 as well.

Before you run the whole course, consider how your handling choices in each segment may affect the next segment. For example, if you run on the left in the opening and go around the backside of the tunnel, how will you handle #4 and #5? Would it be better if you crossed behind the tunnel after your dog entered it so that #4 and your dog will be on your left?

Want another clover course to practice on? Click here!

Congratulations to the 2013 Southwestern Regional Champions

On February 22-25, the 2013 Southwestern Regional Championships took place in Arizona with judges Becky Dean, Terry Smorch, and Dave Hanson presiding. Congratulations to all the winners!

2013 Southwestern Regional Grand Prix of Dog Agility Champions
12"- Rippin & Vivian Vidoli 22"- Smart & Kate Moureaux
16"- Tucker & Kelly Maier 26"- Dottie & Marla Vogeley

2013 Performance Grand Prix Southwestern Regional Champions
8"- Puzzle & Dawn Weaver 16"- Steeple & Kim Terrill
12"- Moose & Carla McAlister 22"- Led Zeppelin & Annie DeChance

2013 $10,000 Steeplechase Southwestern Regional Champions
12"- Sally & Denise Hansford 22"- Swagger & Susan Garrett
16"- Riot & Gosia Skowron 26"- Lotus & Dawn Weaver

2013 Performance Speed Jumping Southwestern Regional Champions
8"- Puzzle & Dawn Weaver 16"- Steeple & Kim Terrill
12"- Ho & Alicia Nicholas 22"- Gumbo & Laurie Zurborg

2013 Dog Agility Masters Team Southwestern Regional Champions
Rider, Maze & Slick: Rider & Susan Cochran, Slick & Steve Moon, Maze & Stacy Peardot Goudy

2013 Performance Versatility Pairs Southwestern Regional Champions
Chips 'n Salsa: Grit & Monica Bush, Wally & Stacy Peardot Goudy

Biathlon Results
12"- 1st Hunter & Kevin Brown, 2nd Jam & Karen Gloor
16"- 1st Kix & Alen Marekovic, 2nd Wendy & Kyle Schumacher, 3rd Cork & Bill Molloy
22"- 1st Wings & Rob Michalski, 2nd Stinger & Desiree Snelleman

8"- 1st Lexi & Beth Carlson, 2nd Suki & Emily Ingersoll
12"- 1st Icy & Donna Crary-Johnson, 2nd Klev'r & Billie Rosen, 3rd Grace & Val Thompson
16"- 1st BreeSea & Elicia Calhoun, 2nd Toby & Lisa Andrews, 3rd Dolly & Anita Grady
22"- 1st Tar'n & Shar Henry

 12" SW regional GP winners

The winners of the 12" class at the 2013 Southwestern Regional Grand Prix of Dog Agility pose with their ribbons. From left to right, they are 3rd place winners Minnie & Brenda Kautz, 2nd place winners Eve & Denise Hansford, and 1st place winners Rippin & Vivian Vidoli. To see more of the winners from this exciting event, click here.

Why Wolves Are Wild, But Dogs Are "Man's Best Friend"
By Claudia Bensimoun

A new study reveals that, if you want to socialize a dog with a human, a horse, or anything else, all you need is 90 minutes to introduce them between the ages of four and eight weeks. But this isn't true for wolf puppies. Wolves are difficult to train and will always remain wild, despite being so genetically similar to dogs. Why are wolf puppies and adults differently behaved when their genes are so similar? It all comes down to how they enter the world. Dogs usually have a more protected environment and will have an easier start. Puppies have time to grow and are looked after in guarded care. But wolf pups have to start off life running, able to escape predators and avoid other threats.

For more information on this study, click here.


A wolf pup explores his environment. Photo courtesy of Anne-Marie Arnold.

Upcoming Events Calendar

Watch out for these events with entries closing in the coming month:
Dates Host Group Location Closing Date
04/04-04/07/2013 Haute Dawgs Dixon, CA 03/25
04/06-04/07/2013 Dog Agility Sport Handlers Fountain Valley, CA 03/29
04/06-04/07/2013 Puerto Rico Agility Team Bayamon, PR 03/27
04/12-04/14/2013 Tailwaggers Learning Center Vero Beach, FL 03/28
04/12-04/14/2013 Sirius Dog Agility Training Center Alpharetta, GA 03/27
04/12-04/12/2013 Action Dog Sports Moorpark, CA 04/03
04/12-04/14/2013 Teamworks Dog Training, LLC Youngsville, NC 03/24
04/13-04/14/2013 IncrediPAWS Columbus, OH 04/03
04/13-04/14/2013 SureFire Dogs Training Center Westborough, MA 03/29
04/13-04/14/2013 Low Country Dog Agility Charleston, SC 03/31
04/13-04/14/2013 Rainier Agility Team Elma, WA 03/25
04/13-04/14/2013 Splash & Dash K9 Sports Latrobe, PA 03/27
04/13-04/14/2013 Happy Dog Agility Moorpark, CA 03/27
04/13-04/14/2013 Dallas Agility Working Group McKinney, TX 03/26
04/13-04/14/2013 Windsor Agility Group Ilderton, ON 03/27
04/19-04/21/2013 Pet's Paradise Costa Rica Alajuela, A 04/07
04/19-04/21/2013 BARK-NH! Manchester, NH 04/03
04/19-04/21/2013 Virginia Ruff Riders, LLC Palmyra, PA 04/01
04/19-04/21/2013 Wasatch Agility Farmington, UT 04/10
04/20-04/21/2013 Twister Agility & Dog Sports Edmond, OK 04/03
04/20-04/21/2013 Pawprints Agility Club Haughton, LA 04/03
04/25-04/25/2013 United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. Ft. Worth, TX 03/22
04/26-04/28/2013 Happy Dog Ranch Murfreesboro, TN 04/10
04/26-04/28/2013 Blue Ridge Agility Club Tryon, NC 04/12
04/27-04/28/2013 Salinas-Monterey Agility Racing Team Prunedale, CA 04/12
04/27-04/28/2013 Playing Agility With Style Greenfield, MA 04/02
04/27-04/28/2013 On The Run Canine Center Ham Lake, MN 04/15
04/27-04/28/2013 Highest Hope Dog Sports Grand Blanc, MI 04/17
04/27-04/28/2013 Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center, LLC Washingtonville, OH 04/17
04/27-04/28/2013 Contact Sports Agility New Berlin, WI 04/15
05/03-05/05/2013 High Octane Agility Barto, PA 04/14
05/03-05/05/2013 Sky Blue Events Indianapolis, IN 04/14
05/03-05/05/2013 Over Rover Training Center Cato, NY 04/22
05/03-05/05/2013 Canine Agility of Central Minnesota St. Cloud, MN 04/22
05/04-05/05/2013 Run Spot Jump Canton, GA 04/22
05/04-05/05/2013 Nunes Agility Field Turlock, CA 04/24
05/04-05/05/2013 Happy Hounds Agility Team Prosper, TX 04/22
05/04-05/05/2013 Fly Right Over Agility Club Plainfield, IL 04/22
05/04-05/05/2013 Agility Workout Society of Mid-Michigan Waterford, MI 04/24
05/04-05/05/2013 Ace Agility Club Spencer, MA 04/14
05/10-05/12/2013 Touch & Go Agility Club Frederick, MD 04/21
05/11-05/12/2013 Tyler Obedience Training Club Tyler, TX 04/29
05/11-05/12/2013 Fleet Feet Dog Agility Turner, OR 04/19
05/11-05/12/2013 FRAC Brighton, CO 04/22
05/11-05/12/2013 ARFF Agility Club, Inc. Amherst, NH 04/28
05/17-05/19/2013 Boise Agility Runners & Climbers Caldwell, ID 04/29

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