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President's Letter
By Kenneth Tatsch

With the 2015 regional championship season concluding earlier this month, be sure to visit the news pages to see coverage of the final regionals of the 2015 tournament season. We now turn our attention to the Cynosport® World Games in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, being held October 21-25.

The Murfreesboro venue at Middle Tennessee State University was well received for Cynosport 2013. As with any venue, there are always areas for improvement. With lighting in the annex adjacent to the main arena being one of the few issues arising in 2013, we have taken steps to enhance existing lighting fixtures. We are revamping rotations to improve on scheduling for what is expected to be another banner Cynosport event.

As a first for Cynosport and USDAA in general, we are introducing instant replay as a judging tool to the final rounds of key tournaments. Having worked with instant replay in IFCS events for the past few years, we are pleased to afford judges this type of support on a pilot basis this year at Cynosport. More information on how this will work will be distributed at check-in.

We hope everyone has enjoyed the sponsorship of Zuke's All Natural, Healthy Dog Treats, whose treat products were distributed at our U.S.-based regional championships this year. They will have a presence at Cynosport 2015, as an official sponsor, and we encourage everyone to visit their booth and learn more about their high quality products, while showing appreciation for their support of this year's major tournament events.

We are also pleased to announce that VetriScience® Laboratories, the makers of Glyco FLEX® joint health supplements, have signed on as a proud sponsor of the 2015 Cynosport World Games. As a pioneer in joint health supplements for dogs, Glyco FLEX is recommended for working dogs, senior dogs, active dogs and any dog in need of advanced joint support. It is formulated to provide support for mobility and addresses issues related to joint stress found in a dog's everyday activities.

Finally, as happens every year at this time, the 2016 tournament season kicks off. Tournament regulations for the coming year are being published this week. Qualification standards for 2016 are largely unchanged from 2015, but there have been some clarifications to wording in response to interpretive issues that arose this past year. Check them out in the Rules & Regulations of section on

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Independent A-Frame Performances

There are two popular methods for your dog to perform the A-Frame – running contacts or the two-on/two-off technique. Each one has their advantages and disadvantages. For most of us, what performance you want on the A-Frame depends on the size and structure of your dog and how fast you can run on the course with them.

Having consistent criteria for the A-Frame performance rarely lets you down in the ring and is a great way to achieve an independent performance of this obstacle. It builds trust between you and your dog to do “their” job and allows you to move away and cue for the next obstacle more efficiently and effectively.

Elizabeth Dott explains how to teach a rock solid A-Frame performance.

Family Fights -
Dealing with Aggression Between Pack Members

Chances are you live in a multi-dog household. Pack dynamics can change for various reasons - age, health, injury and maturity. Managing the dynamics within the pack is an on-going process but there will still be times when one dog pushes another member of the pack too far and an argument breaks out.

If you're lucky, that's as far as it goes. Unfortunately, there are times when it goes much further and one or more dogs get seriously injured.

Re-establishing pack dynamics after a fight between pack members requires patience and skill.

In a four-part series, Sara Reusche, CPDT-KSA, CVT, ANWI, describes her experience with a serious fight between her two dogs and how she handled the situation to once again have peace in her pack.

Intro Trials – 10 Reasons to Enter

Replicating a trial environment into your training can be challenging, especially with a young, shy or rescued dog. Getting ring experience in a trial setting in a beginner-friendly environment is a great way to get them started.

There are so many options for agility competitions now; it can be confusing where to start.

One of the best ways to prepare your new agility dog or to get more out of your training is to enter a USDAA Intro trial. Here are 10 reasons you’ll want to compete in the USDAA Intro Program.

Team USA Update

For 2016, there are two Team USA selection event trials. The first is in Cynosport in October and the second is the first IFCS World Team Selection Event (WTSE) to be held in Belton, Texas, January 22-24, 2016. The WTSE replaces the Continental Championships of America event held in previous years.

Fundraising efforts are already underway since the IFCS team is largely self-funded. This means that apart from the entry fees and uniforms, which are paid for by USDAA, all other travel expenses for handlers and dogs are paid for by the individual team members.

Remember, all donations and contributions for Team USA go to United States Association of Cynological Sports, a nonprofit corporation with tax exempt, charitable status, whose purpose is to support international amateur sports with dogs.


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Central Regional Update

Casa de Canines hosted the Central Regional Aug. 14 through 16 in the Kansas City area. The event is a competitor favorite in this part of the country and the folks at Casa do a great job in organizing the event, communicating details and ensuring everyone has a great time.

They also provide several incentives for competitors to enter early, read their confirmations thoroughly and award competitors who travel long distances to attend their events. Volunteers are also rewarded with great raffle prizes too.

The podium was beautifully decorated and easily accessible for competitors to access throughout the show. Read why this event is always a competitor favorite in this area of the country.


Central Region

Upcoming Events Calendar

Watch out for these events with entries closing in the coming weeks:
Closing Date Host Group Location Dates
09/19 Low Country Dog Agility Charleston, SC 10/02-10/04/2015
09/20 Haute Dawgs Dixon, CA 10/10-10/11/2015
09/21 Canine Combustion Dog Agility Club Canton, MI 10/02-10/04/2015
09/21 Casa de Canine of Greater Kansas City, LLC Independence, MO 10/02-10/04/2015
09/21 Top Notch Canines LLC Phoenix, AZ 10/02-10/04/2015
09/21 On The Run Canine Center Ham Lake, MN 10/03-10/04/2015
09/21 Columbia Agility Team Ridgefield, WA 10/02-10/04/2015
09/21 Artful Dodgers Agility Group Halethorpe, MD 10/03-10/04/2015
09/21 Travis Agility Group Belton, TX 10/02-10/04/2015
09/21 DrivenDogs Agility Camarillo, CA 10/03-10/04/2015
09/22 All Colorado Agility Team Fountain, CO 10/02-10/04/2015
09/23 Blue Ridge Agility Club Tryon, NC 10/02-10/04/2015
09/23 BARK-NH! Manchester, NH 10/09-10/11/2015
09/23 Keystone Agility Club Barto, PA 10/10-10/11/2015
09/23 Valley Agility Sports Team Turlock, CA 10/02-10/04/2015
09/25 Agility at the Farm Campton Hills, IL 10/02-10/04/2015
09/25 Leaps N Bounds Peoria, AZ 10/10-10/10/2015
09/27 KineticDog, LLC Barto, PA 10/16-10/18/2015
09/28 Agile Dogs Agility Training Stephentown, NY 10/10-10/11/2015
09/30 Arrowhead Agility Club Proctor, MN 10/09-10/11/2015
09/30 Think Pawsitive LLC New Berlin, WI 10/09-10/11/2015
09/30 Lucky Dog Promotions Tyler, TX 10/10-10/11/2015
09/30 Four Seasons K9 Athlete Center, LLC Washingtonville, OH 10/10-10/11/2015
09/30 Happy Dog Agility Moorpark, CA 10/10-10/11/2015
10/01 Wasatch Agility Draper, UT 10/10-10/11/2015
10/02 United States Dog Agility Association, Inc. Murfreesboro, TN 10/20-10/20/2015
10/05 Dallas Agility Working Group McKinney, TX 10/17-10/18/2015
10/05 Pawsitively Fun Dog Training Group Fort White, FL 10/16-10/18/2015
10/05 Just Jump It, LLC Reva, VA 10/17-10/18/2015
10/05 Saguaro Scramblers Marana, AZ 10/17-10/18/2015
10/09 Dallas Dog Sports McKinney, TX 10/24-10/25/2015
10/12 Contact Agility Club Middlefield, CT 11/01-11/01/2015
10/12 GameOn K9 Agility Middlefield, CT 10/30-10/31/2015
10/14 BARK-NH! Manchester, NH 10/30-11/01/2015
10/14 Tailwaggers Learning Center West Palm Beach, FL 10/30-11/01/2015
10/16 Good Dog Agility Club Tempe, AZ 10/30-11/01/2015
10/16 Dog Gone Fun TX Spring, TX 10/30-11/01/2015
10/19 Contact Sports Agility Plainfield, IL 10/30-11/01/2015

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