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2006 Archived

December 2006

12/14/06 First of 2007 Regional Championship Dates Announced
Schedule for 2007 Regional Championships in process of being finalized. 
12/06/06 2006 USDAA Cynosport World Games Agility Championship DVD's Now On Sale!
Available for shipping before the first of the year. Catch the action from the premier dog agility event of the year! Click HERE for a video presentation.

November 2006

11/29/06 Performance Program Expands with Relay Titles in 2007
In addition to adoption of Speed Jumping and Versatility Pairs tournaments for 2007, Performance Relay becomes a title qualification class as of January 1, 2007
11/17/06 Check Out USDAA's New Quarterly eNewsletter
USDAA new quarterly hits the street in Scottsdale.
11/09/06 A Video Summary of the 2006 USDAA Championships
See the winning rounds in the Performance National Standard Championships, Steeplechase, Performance Speed Jumping, and Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championships.
11/07/06 Grand Prix - Performance Review by Height Class by Tania Chadwick
A review in running order. Find out exactly how everyone did!
11/07/06 Veterans Grand Prix Finals Analysis by Tania Chadwick
A review by running order.
11/06/06 The Grand Prix of Dog Agility World Championship and Team Championship Finals
Results are in for Day 5.
11/06/06 An Analysis of Gamblers by Simon Harvey
Read about Simon's experiences in the Gamblers ring.
11/05/06 USDAA Championships - Day 4 Results, Including Team Standings
Complete results for Day 4 from the Cynosport World Games
11/05/06 Final Day - Sunday, November 5th - Course Designs - Audio Analysis
See and hear the course reviewer's perspective on the courses that will determine this year's Team Champions and Grand Prix World Champions, as well as the Power & Speed course to be run Sunday morning.
11/04/06 Saturday, November 4th - Course Designs and Audio Analysis
Hear what's behind the course designs by listening to the audio links for each course diagram.
11/04/06 Video of Performance National Standard
See winning rounds from Friday night, along with a comparison of the 1st and 2nd place in the 16" class, which were separated by 1/100th of a second.
11/04/06 Grand Prix Semifinal Analysis by Tania Chadwick
Speed, Speed, Speed
11/04/06 Grand Prix Quarterfinal Analysis by Tania Chadwick
How did the first round go?
11/04/06 REPORTING LIVE - The Night Begins - Saturday, November 4
The second of USDAA's major finals begins tonight, with Live Reporting from the Announcer's Booth by USDAA President Ken Tatsch.  Also check competitors comments and observations on the Event Blog, at
11/04/06 Meet the Team from Puerto Rico by Tania Chadwick
Motto - Puerto Rico lo hace mejor! (Puerto Rico does it better!)
11/03/06 Steeplechase Round 1 Course Analysis by Tania Chadwick
What happened in the Steeplechase Semifinals
11/03/06 Friday's Courses with Audio Analysis
Today's courses include Team Standard, Team Jumping, Grand Prix Quarterfinals/PNS Semifinals and Performance National Standard Finals
11/03/06 Day 3 Results - Friday, November 3rd
Check out Team Standings
11/03/06 Day 2 Results
 Performance National Standard Quarterfinals, Snooker & Steeplechase Semifinals
11/03/06 The Snooker Course
First of the Team Tournament classes to run on Thursday was Snooker.
11/03/06 Performance National Standard Quarterfinals and Veterans Semifinals
by Simon Harvey
11/02/06 Meet the Team from Japan by Tania Chadwick
From the land of the Rising Sun...
11/02/06 Time Gamble Results
First results from the 2006 USDAA Dog Agility Championships
11/02/06 Time Gamble Analysis by Tania Chadwick
The first class gets underway.
11/02/06 Meet the Team from Bermuda by Tania Chadwick
From the tropics to the desert...
11/01/06 Cynosport Games Gets Underway Today
The beginning of the Cynosport World Games to get underway at 2:00pm Wednesday, November 1

October 2006

10/29/06 Catch Up on the Latest from the Cynosport World Games
News page and blogs bring the Cynosport World Games to you!

10/27/06 Meet Our Reporters for the Cynosport Games
Learn more about the people who will be keeping you informed about the events in Scottsdale.
10/25/06 Meet Scott Chamberlain! By Brenna Fender
Learn a little more about another of our Nationals judges.
10/25/06 Coverage Begins for the Cynosport World Games
Check out the new sources of coverage for this year's USDAA Dog Agility Championships and Cynosport World Games.
10/23/06 Meet Karen Gloor! By Brenna Fender
Ms. Gloor judged in Scottsdale last year and was also in charge of scheduling workers.  She's doing both again this year! 
10/19/06 Course Design for National Events by Brenna Fender and Kenneth Tatsch
Who designs the courses for national events?
10/17/06 USDAA Judge Suffers Stroke
A judge for the upcoming Nationals has a stroke during a judging assignment.
10/16/06 Meet Gert Siekmans!
Learn more about another judge for the upcoming USDAA events in Scottsdale.
10/10/06 Meet Mike Wagner!
Learn a little more about Mr. Wagner, who will be judging at the USDAA Nationals.

September 2006

09/26/06 New Carry-On Rules for Air Flights in the U.S.
As reported by TSA on Monday, September 25, 2006, effective Tuesday, September 26, 2006
09/21/06 Tournament Awards
Need help figuring out how to get those tournament awards handled?  Check out Group Services.
09/04/06 Bay Team Regional - Grand Prix Finals Results by Tania Chadwick
The finalists for Scottsdale.
09/04/06 Bay Team Regional - Performance National Standard Results by Tania Chadwick
Finalists for Scottsdale
09/04/06 Bay Team Regional - Steeplechase Finals by Tania Chadwick
Steeplechase Winners
09/03/06 Bay Team Regional - Steeplechase Round 1by Tania Chadwick
09/03/06 Bay Team Regional - Team Final by Tania Chadwick
Results are in!
09/03/06 Grand Prix Round 1 Results by Tania Chadwick
Results are here!
09/02/06 Bay Team Regional - Day 1 by Tania Chadwick
Team Standard Results
09/01/06 Get Set for a Three Day Regional Championship Bonanza by Tania Chadwick
The Bay Team is ready for 4600 runs and lots of excitement this weekend!

August 2006

08/31/06 Tentative Schedule Change in Scottsdale
This tentativve scheduling change announcement affects only those competitors who are planning to enter only the Grand Prix or Performance National Standard Classes in Scottsdale. 
08/16/06 Travel Safety By Brenna Fender
USDAA competitors often travel to competitions, but they may not realize that the way they travel can mean the difference between life or death. 
08/11/06 North Central Regional Courses
Check out the Grand Prix Round 1 and Grand Prix/National Performance Regional Finals courses.
08/09/06 North Central Regional Results Courtesy of Karen Holik
Who won the North Central Regional? 
08/09/06 Portable Sound Equipment Now Available through USDAA Store
Having the right equipment makes all the difference in running a smooth event.
08/08/06 What's New in Subscriber Services?
If you're a subscriber and you haven't been logging in to check out the news page, here's what you're missing.  And if you're not a subscriber, you're missing it too!
08/08/06 2007 Tournament Rules Announced
Rules for Grand Prix, Performance National Standard, Steeplechase and yes......Performance Speed Jumping are available now.

July 2006

07/07/06 Changes are Coming for USDAA Subscribers
Subscribers to the USDAA website are getting more bang for their buck! 
07/07/06 South Central Regional Results
Eight more competitors earn finalist spots for Arizona over July 4th weekend.

June 2006

06/23/06 New Web Features Being Developed for USDAA Affiliated Groups
First of New Features Now Available through the Group Services Section of the Web Site.
06/20/06 Northeast Regional Championships Results
Eight new finalists named at Keystone's Fathers Day Regional Championships.
06/15/06 Japanese Regional Championship - May 27/28
Japan's 2006 Grand Prix Champions named.
06/15/06 Northwest Regional Results
More finalists join the masses headed for Arizona.
06/12/06 Southeast Regional Results
First Grand Prix and Performance National Finalists of the 2006 tournament season named.

May 2006

05/25/06 Registration Height Certification Cards
I have to turn in my temporary card?????
05/11/06 Regional Championship Rule Update
Error in rules for regional championships being corrected.
05/08/06 IFCS World Agility Championships - Final Recap
A look back at the results of the World event from the Netherlands; video clips may be found at
05/07/06 IFCS World Agility Championships - Final Day Coverage
Final coverage of the 2006 IFCS World Agility Championships in The Netherlands
05/07/06 2006 IFCS World Agility Championships - USA Sponsors
Team USA sends their thanks.
05/06/06 IFCS World Agility Championships - Team USA Photos
Photos courtesy of Karen Moureaux
05/06/06 IFCS World Agility Championships - Day Two Final Coverage
Continuing coverage of the 2006 IFCS World Agility Championships from the Netherlands
05/05/06 IFCS World Championships - Day One Final Results
Continued coverage of the 2006 IFCS World Agility Championships
05/03/06 IFCS World Agility Championship - Day One Underway
Day-to-Day Event coverage of the 2006 IFCS World Agility Championships

April 2006

04/30/06 How to Improve the Quality of Your Dog's Life!
This article is submitted by Jörn Oleby, author of the book "Canine Massage and Stretching - A Dog Owners Manual". Illustrations used are from the book. You can find the book at these places: UK: - USA: - South Africa: - Australia: - Europe:
04/25/06 Team USA Recognizes Sponsors in their Quest for the Gold at WAC 2006
Team USA is receiving sponsorship funds, but still falling short of the more than $20,000 needed to cover all expenses.  It's not too late to join the list of generous contributors.

March 2006

03/30/06 US World Agility Championships Team Update
Team Finalized for IFCS World Agility Championships
03/03/06 Steeplechase Qualification Standard Modified
Board takes action for expanding the Steeplechase tournament series.
03/02/06 Regional Competitions Scheduled - Update
An update on regional dates and sites.

February 2006

02/24/06 Spring Festival Announcement
Local events to fill the calendar for Spring Festival dates in 2006
02/04/06 Snug as Bugs in a Rug in Rainy Santa Rosa, California
In a region where most trials require four rings to run and games are all doubled up and tournaments are running amuck and the ambient local talent is so huge you can't help but get caught up in the need to do MORE, this trial was an island of serenity.

January 2006

01/30/06 IFCS Event Regulations Released
IFCS has released the regulations for its World Agility Championships in Oosterhout.
01/28/06 Team Support for IFCS WAC 2006
Support Team USA in their quest for a third IFCS World Team Gold Metal. The twelve-competitor team will be travel to The Netherlands the week of May 1 for the IFCS World Agility Championship held in Oosterhout, Netherlands, May 5-7, 2006.
01/27/06 World Cynosport® Games Set for Return to Scottsdale
Mark your calendars! Note the earlier date.
01/25/06 Have You Moved?
Please update your address, phone and email.

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