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2008 Archived

December 2008

12/30/08 Nominated!
USDAA garners a nomination in a writing contest!
12/23/08 Happy Holidays from Cuban Competitors!
An international canine sport card.
12/22/08 Contest Winner!
Sponsored by Genuine Dog Gear
12/21/08 Happy Holidays from the USDAA Office!
Office closures
12/17/08 Contest!
How well do you know the USDAA rules?
12/11/08 Website Technical Difficulties Resolved
Site restored to full operation.
12/08/08 Long Jump and Tire Jump Specifications
Long Jump and Tire Jump specifications meet construction snags.  Implementation dates have been delayed.
12/02/08 Cynosport 2008 DVDs are Now Shipping
Get your copy today.

November 2008

11/21/08 2008 Cynosport World Games - Agility in Pictures
Say "Goodbye" to the Games. 
11/19/08 Lifetime Achievement Qualifications
Qualifying scores now awarded in Team/Versatility Pairs individual classes of gamblers, jumpers, snooker and standard.
11/19/08 Celebrate the Veteran's Showcase Participants
Photos provided by Howie George
11/18/08 See Our Grand Prix Winners!
Photos by Howie George,
11/17/08 Team and Versatility Overall Winners
Photos by Howie George of
11/10/08 Dancing Dogs
The Arizona Canine Musical Freestylers treated 2008 Cynosport World Games participants and spectators to demonstrations and fun matches. By Brenna Fender
11/07/08 SPLASH!
Dogs that competed at the Splash Dogs dock diving competition at the 2008 Cynosport World Games beat the heat and got caught on camera by Howie George.
11/07/08 Police Demonstrations at the Cynosport World Games
Photographer Howie George captured on film the very popular police dog demos at the Games.
11/07/08 Performance Speed Jumping Photos
See the winners here!
11/07/08 Look Out! Flying Discs and Dogs!
Melissa Heeter gave disc demonstrations and seminars at the 2008 Cynosport World Games.  By Brenna Fender
11/06/08 Have Ewe Herd? I have - at the 2008 Cynosport World Games!
Brenna Fender dabbled in herding at the Games, thanks to the Arizona Herding Association.
11/02/08 RESULTS: Versatility Relay
Unofficial standings for the top finishers.
11/02/08 RESULTS: Team Championship Overall
Unofficial results for the top teams
11/02/08 Steeplechase Winners
Group photos
11/02/08 LIVE STREAM: Watch the Grand Prix Finals NOW!
With commentary by Julie Daniels
11/02/08 Grand Prix 26" Results/Commentary
Screaming to the finish...
11/02/08 Performance National Standard Winners
See the smiling faces of Friday night's winners!
11/02/08 Grand Prix Finals 12" Results/Commentary
If you aren't watching it live (or even if you are) read it here!
11/02/08 Sunday's Courses
Here are the last courses from the 2008 Cynosport World Games.  Enjoy!
11/02/08 RUNNING ORDER: Veterans Showcase
Celebrate with the veterans!
11/02/08 RUNNING ORDER: Grand Prix Finals
The running order for Sunday's event
11/02/08 Grand Prix 16" Results/Commentary
A sizzling competition
11/02/08 RESULTS: Grand Prix Finals
Complete results
11/02/08 Paws for Reflection Rally Report
Results of the APDT Rally Obedience Trial by Troy Ballard
11/02/08 Sunday's Junior Handler Courses
Here are the Beginner, Intermediate, and Senior courses for junior handlers.
11/02/08 Grand Prix 22" Finals Results/Commentary
Will we have a juicy round?
11/02/08 RESULTS: Sunday's Classes
Official results for completed events
11/02/08 COURSE ANALYSIS: Team Gamblers
By competitor Ellen Levy Finch
11/02/08 COURSE ANALYSIS: Team Snooker
Commentary on Thursday's course by competitor Ellen Levy Finch
11/01/08 Performance Speed Jumping 22" Finals Results/Commentary
Sprinting to the finish...
11/01/08 RESULTS: Saturday's Classes and Team
Team results are pending changes, everything else is final.
11/01/08 Saturday's Junior Handler Courses
See the courses the juniors are tackling today!
11/01/08 Performance Speed Jumping Finals 16" Results/Commentary
Running on the brink
11/01/08 Performance Speed Jumping Finals 12" Results/Commentary
Strike it up!
11/01/08 Steeplechase 22" Finals Results/Commentary
This class pushed the limits!
11/01/08 RESULTS: Friday's Flyball
See the standings so far!
11/01/08 RUNNING ORDER: Performance Speed Jumping
See the running order for tonight's events.
11/01/08 COURSE ANALYSIS: Performance National Standard Finals
A summary of how the course ran by Julie Daniels and Brenna Fender
Watch it when you want to!
11/01/08 Steeplechase Final 16" Results/Commentary
The play-by-play.
11/01/08 RESULTS: Flyball
Saturday's results.  Who will be back for Sunday's single elimination finals?
11/01/08 RUNNING ORDER: Steeplechase Finals
See the running order for tonight's events.
11/01/08 COURSE ANALYSIS: Grand Prix Semi-Finals
Julie Daniels reports on how the course is running.
11/01/08 Saturday's Courses
Check out today's courses, including the Steeplechase and Performance Speed Jumping Finals!
11/01/08 Performance Speed Jumping 8" Finals Results/Commentary
The little dogs tear it up!
11/01/08 Steeplechase 26" Finals Results/Commentary
Running with the big dogs...
11/01/08 Steeplechase Finals 12" Commentary/Results
If you can't see it live, read it here!
11/01/08 Junior Handler Spotlight
Starring Meghan Sharp!

October 2008

10/31/08 RESULTS: Day 2
Check out the results from today's agility events!
10/31/08 2008 Cynosport Games Agility Observations, Day One
By Monique Plinck and her Pyrenean Shepherd, Rou
10/31/08 RESULTS: European Standard and European Standard Performance
Results from Day 1.
10/31/08 Friday's Courses
Today's courses, including the Performance National Standard Finals.
10/31/08 RESULTS: Day 3
Check and see how your friends did today!
Find out when you can watch the 2008 Cynosport World Games LIVE from your living room!
10/31/08 ANALYSIS: Steeplechase, Thursday, October 30 UPDATED
How it ran - by Brenna Fender
10/31/08 ANALYSIS: Steeplechase/Performance Speed Jumping Semifinals UPDATE!
Julie Daniels reports on today's runs.
10/31/08 OTHER CYNOSPORT EVENTS: An Overview
Herding, canine musical freestyle, dock diving, course-a-lure, flyball, rally, disc, police K-9 exhibition, Doggie-Do-Right, dogs to adopt, and more! By Brenna Fender
10/30/08 Thursday's Courses
Check out the Team, PVP & Veteran Jumpers and Snookers courses and the PNS Quarterfinal course to be run today.
10/30/08 European Standard Course Analysis (UPDATED)
Emily Snider and Ellen Finch walk you through the first course run at the 2008 Cynosport World Games.
10/29/08 GAME ON!
Welcome to the 2008 Cynosport World Games!  Check out today's European Standard course.
10/29/08 USDAA Newsletter, Fall Edition
Check out Volume 3, No. 4.
10/28/08 An Interview with Cynosport Games Judge Martin Gadsby
Karey Krauter talks with Martin Gadsby, who will be judging in Scottsdale for the second time this year.
10/23/08 Talking with Cynosport Games Judge Patty Drom
Emily Snider interviews Patty to get some insights on this returning judge.
10/22/08 Meet Carol Voelker!
An interview with another of the Cynosport 2008 judges.
10/21/08 Meet Cynosport Games Judge Francisco Alegre!
Our second international judge tells us a little about himself.  Interview by Brenna Fender
10/20/08 Fitness: Getting to the Core of the Matter
Another great article by personal trainer Kristen Beck

10/20/08 2008 Cynosport World Games Update
Can't make it to this year's Games?  A solution may be coming.
10/15/08 Talking with Cynosport Games Judge Emiel Vervoort
Meet this 2008 Cynosport World Games judge.  Interview by Brenna Fender
10/10/08 Adoption and Clarification on Equipment Specifications
Board issues new regulations for Long Jump and refines specifications on other obstacles.   
10/09/08 Meet Tom Kula!
A personable and popular judge from Michigan, Tom is one member of the Cynosport World Games team of judges. Interview by Tania Chadwick.
10/07/08 FIT TIP: How Do We Change Our Body Composition?
Kimber Chase describes a plan to change body composition.  Continued from yesterday's FIT TIP.
10/06/08 FIT TIP: What is Inside Our Bodies? Part 1
Fitness trainer Kimber Chase offers another way to measure fitness and describes an easy way to get started on the path to good health.
10/01/08 Does Your Dog Need a Diet?
Here are a few tips to help by Linda Martuch.

September 2008

09/25/08 Have All Cynosport Entries Been Received?
Initial confirmations have been sent.
09/09/08 North American Regional Championships Conclude
Unofficial results for The Bay Team and DAWG hosted regionals.
09/04/08 Update on Elizabeth
Elizabeth Dott, creator of the getfit4dogagility yahoogroup, updates us on her weight-loss progress.

09/02/08 To Run Well, Walk Tall and Stand Proud
As the saying goes, you must crawl before you can walk. In agility, you must have good posture before you can run well. By personal trainer Kristen Beck.

August 2008

08/26/08 2008 Cynosport World Games Information Now Available
Event schedule for the 2008 Cynosport World Games released.
08/11/08 Go When Ready: Setting Goals for Handler Fitness
Personal trainer Kristen Beck begins a series of fitness articles.
08/05/08 Want Maximal Results from Moderate Exercise?
Get Specific!  Check out this exercise plan designed to improve agility performance by Human Agility Trainer Lori Hansen
08/04/08 Elizabeth Dott is Getting Fit 4 Agility
Sometimes it takes "going public" to get things done...
08/01/08 "Run Faster," Says the Dog!
Sue Hunt's Keeshond needed her to speed up so that they could succeed on course. One thing lead to another and now Sue is fitter than she's been in years!

July 2008

07/21/08 Review: Human Agilty Training Volume 1 DVD
If you're working on your fitness, read about a DVD that might help. Review by Brenna Fender, DVD by Lori Hansen.
07/16/08 Getting Fit for Agility - It's Not All About Going Fast!
Kathy Rudolph varies her workout intensity to improve her fitness.  By Brenna Fender
07/14/08 Check out OVERview, Volume 3, Number 2
The latest USDAA newsletter is out!
07/07/08 Rocky Mountain and North Central Regionals Celebrate America's Birthday
Results for GP/PNS and Steeplechase Finals posted for subscribers.
07/02/08 Getting in Shape for Agility
One competitor shares her story of determination, weight loss, and fitness as she worked to reach her personal best in the sport.

June 2008

06/30/08 Five Ways to Get Fit While Also Exercising Your Dog
Work-out ideas for your pet and for you!  Compiled by Brenna Fender
06/30/08 Northwest Regional Results
Eight new finalists named to Grand Prix and Performance National Standard.
06/26/08 Get Fit for Agility
Read about this upcoming fitness-related series.  By Brenna Fender
06/17/08 Northeast Regional Results

06/13/08 Lifetime Achievement Awards
Cut-off date for 2008 established.
06/13/08 Southeast Regional Results
Results for the Grand Prix, National Standard and Steeplechase Regional Championships. Course maps included.
06/05/08 More Pictures from the 2008 IFCS WAC
Thanks again to Karen Moureaux for sharing these great shots!
06/04/08 The 2008 IFCS WAC in Pictures
Thanks to Karen Moureaux for these behind-the-scenes photos!

May 2008

05/21/08 IFCS Championships Final Medal Counts
Russian Federation finishes top of the field in the Team Triathlon and the final medal count.
05/20/08 Video Clips from the IFCS World Championships
Check out the footage and watch for the DVD release.
05/11/08 IFCS Day Two Results Summary Finalized
Final classes for the Biathlon (Standard Agility) and Individual All Around competition, including Gamblers, Jumpers & Snooker.
05/11/08 A First Glimpse at Day Three of the IFCS Championships
The Team Triathlon is featured this day.
05/10/08 A First Glimpse at Day Two IFCS Championship Courses
Four classes to be held on Saturday, 10 May, 2008.
05/09/08 IFCS Awards Day One
See their smiling faces on the podium! 
05/09/08 A First Glimpse at Day One IFCS Championship Courses
Today courses to be presented in Belgium.
05/09/08 IFCS WAC Friday Update
It's game time!  By Janet Gauntt
05/09/08 IFCS First Day Results Summary
Track the medalists and total medal count from the IFCS World Agility Championships
05/08/08 IFCS WAC Thursday Update
Janet Gauntt fills us in on Thursday's happenings.
05/07/08 The Perfect Pair
An interview with Lis' Kristof, who, with her Chinese Crested, earned the ADCH despite incredible adversity.  By Brenna Fender
05/07/08 IFCS WAC Wednesday Update
Team Manager Janet Gauntt reported in on Wednesday, May 7th.
05/02/08 Off to Belgium, Team USA Thanks its Sponsors
Thanks for your generous support.

April 2008

04/30/08 Deja Vu and the IFCS WAC Mini Team
You may have seen this team before... By Brenna Fender
04/29/08 USDAA IFCS WAC Team Coach Stacy Peardot-Goudy
Meet the coach!  By Brenna Fender
04/28/08 USDAA IFCS WAC Team Manager, Janet Gauntt
Learn about Janet Gauntt and her thoughts on this year's team.  By Brenna Fender
04/24/08 Meet USDAA IFCS WAC Team Member Rachel Sanders
Rachel and Fable are part of the maxi dog team. By Brenna Fender
04/23/08 USDAA IFCS WAC Team Member Mary Ellen Barry
Meet Mary Ellen and Fizz, who will compete on the midi team.  By Brenna Fender
04/22/08 Meet USDAA IFCS WAC Team Member Kate Moureaux
Read about midi team member Kate's accomplishments and experiences in agility.  By Brenna Fender
04/21/08 Meet USDAA IFCS WAC Team Member Dana Pike
Learn more about Dana and Tangle.  By Brenna Fender
04/17/08 USDAA IFCS WAC Team Member Suzi Cope
Suzi and JIB will compete on the Mini dog team. By Brenna Fender
04/16/08 Meet USDAA IFCS WAC Team Member Lisa Bowers
Lisa and Slick are part of the Maxi team. By Brenna Fender
04/15/08 USDAA IFCS WAC Team Member Elizabeth Evans
Elizabeth and her dog, Hemi, are part of the Mini dog team.  By Brenna Fender 
04/14/08 Meet Stuart Mah, USDAA IFCS WAC Maxi Team Member
Read about Stuart's accomplishments with IFCS teammate Qwik. By Brenna Fender
04/10/08 Meet Anne Andrle, USDAA IFCS WAC Team Member
Anne and Ski are part of the midi team.  By Brenna Fender
04/09/08 USDAA IFCS World Agility Championships Team Competitor Suzanne Wesley
Meet a member of the 16" WAC team.  By Brenna Fender
04/08/08 USDAA IFCS World Agility Championships Team Competitor Mike Murphy
Meet one of the competitors who will represent USA/USDAA.
04/07/08 USDAA OVERview ENewsletter Now Available
The first issue for 2008 is now available.

March 2008

03/31/08 An Introduction to the 4th IFCS World Agility Championships
Learn about the WAC and the USDAA's team.
03/24/08 BOTC League Report
See results from the latest season of league play.  Submitted by Leona Hellesvig
03/22/08 Support Team USA
Learn how you can support Team USA at the IFCS World Agility Championships this spring.
03/20/08 Q&A - Steeplechase Schedules
You ask and the office answers!
03/20/08 New Policy Statement on Course Design
Guidelines for course design reflect years of work by some of USDAA's finest competitors, judges, and thinkers.
03/14/08 Seventh Regional Championship Added for 2008
Rocky Mountain Regional scheduled for July.
03/11/08 Q & A on Registration Cards
A competitor asks about temporary and permanent height cards. 
03/05/08 Don't Drive Drowsy - Live to Run Again
Each year, drowsy drivers kill more than 1500 people. The Live to Run Again (LRA) campaign wants to change that statistic by educating the public and saving lives.

February 2008

02/28/08 Q&A
When a Q is not a Q
02/22/08 USDAA Announces Fund-Raising Efforts by Clubs
Fund-raising efforts underway by USDAA affiliated groups and clubs.
02/01/08 Cynosport Photos Available for Purchase

January 2008

01/22/08 2008 IFCS Team Members Named
Fund-raising efforts to be announced soon.
01/14/08 Rules & Course Design Seminars
They're NOT just for judges.............
01/11/08 Have You Moved?
Keep your contact information current.
01/10/08 Questions and Answers from the USDAA Office
Competitors ask about how and where qualifying scores and titles appear on the USDAA Web site. By USDAA Staff.
01/10/08 First Singapore USDAA Dog Agility Event
USDAA's newest international affiliate in Singapore reports on its first event.
01/08/08 DogSport Magazine Features the 2007 Cynosport World Games
A whole issue focusing on USDAA and the Games! 
01/08/08 Bloomington Obedience Training Club Junior Handler Agility League
The Fall League term is finished! Read our final update.  By Leona Hellesvig.
01/07/08 Performance Program Developments for 2008
A recap of the rule changes impacting the Performance Program

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