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2009 Archived

December 2009

12/29/09 $10,000 Dog Agility Steeplechase Finals Video Now Online
From the 2009 Cynosport World Games
12/29/09 Performance Grand Prix Finals Video Now Online
From the 2009 Cynosport World Games
12/23/09 Holiday Concerns
Tips for keeping your pet safe this holiday season.
12/17/09 Holiday Hours
Happy Holidays!
12/08/09 2010 Cynosport World Games Site Selection Update
The latest information...
12/07/09 Events & Titles
Delays causing concern....
12/05/09 RESULTS: Performance Grand Prix Semifinals
More Cynosport results.
12/04/09 IFCS Standings
Competitors with most points in each jump height named.
12/02/09 COURSE ANALYSIS: Performance Speed Jumping Semifinals
Carol Voelker analyzes this course, designed by Tami McClung, from the 2009 Cynosport World Games.
12/01/09 COURSE ANALYSIS: Performance Grand Prix Finals
Clair Lofthouse breaks the 2009 Cynosport World Games PGP Finals course down.

November 2009

11/21/09 COURSE ANALYSIS: Steeplechase/PSJ Finals
Clair Lofthouse reports on Saturday night's event.
11/17/09 Lost at the Games
Missing a POW bracelet.
11/15/09 COURSE MAPS: Sunday's Courses
Team Relay Final, European Jumping, and Grand Prix Finals
11/15/09 COURSE MAPS: Juniors Courses
11/15/09 RUNNING ORDER: PVP Relay
11/15/09 COURSE ANALYSIS: Team Standard
By Tania Chadwick
11/15/09 RUNNING ORDER: Team Relay
11/15/09 COURSE ANALYSIS: Grand Prix Semifinals
By Clair Lofthouse
11/15/09 RESULTS: European/Performance European Jumpers
Results from Sunday's early classes
11/15/09 RESULTS: Saturday's Events
11/15/09 **PLAY-BY-PLAY: Grand Prix Finals**
Read the live reporting from this amazing event!
11/15/09 RESULTS: Team and Performance Final Standings
The 2009 Cynosport World Games are done!
11/15/09 RESULTS: Grand Prix Finals
11/14/09 COURSE ANALYSIS: Team Snooker
By Carol Voelker
11/14/09 Webcast Updates
Friday's technical issues thought to be resolved. Live streams Saturday to be free.
11/14/09 RUNNING ORDERS: PSJ Finals and Steeplechase Finals
Running orders for tonight's webcast.
11/14/09 LIVE STREAM INFO *Updated*
Both raw feed and the Steeplechase/PSJ Feed are up and running!
11/14/09 RESULTS: Grand Prix Semifinals

11/14/09 RESULTS: Friday's Classes
Performance Speed Jumping Semifinals, GP Quarterfinals, Veteran Standard, Team Standard, Steeplechase Semifinals, Performance Standard, PGP Finals
11/14/09 Grand Prix Semifinals Ring 1 Running Order
View the running order that matches the raw feed at
11/14/09 *PLAY-BY-PLAY: Performance Speed Jumping Finals
The event is complete - read about it here!
11/14/09 *PLAY-BY-PLAY: Steeplechase Finals
The event is over, read all about it here!
11/14/09 COURSE MAPS: Saturday
Grand Prix Semifinals, Steeplechase/Performance Speed Jumping Finals, and Team/PVP/Veterans Gamblers
11/14/09 RESULTS: Team Standings
Standings so far...
11/13/09 RESULTS: Thursday's Classes
Performance Grand Prix Quarterfinals, Performance Jumpers, Performance Snooker, Steeplechase Quarterfinals, Team Jumpers, Team Snooker, Veterans Jumpers, and Veterans Snooker
11/13/09 COURSE MAPS: Friday
Grand Prix Quarterfinals/PGP Semifinals, Team Standard, and Steeplechase/PSJ Semifinals
11/13/09 COURSE ANALYSIS: Grand Prix Quarterfinals/Performance Grand Prix Semifinals
By Clair Lofthouse
11/13/09 PLAY-BY-PLAY: Performance Grand Prix Finals
Read it as it happened.
11/12/09 COURSE ANALYSIS: European Standard
Carol Voelker provides an analysis of yesterday's course.
11/12/09 New Video Streaming Information
Get the latest information.
11/12/09 RESULTS: European Standard and European Standard Performance
Wednesday's results
11/12/09 COURSE MAPS: Thursday
Steeplechase Quarterfinals, Performance Grand Prix Quarterfinals, Team Snooker, and Team Jumpers are running today.
11/12/09 COURSE ANALYSIS: Steeplechase Quarterfinals 2009
Fast and fun! By Clair Lofthouse
11/12/09 Watch the 2009 Cynosports Games Live or On Demand
USDAA launches video portal for Cynosport World Games.
11/12/09 Let the Games Begin!
Day one of the 2009 Cynosports World Games is already behind us. By Brenna Fender
11/12/09 COURSE ANALYSIS: Performance Grand Prix Quarterfinals
Another fast and fun course! By Clair Lofthouse
11/11/09 Rickie Roo Roving Reporter Interviews...
Angie Benacquisto's Dylan and Duncan!
11/11/09 Check Out the Newest USDAA Newsletter!
Volume 4, Number 4 is here!
11/11/09 COURSE MAP: Wednesday's European Standard Course
See the course competitors are running on the first day of the 2009 Cynosport World Games.
11/10/09 Rickie Roo Roving Reporter Interviews...
Luka the Pyrenean Shepherd!
11/10/09 Preparing for the 2009 Cynosport World Games?
Leona Hellesvig interviewed Jennifer Rohling and Jacqueline Hoye to find out what competitors are thinking about on the eve of the opening of the Games.
11/09/09 Rickie Roo Gets Tips for the Upcoming Games
Our canine reporter interviews Letti, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi with a long and successful Cynosports history.
11/05/09 Cynosport Games Update
The big event is almost here!
11/04/09 IFCS Team Contenders
Intent To Compete Forms Finalized

October 2009

10/30/09 Web Site Update
An update on bugs and fixes on
10/26/09 The Games are Coming!
The news page celebrates the 2009 Cynosport World Games.
10/21/09 Talking with Cynosport World Games Judge Scott Chamberlain
Catch up with this returning Cynosports World Games judge. By Brenna Fender
10/20/09 Talking with Cynosport World Games Judge Gert Siekmans
Learn more about Judge Siekmans, a soon-to-be three-time Cynosport World Games judge! By Brenna Fender
10/19/09 Meet 2009 Cynosport World Games Judge Tami McClung
Learn a little about Ms. McClung, who is making her Cynosports World Games judging debut. By Brenna Fender.
10/14/09 Talking with Cynosport World Games Judge Martin Gadsby
Martin Gadsby is back to judge his third Cynosports Games in a row. By Brenna Fender

September 2009

09/15/09 Front Range Agility Team Hosts Final 2009 Regional Championships
Rocky Mountain Regional Champions Named
09/14/09 The Latest USDAA Newsletter is Out!
Catch up on what we've been doing.
09/09/09 Southwest Regional Results
The latest Regional Champions named at The Bay Team event.
09/08/09 World Cynosport Games Event Schedule Is Posted
Check Out Event Calendar
09/01/09 South Central Regional Results
Texas hospitality extended to competitors from across the country.

August 2009

08/21/09 The Loss of a Legend
A top-winning canine competitor passed away.
08/14/09 North Central Regional Results
It was hot, hot, hot, but there were some cool dogs running at the regional hosted by Contact Sports Agility inside the Regional Sports Center in Crystal Lake, Illinois.

July 2009

07/30/09 Get Even Healthier!
Check out more handler health tips provided by our readers (continued from yesterday)!
07/29/09 Get Healthy!
Learn more new tips on how to get and stay healthy for better agility handling (and a better life).
07/28/09 Winner!
Learn who won our handler health tip contest and read their prize-winning tip!
07/27/09 Last Day to Enter Our Contest!
If you want to win a copy of The Dog Diet, A Memoir, by Patti Lawson, this is your last chance!
07/21/09 Contest Reminder
Win a fun and informative book by competing in our health tip contest (and read some health tips here for inspiration).
07/17/09 New Travel and Quarantine Rules
Easier travel for dogs in Asia...
07/13/09 Contest!
Enter your handler health tips to win!

June 2009

06/29/09 Redhot Rovers Hosts Third Regional of 2009
NW Regional Champions Names for Grand Prix and National Standard
06/24/09 Check Out the Latest USDAA Newsletter!
Get a taste of our exclusive subscriber material and read new letters by President Kenneth Tatsch and Editor Brenna Fender.
06/22/09 Common Things that are Toxic to Animals
Competitor, dog trainer, and author Angelica Steinker recently lost one of her dogs to a toxic substance, and she doesn't want you to do the same. Co-authored by Dr. Rachel Kelly.
06/15/09 NE Regional Results
Eight new regional champions named!
06/08/09 Canine Capers Steps Out With The First Regional of 2009
Southeast Regional Champions Named

May 2009

05/22/09 IFCS Announces 2010 World Agility Championship
Location and dates set for fifth bi-annual event - IFCS World Agility Championships.  
05/18/09 How to Walk Fast and Efficiently
More in our series on good health for handlers. By Kimberly Chase, CFT, AFT.
05/12/09 Notes for the Upcoming 2009 Cynosport Games
Get a head start in planning for one of the most exciting canine events in the world!
05/06/09 Buddy's Run in Photos
See some of the lovely retired dogs who enjoyed another run in the agility ring thanks to Buddy's Run!
05/05/09 Gone from Competition But Not Forgotten: Buddy's Run
One club remembers former agility teamates. By Nini Bloch.

April 2009

04/22/09 The First USDAA 4-Star Event
This exciting trial was held by DART on April 18 & 19. By Marla Friedler-Cooper.
04/10/09 2010 IFCS Team Selection Rules
Rules for making Team USA for IFCS 2010 competition outlined.

March 2009

03/21/09 The Latest USDAA Newsletter is Here!
Check out Volume 4, Number 1 of the Overview.
03/19/09 2009 Championships Event Dates
Regional, World Championships & IFCS 4-Star Event dates - 6th 4-Star Event added. 
03/16/09 USDAA Update
Learn the latest USDAA News!

03/16/09 We've Moved
USDAA's office has moved.  The physical address and fax number have changed.
03/13/09 2009 Cynosport World Games
Site announcement...
03/05/09 USDAA Podcast Series - USDAA's International Involvement
3/01/2009 - Brenna Fender interviews USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch on the far reach of USDAA around the world in dog agility.

February 2009

02/27/09 Salmonella Outbreak Found in More Dog Treats
"Bark Bars" at risk.
02/06/09 Rules & Course Design Clinics........
not just for judges any more!
02/02/09 One Sentence Tips
Agility wisdom from trainers and competitors.

January 2009

01/22/09 Public Advisory on Salmonella Contamination
The FDA has broadened its product list of recalls, while Petsmart has voluntarily begun recall on some dog treats
01/05/09 First USDAA Event for Club COAT
Judge Diane Carson provides an overview of her recent trip to judge at one of USDAA's growing number of clubs in Mexico. 
01/01/09 USDAA Launches Podcast Series
Listen to USDAA's first podcast on rule changes coming in 2009.

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