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December 2012

12/20/12 December Exercises: Weave Pole Entrances
Work your weaves with Tania Chadwick!
12/17/12 Event Report: Christmas in Kerrville!
Hill Country Agility in Texas put on a fun Christmas-themed trial. By Caroline Hanson
12/13/12 Curious About Master Challenge Courses?
See these Master Challenge courses from the KineticDog trial.
12/10/12 Pinwheel vs. 180 vs. Wrap
Marla Friedler Cooper teaches you how to handle these maneuvers.
12/08/12 USDAA Office Holiday Closure Schedule
Please note office closure schedule for holidays.
12/06/12 Rules & Course Design Clinics Scheduled for 2013
Set aside time in March or April.
12/06/12 Event Report: KineticDog Tournament-Only Trial
It was another nice weekend at Orchard Hills Training Center in Barto, Pennsylvania for KineticDog's fourth Tournament-only trial! By Helen McNenly
12/03/12 November's Overview
Did you receive USDAA's November newsletter in your inbox?
12/03/12 The Breakfast Effect
Dr. Holly Miller investigated whether a dog's consumption of a morning meal would affect search accuracy on a working memory task following the exertion of self-control. By Claudia Bensimoun

November 2012

11/28/12 A Bit of Inspiration
Jessica Vanden Langenberg shares some fun photos and inspiration.
11/27/12 November's Exercises: Intersections
Train your dog to move through a group of off-course obstacles, taking only the right ones. By Tania Chadwick
11/19/12 Sometimes it Takes a Village
Jim Allaire shares the story of how many handlers pitched in to help his dog earn her Agility Dog Championship.
11/12/12 What's Happening in Singapore!
USDAA president Ken Tatsch was present for the 10th USDAA event to be held in Singapore.
11/09/12 Event Report: BARK-NH November Trial
Lo Baker shares her thoughts on her recent trial.
11/06/12 Quick Thinking, No Freaking!
Check out this fun training exercise by Deborah Davidson Harpur. It's great for classes!
11/01/12 Personality Profile: Elicia Calhoun (Part 3)
Deborah Davidson Harpur finishes her "Personality Profile" of Elicia Calhoun as they wrap up their chat about agility.

October 2012

10/29/12 Personality Profile: Elicia Calhoun (Part 2)
Deborah Davidson Harpur continues her chat with Elicia Calhoun, an internationally successful agility competitor. Learn more about Elicia, including her "handling system" and what she thinks about when walking the course!
10/25/12 Personality Profile: Elicia Calhoun (Part 1)
Deborah Davidson Harpur kicks off this new series of in-depth interviews starting with Elicia Calhoun, one of agility's most successful competitors. Learn about what makes Elicia a great trainer and a whole lot more!
10/22/12 Body Slams and Touch-Free Cuddling
Knowing how your dog likes being touched will help you be a better dog trainer. By Pam Hogle
10/18/12 Read USDAA's Rules on Your Kindle!
Kylie Bourke takes you through the steps to load the rules in Kindle format.
10/17/12 Event Report: BARK-NH's October Trial
Lo Baker shares the details of this recent trial.
10/17/12 The October Overview is Here!
The latest issue of USDAA's newsletter is now available.
10/16/12 Course Analysis: Championship Grand Prix Semifinals from the Cynosport World Games
Cynosport commentator and internationally known handler and trainer Julie Daniels shares her observations about this course.
10/11/12 Cynosport 2012: Day 5, Time to Say Goodbye
A review of the day by Rickie Roo.
10/11/12 A USDAA Course Design & Rules Clinic is Coming to California
Clinics are open to current and potential judges, and anyone interested in learning more about USDAA course design and rules.
10/07/12 2012 USDAA 25th Anniversary Competitor Jackets
Competitors can now order the 2012 USDAA 25th Anniversary Jacket!
10/04/12 2012 Cynosport World Games in Review
A summary of the event. By Brenna Fender
10/04/12 October Training Exercises
Transition training by Tania Chadwick.
10/04/12 Cynosport: Junior Handler Spotlight
Congratulations to the juniors who showed off their skills in the main ring.
10/02/12 2012 Cynosport World Games Veterans Showcase
Congratulations to the Veterans Showcase participants!
10/01/12 Cynosport 2012 - Video on Demand
Tournament finals posted to Cynosport.TV. 

September 2012

09/30/12 Cynosport 2012: Day 4, We're Almost Done!
A review of the day by Rickie Roo.
09/30/12 2012 Grand Prix of Dog Agility® Champions
Congratulations to the winners!
09/30/12 2012 IFCS Individual All-Around Winners
Congratulations to all the winners!
09/30/12 2012 Dog Agility Masters Team and Performance Versatility Pairs Championships
Congratulations to the winners!
09/30/12 Cynosport 2012: Results
Check out the results from this week's event!
09/30/12 Cynosport 2012: Courses
Courses from the event.
09/30/12 2012 Cynosport World Games Running Order
Follow along with the live stream on using this running order.
09/29/12 2012 Performance Speed Jumping Championships
Congratulations to the winners! 
09/29/12 Cynosport 2012: Day 3, We're Rolling Now!
Rickie Roo shares the details on the third day of the Cynosport World Games.
09/29/12 Cynosport Course Analysis: Team Jumpers
A close look at how this course was run. By Julie Daniels
09/29/12 2012 Steeplechase Championships
Congratulations to the winners!

09/28/12 2012 Performance Grand Prix Champions
Congratulations to the winners!
09/28/12 Cynosport Update for Spectators UPDATED
If you are watching the live stream on, read this.
09/28/12 Cynosport Course Analysis: Steeplechase Semifinals
A close look at how competitors handled this course. By Julie Daniels
09/27/12 Cynosport 2012: Day 1, Let the Games Begin!
What was the first day of the 2012 Cynosport World Games like? Let Rickie Roo tell you!
09/27/12 Cynosport 2012: Day 2, The Team Events Begin
Rickie Roo updates us on day two!
09/25/12 Cynosport 2012 - Building the Show
A periodic look at progress in setting up for this year's event.
09/24/12 Meet the Judges! (Part 2)
Learn about the rest of the judges at this year's Cynosport World Games! By Deborah Davidson Harpur
09/20/12 Meet the Judges! (Part 1)
Learn about the judges at the upcoming 2012 Cynosport World Games. By Deborah Davidson-Harpur
09/19/12 2012 Cynosport® World Games Live Stream
What's the next best thing to being at the Games? Watching the event live stream on!
09/18/12 Event Report: The Western Regional Championships
Rickie Roo shares an in-depth look at the recent Regional Championships.
09/17/12 September OVERview Newsletter Now Available
September issue of the OVERviewTM has been released.
09/17/12 USDAA Latin American Regional Championships in Video
New YouTube video posted.
09/13/12 Homemade Chicken Jerky Treats
Avoid potentially dangerous store-bought brands by following this recipe by Leslie May.
09/10/12 USDAA Announces IFCS Continental Championship of the Americas
USDAA to host one of three IFCS Continental Championships in 2013.
09/10/12 2014 IFCS World Agility Championships
Selection criteria for Team USA for the 2014 IFCS World Agility Championships to be held in the Netherlands are announced.
09/08/12 2013 USDAA Tournament Rules Announced
The new regulations for the 2013 tournament season are posted.
09/06/12 Event Report: ARFF Agility
Competitors had great weather and fun challenges at this trial! By Valori Duff.
09/05/12 Talking with Tom Kula, 2012 Cynosport World Games Chair
Deborah Davidson-Harpur and her Rat Terrier, roving reporter Rickie Roo, chat with Tom Kula about... well, all KINDS of things!
09/03/12 2012 Western Regional Champions
See the winners!
09/03/12 2012 Western Regional Championships Courses
See some of what they are running this weekend in Prunedale, California.

August 2012

08/30/12 Getting Ready for the Cynosport World Games
What can you do to make your time at the Games more enjoyable and successful? Check out this article, first run in October 2010, for some ideas.
08/28/12 USDAA OVERview Now Available in the Library
The OVERviewTM is being archived online.
08/27/12 Junior Handlers at Minnesota Agility Club
Leona Hellsvig reports on these successful juniors. Photos courtesy of Michael Teh.
08/23/12 What to Do in Denver
Now that entries to the 2012 Cynosport World Games are closed, it's time to plan your trip! Check out these recommendations by Annie DeChance.
08/20/12 Latin America Regional Championships
Courses and results for this weekend's regional championship in Toluca, Mexico.
08/17/12 2012 Central Regional Champions
Recap the event and cheer for the winners! By Tracy Kroll
08/17/12 2012 Cynosport World Games Site Map
See a map of the grounds.
08/17/12 2013 Cynosport World Games Qualifications
Get ready for the 2013 agility season!
08/16/12 The New Overview is in Your Inbox!
USDAA's award-winning newsletter is now coming straight to you every month!
08/16/12 Live Stream from Mexico for the USDAA Latin American Championships
Cynosport.TV to carry live stream of this weekend's USDAA regional championship from Mexico
08/15/12 25 Years of Dog Agility
Help us remember competitors that we have lost.
08/14/12 Cynosport Entries
Entries Close Wednesday, August 15
08/12/12 2012 Central Regional Results, Courses, and Running Orders
See the courses and unofficial results from this event.
08/10/12 USDAA Announces Acquisition of Rally Obedience Program
USDAA to assume operations of Rally obedience program from The Association of Pet Dog Trainers.
08/09/12 Pink Day!
A USDAA club held its inaugural fund raiser in memory of a well-loved agility competitor. By Shari Lipski-Behun.
08/08/12 2012 North Central Regional Champions
Congratulations to all the winners!
08/07/12 2012 Central Regional Live Stream
Watch the Central Regional this weekend for free on!
08/06/12 North Central Regional Courses and Results
See some of the courses and results from this weekend's event!
08/03/12 Hotel Rooms for Cynosport
Embassy Suites  and Aloft Hotel adds rooms.
08/02/12 Raising Funds at Regionals
The New England Regional was about more than winning. Val Duff shares the details about a successful fundraiser that took place at the event.

July 2012

07/30/12 July Training Exercises
Train that table with Tania Chadwick
07/26/12 Blast from the Past!
Kathy Lofthouse shares a few photos and memories from USDAA's early years.
07/23/12 Rickie Roo Chats with Carsten, the Hairless Terrier with Hair!
Canine reporter Rickie Roo and Carsten have a chat about running fast and other agility fun.
07/19/12 You're Never Too Old to Start Agility
Cozie McGuire doesn't let being a senior citizen slow her down in the agility ring! Interview by Brenna Fender
07/17/12 2012 New England Regional Champions
Congratulations to all the winners!
07/16/12 New England Regional Courses
See some of what they ran at the Regional!
07/12/12 2012 New England Regional Championships Live Stream
Watch more great agility this weekend!
07/12/12 Event Report: Carolina Piedmont Agility
Greg Fontaine shares the details of this fun and exciting trial!
07/09/12 2012 Northwestern Regional Champions
Champions, medalist top scores and courses from this weekend's event.
07/06/12 Want to Watch Some Online Agility This Weekend?
Free live stream of a local trial available July 6-8!
07/05/12 Event Report: Keystone Agility Club's June Trial
Helen McNenly reports on this fun and successful event.
07/02/12 July 4th is Coming; Be Ready!
The USDAA office is closed on the 4th, but there's more you need to know about this holiday.

June 2012

06/28/12 Stuck Inside? Train This!
If you are stuck inside because of the summer heat or rain, try these tips for living room training.
06/25/12 Water, the Basis of a Dog's Life!
Leslie May from explains how to provide your dog with safe, healthy water. It's more complicated than you think!
06/21/12 June Training Exercises
Practice 180° turns with Tania Chadwick.
06/19/12 2012 Eastern Canada Regional Champions
Congratulations to the winners!
06/18/12 2012 Eastern Canada Regional Championships Courses and Results
Check out courses from the event
06/14/12 Experiences of a "Host Dog" Mom
Marla Friedler-Cooper, MA CPDT shares her experiences of owning a host dog at the recent IFCS World Agility Championships.
06/13/12 2012 Eastern Canada Regional Championships Live Stream
Watch more great agility this weekend!
06/12/12 2012 Southeastern Regional Champions
Congratulations to the winners!
06/11/12 Southeastern Regional Running Order and Courses
Courses from this event.
06/07/12 Talking with Inara and Starbuck!
Canine reporter Rickie Roo interviews the first Alaskan Klee Kai to earn an ADCH!
06/06/12 Hotel Arrangements for Cynosport World Games
USDAA releases information for special rates negotiated with area hotels.
06/05/12 The Southeast Regional Free Live Stream Update
Watch this weekend's event for free on!
06/04/12 Trial Entry Mailing Tips
Jessica Brown is a frequent trial secretary who has some tips to help with the trial entry process.

May 2012

05/31/12 May Training Exercises
Practice your poles! By Tania Chadwick
05/25/12 Office Closure
Memorial Day holiday.
05/25/12 2013 USDAA Regional Championships
Start making your plans now for next year's big events!
05/24/12 Just Walk Away
When to take a break during a training session. By Amanda Nelson
05/20/12 South Central Regional Courses and Running Order
See some of the courses and running order for this event.
05/20/12 2012 South Central Regional Champions
Congratulations to the new Regional Champions!
05/17/12 Live Streaming from the South Central Regional
Watch great agility for free!
05/16/12 Congratulations to the New IFCS World Agility Champions!
A wrap-up from this amazing event.
05/13/12 2012 IFCS World Agility Championships Sunday's Courses & Running Order
See what the competitors are running on the final day of competition.
05/13/12 Final Results: 2012 IFCS World Agility Championships
See medal counts and placement information.
05/12/12 Team USA in Pictures
See some of the USA team on course at the 2012 IFCS WAC!
05/12/12 IFCS World Agility Championships -- Saturday's Courses and Running Orders
See what these world class competitors are running today!
05/11/12 IFCS World Agility Championships -- Friday's Courses and Running Order
See what world class courses competitors are running on the opening day of the Championships!
05/10/12 2012 IFCS World Agility Championships Event Schedule
Keep up to date on what's going on at the IFCS WAC!
05/10/12 IFCS World Agility Championships Pre-Event -- Thursday's Courses
See courses from today's local qualifier while you get ready for the big event!
05/08/12 Talking with IFCS WAC Team Member Andy Mueller
Deborah Davidson Harpur interviews our last WAC team member of the day, Andy Mueller, about the event, which is almost here!
05/07/12 2012 IFCS World Agility Championships Live Stream Info
You don't have to miss this world class event!
05/07/12 Talking with IFCS WAC Team Member Terry Smorch
Deborah Davidson Harpur chats with the WAC team member of the day!
05/07/12 Crating Info for the 2012 IFCS World Agility Championships
Coming to the tournament classes or WAC this week? Here's something you need to know.

05/04/12 2012 IFCS World Agility Championships Website
Get lots of IFCS info online!
05/04/12 2012 Rocky Mountain Regional Champions
Congratulations to the Rocky Mountain Regional Champions!
05/02/12 Talking with IFCS WAC Team Member Dana Pike
Deborah Davidson Harpur checks in with Dana and her talented mixed breed, Tangle.
05/02/12 Changes in the US IFCS WAC Team
A member has withdrawn for health reasons.
05/01/12 Talking with IFCS WAC Team Member Maureen Waldron
Deborah Davidson Harpur chats with another World Team member about the WAC, which is only about a week away!

April 2012

04/30/12 Rocky Mountain Regional: Sunday Report UPDATED
It's the last day of the Regional. Join in the excitement!
04/28/12 Rocky Mountain Regional: Saturday Report UPDATED
What's going on today at the Regional? With courses and results.
04/27/12 2013 Cynosport World Games
Have you ever dreamed of singing in the Honky Tonks of Nashville or the Grand Ole Opry?
04/27/12 Friday at the Rocky Mountain Regional
What's happening in Albuquerque, New Mexico, this weekend? An exciting Regional event!
04/26/12 Talking with IFCS WAC Team Member Stuart Mah
Deborah Davidson Harpur chats with Stuart Mah about his experiences regarding the upcoming IFCS event.
04/26/12 2012 Southwest Regional Champions
Congratulations to the Southwestern Regional Champions!
04/25/12 Watch the Rocky Mountain Regional Live!
Tune into
04/24/12 Talking with IFCS WAC Team Member Daneen Fox
Deborah Davidson Harpur chats with Papillon Masher's owner about the upcoming event.
04/23/12 Mid-Atlantic Regional Results
Results from this successful April 20-22, 2012 event.
04/22/12 Mid-Atlantic Regional Courses
See the tournament courses from this event here.
04/20/12 Watch the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships Live Stream
Both open feeds and manned streams will be available throughout the weekend.
04/19/12 Talking with IFCS WAC Team Member Dudley Fontaine
Deborah Davidson Harpur chats with Dudley about her preparation for the IFCS event and what it was like to have to pull one of her two dogs from the team.
04/17/12 The Latest Overview is Here!
Check out the Spring edition of USDAA's newsletter, full of stuff you won't want to miss!
04/16/12 Talking with IFCS WAC Team Member Kevin Brown
Deborah Davidson Harpur chats with this first time world team member to see what he thinks about the upcoming event.
04/12/12 Talking with IFCS WAC Team Member Jeannette Hutchison
Deborah Davidson Harpur discusses the WAC with team member Jeannette Hutchison.
04/09/12 Talking with IFCS WAC Team Member Mia Grant
Deborah Davidson Harpur talked to Mia about the upcoming big event!
04/05/12 Talking with IFCS WAC Team Member Jean Lavalley
Jean shares her thoughts on the upcoming event with Deborah Davidson Harpur.
04/02/12 A USDAA Course Design & Rules Clinic is Coming to Maryland
Clinics are open to current and potential judges, and anyone interested in learning more about USDAA course design and rules.

March 2012

03/30/12 New USA/IFCS World Agility Team Member
Please welcome Ann Braue and Scream to the team!
03/29/12 Meet the 2012 USA/IFCS Word Agility Championships Team
Deborah Davidson-Harpur will interview each of the team's members as they prepare for the big event in June. First up: coach Rachel Sanders!
03/26/12 In the Jungle
A look at learning by Sara Reusche CPDT-KA CVT.
03/22/12 Canine Fitness and Conditioning To Optimize Performance
A fit dog will be less likely to be injured and more likely to be successful! By Marla Friedler-Cooper, MA CPDT
03/21/12 Pot-O-Gold Gamble
Test your gambling skills with this fun game! By Leona Hellesvig
03/15/12 The IFCS World Agility Championships are Coming Soon
Get ready for this amazing event!
03/08/12 Don't Drive Drowsy
This weekend's time change might make you dangerously drowsy while traveling to or from an agility trial. By Kelly McFaul-Solem
03/01/12 USDAA President Kenneth Tatsch in the News posts a story about Ken Tatsch and USDAA.

February 2012

02/28/12 Rules and Course Design Clinic Deadline Approaching
Potential judges, current judges, and interested competitors are welcome.
02/27/12 Georgia's First Intro Program Only Event
Diane Castle reports on Run Spot Jump's first trial. Photos courtesy of Trish McCabe.
02/24/12 Congratulations to 2011 - 4th Quarter - LAA Recipients
53 USDAA Lifetime Achievement Award recipients named for fourth quarter 2011.
02/14/12 Dogs Needed for the 2012 IFCS World Agility Championships!
Dogs Needed for the Australian and New Zealand Competitors!
02/14/12 One-Day USDAA Tournament Event Entry Now Available
Come out and compete in Texas on May 10th!

January 2012

01/24/12 Intro Program Regulations Simplified
Judging restrictions removed from Intro Program regulations effective immediately.
01/24/12 The USDAA Community Loses One of Its Canine Greats
Longtime agility competitor Kathy Wells says goodbye to Houston.
01/09/12 Masters Challenge Class Rules Amendment
Standard course time rates revised as Masters Challenge program gets underway.
01/09/12 USDAA to Collect Data for Special Study
The effects of jumping heights on competitiveness being evaluated.
01/03/12 Agility Resolutions!
Members of the USDAA community share their agility-related New Year's resolutions.

News Archive

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