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January 2017

01/27/17 IFCS Team Run Throughs
The IFCS World Team held run throughs this past weekend in Leesburg, VA.
01/24/17 CH 18" Transition Election Policy and Form
News for competitors with dogs in the CH18" jump height prior to Dec, 28, 2016.
01/23/17 Important Notice from the FDA About Pets and the Medication Fluorouracil
The FDA just released an alert for pet owners who use the cancer treatment Fluorouracil.
01/23/17 REVISED Title Transfer Election Form for Performance Dogs in 8", 16", 20"
Deadline extended for filing Title Transfer Election Form
01/20/17 Run Throughs with the IFCS World Team!
Run throughs will be held with the IFCS World Team on January 21st in Leesburg, VA.
01/20/17 New Year's Resolutions for Your Dog
Thanks to Zuke's, here are some ideas for New Year's resolutions for you and your dog.
01/19/17 Title Mania 2017 Rules, Regulations and Locations
Rules, regulations and location information for Title Mania in 2017 now available.
01/18/17 Does Your Veterinary Practice Offer Laser Therapy?
Laser therapy is becoming increasingly used in veterinary clinics to provide relief for many ailments.
01/17/17 Rescue Dog Profile - Titan
A Profile of competitor Marty Stewart and her dog Titan.
01/16/17 AAHA and IAAHPC Issue Joint End-of-Life Care Guidelines
A new set of guidelines for veterinarians for dealing with end of life issues for pets and their owners.
01/13/17 Dressing Up Your Pet: Things to Consider
This weekend is National Dress Up Your Pets Day. Here's some thoughts to consider!
01/12/17 Rescue Dog Profile: Roger Ly and Buster
A profile of USDAA competitor Roger Ly and his dog Buster.
01/11/17 Could Your Dog Become a Blood Donor?
On Health and Wellness Wednesday, let's talk about the importance of blood donation and dogs.
01/10/17 Benefits of Mentoring
January makes National Mentoring Month - do you use mentoring in your agility work?
01/09/17 Flood Preparedness For Your Pets
If you live in a flood risk area, are you prepared to take care of your pet in case of flooding?
01/06/17 Podcast with USDAA Judge Janet Gauntt
USDAA Judge Janet Gaunt did a podcast with Bad Dog Agility regarding instant replay video review.
01/05/17 Rescue Profile: Kirsten Lake and Her Dog Peeka
A profile by competitor Kirsten Lake and her dog Peeka.
01/04/17 Great News for Dogs with Lymphoma
The FDA gives conditional approval for a new drug for canine lymphoma.
01/03/17 Training Tips from the CIA
Some basic fundamentals to follow from the nation's CIA.

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