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The current edition of USDAA Official Rules & Regulations is dated March 31, 2011. The rule book is scheduled to be updated again at the end of 2011.

An easy-to-read synopsis of each section of the rules and regulations can be accessed by clicking on a link below. The complete, official text is also available in the Forms & Documents Library.

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  • Certification Programs
    To learn more about what program is right for you, whether interested in regional or local competition in your own community, competing as a junior handler, or getting involved in the national or international spotlight.
  • Tournaments
    If you are interested in going for the gold. Learn how competitors test their skills in head-to-head competition in one or more of USDAA''s three annual tournament series.
  • Obstacle Requirements
    If you want to see what obstacles are required for competition or to check their construction specifications.
  • Performance Standards
    If you need a quick reference to standards of competition.
  • Scoring Methods
    If you want to learn about methods of scoring for different classes.
  • Class Descriptions
    If you want to learn more about different classes of competition.
  • Regulations eBook
    If you want to see the actual text of the official USDAA® Rules & Regulations.

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